The Soldiers Project Chapters


(Administrative Offices Only – No Services Provided)

4605 Lankershim Blvd., Suite 202
North Hollywood, CA 91602
Main Number: 818-761-7438, Fax: 818-761-7476

Judith Broder, M.D., Founder
Adam M. Greenwald, M.B.A., Deputy Executive Director
Nathacia Medina, B.A., National Intake Coordinator
Karen Navarrete-Bell, B.A., MSW Intern (USC School of Social Work, MSW Candidate 2014)



Patricia McVey, Ph.D., R.N., Chapter Director
Lani Stoner, L.M.F.T., Assistant Director
Wendy VanHouten, M.S.W. Candidate, Intake Coordinator

Toll-free 877-761-4377


Heather Schulien, L.C.S.W., Chapter Director
Julie Watts, Outreach Coordinator



Robin Metcalf, L.M.F.T., Chapter Director
Marilyn Enright, M.S.W., Intake Coordinator
Patti Quinn, M.S., Outreach Coordinator



Jennifer Wilson, B.S., Chapter Director



Sister Nancy DeCesare, I.H.M., Ph.D., Chapter Director
Leslie Hoover, B.A., Assistant Director

Toll-free 877-769-7438

Fay Radding, M.A., R.N., Associate Director



Alicia Brackman, L.C.S.W., Chapter Co-Director, Clinical Services
Linda Caginalp, M.B.A., Chapter Co-Director, Outreach
Charles A. Taylor, Jr., M.S.W., Adopt-A-College Liaison
Jennifer Sappell, B.A., Administrative Assistant