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Adopt A College

Returning to college is a daunting task for veterans especially where faculty and administrations are increasingly overwhelmed by the challenge of addressing the needs of this particular student body.

Due to the lack of support for faculty the many myths and pre-conceptions about combat veterans causes increased anxiety in the staff. Veteran students face issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence and anxiety.

By providing education to the faculty as well as a presence on the campus, The Soldiers Project is allowing a positive academic transition for the veteran students.

Our role is to:

    • Act as a liaison between the Soldiers Project and the college, work as a consultant with vets and vet representatives as to how to create a vet friendly campus.
    • Provide education to staff and faculty as to the psychological issues vets face when returning to the school situation.
    • Provide information about the Soldiers Project’s confidential, pro bono psychological services to vets and  faculty and staff who are working with vets.

Our Liaisons are present on the campuses of the following schools:

    • California State University Northridge
    • Los Angeles City College
    • Los Angeles Valley College
    • New York Film Academy
    • UCLA
    • UCSB
    • West LA College

Join us in helping to create vet-friendly campuses and support our veterans as they transition from the military to the academic world.

For more information, please contact Dr. Carol Tanenbaum at