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The Soldiers Project Memorial Day Cycling Challenge Fundraiser

BENEFITING: SOLDIERS PROJECT THE STORY: Who I am: My name is Aaron Mallary and I am a Veteran of the US Navy and Army National Guard with over 9 deployments worldwide. I am currently the National Coordinator for The Soldiers Project and pursuing my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. With almost two decades of service in the military, I have seen first hand the mental and physical traumas of war. It is my strong belief that programs like

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Therapists offering free help to veterans

The Daily Ranger Logo

Reported by Katie Roenigk at The Daily Ranger The physical structure that will house the Soldiers Project -- Wyoming Chapter when it opens this year in Riverton offers a fitting metaphor for the work Lander therapist Charlie Wilson hopes will take place at the facility. "We're taking this house that's kind of beat up and hurting and sort of retooling it into something pretty great and functional," Wilson said, adding, "It does sometimes take a long

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Judith Broder on The Carlos Amezcua Show, The Patriot AM 1150

Founder of The Soldiers Project, Dr. Judith Broder, appeared on The Carlos Amezcua Show to discuss the organization and the servicemen and women it serves.

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She Sought Volunteer Clinicians, and Hundreds Answered the Call

Dr. Judith Broder and Barack Obama

Eight years ago, Los Angeles–area psychiatrist Judith Broder, M.D., had stopped taking new patients into her private practice in anticipation of retirement. She’d had a satisfying career practicing psychotherapy with adults for more than 30 years and was ready to spend her retirement traveling with her husband, Donald. At around that time, two seminal events—a leisurely stroll along the beach and a play at a theater in Hollywood—convinced her that some of her life’s most important work still lay ahead.

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The Herald-Sun – Supporting troubled vets

Reported by The Herald-Sun Americans love to emphasize our gratitude to those who have served us in the military, in peace and especially in war. Parades, free meals on Veteran’s Day, politicians waxing patriotic on the stump, civic leaders saluting on Memorial Day – in word and pageantry, we’re quick to thank our veterans for their sacrifices. Sadly, when it comes to truly meeting their needs with public programs and budget commitments, we

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Mother Jones – Elizabeth Warren: Let’s Stop Scamming Our Vets

Reported by Mother Jones. This week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) introduced legislation along with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) that would protect elderly veterans from financial scams and sketchy financial advisers. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) funds an assisted living program for certain low-income veterans, and for years scammers and faux investment consultants have preyed on elderly vets enrolled in it. Warren and Rubio's bill, introduced

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Outside The Wire – Vets among the guests at tonight’s State of the Union

Reported by Outside The Wire. President Obama, flanked by Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner, gestures while giving the State of the Union address on Capitol Hill last year. (Charles Dharapak / Getty Images, pool) State of the Union addresses are by many accounts a political kabuki play and have been for years. President Obama’s highly observed and analysed speech will feature planned applause lines and choreographed nods,

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Business Insider – The Ovation Given To War Hero Cory Remsburg Will Give You Chills

Reported by Business Insider. The attendees at the State of the Union gave Cory Remsburg, a U.S. Army Ranger who has been fighting to recover after a roadside bomb nearly killed him in Afghanistan, nearly a 90-second ovation toward the end of President Barack Obama's address. Remsburg's story is incredible. He has been on 10 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2009, a roadside bomb blast left Remsburg nearly dead, face down in a canal with shrapnel

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Sacramento Bee readers fulfill $5,000 dream for Soldiers Project

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 2.42.59 PM

Reported by the Roseville Patch. For the second consecutive year, readers of the Sacramento Bee have made dreams come true for the staff at The Soldiers Project/Sacramento. The local non-profit organization, which provides free, confidential mental health services to active-duty military and veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and their loved ones, recently received a check for $5,000 to fund the purchase of new office furniture. The

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Discharge Status Not A Factor at The Soldiers Project

NPR recently produced a story highlighting the difficulty faced by soldiers who have other-than-honorable discharges. The Soldiers Project will never ask about your discharge status when you call us. NPR: Other-Than-Honorable Discharge Burdens Like A Scarlet Letter

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