Donate clinical hours pro bono and make a difference for our service members and their loved ones.

The Soldiers Project PTSDWhy your help is needed:

As of 2015, there were 2.8 million Post 9/11 Veterans living in the United States. The VA projects that this number will increase to roughly 3.7 million by 2020.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) reports that 58% of Post 9/11 Veterans have a service-connected mental health injury

  • 40% have considered suicide
  • 54% know an OIF/OEF vet who attempted suicide
  • 45% know an OIF/OEF vet who died by suicide
  • 31% believe the stigma around seeking help is too great

A study by the PEW Research Center shows:

    • 44% have a hard time readjusting to civilian life
    • 48% experience tension within their family dynamic

Healing the Hidden Wounds of WarBenefits of volunteering:

Comprehensive training on veteran specific issues

All volunteer therapists are required to take trainings on PTSD, military culture, and other relevant topics. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with a therapist that is well versed in their unique issues.

Online and in-person continuing education.

The Soldiers Project volunteers have access to free CE credits through our online webinar program. Topics on these webinars vary to reflect what therapists want to learn about the most. Annual symposiums and in-person training opportunities happen periodically, dependent on each chapter.

Peer support and consultation.

Connect with other TSP volunteer therapists in your area and work together to solve problems, learn, and build your network. Our online community (coming soon!) provides you with the ability to connect on a national level and allows an opportunity to share resources and information.

Making a positive impact


The Soldiers Project doesn’t put you through the nightmare the VA does. They made it easy for me to obtain mental help assistance for my relationship, and our communication only continues to grow and improve.

- Army Spouse

The first time I went through The Soldiers Project I was trying to deal with my PTSD and TBI. I constantly struggled with school, steady employment, and with my family. I reached out to try to start the recovery phase to better my life. I learned how to deal with my personal conditions and obtain tools to cope with episodes. Now I’m trying to better things with my spouse. My conditions have broken is apart. One step at a time I believe we can get back on track.

- Marine Corps Veteran

The therapist I saw through The Soldiers Project helped me get through a very tough transition from being stuck and unable to make my own decisions, to realizing I had more control of my life than I did.

- Army Veteran

 The Requirements


For licensed therapists:

  • Currently hold a valid license and insurance for the state in which you practice
  • Have access to a private office to see clients or willingness to conduct sessions via a HIPAA-compliant online platform
  • Completion of our online therapist training program


For interns:

  • Interview with The Soldiers Project staff
  • Completion of our intern training program


Apply today!

If you are interested in joining the work of The Soldiers Project, please fill out this form and we will follow up directly. Click here for a PDF application. Fax applications to (818) 761-7476.


Questions? Email us at


TSP Volunteer Therapist Application


Terms and Agreements

  • 1. The Soldiers Project (TSP) Volunteer Therapists are required to take three trainings relevant to military culture, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other related topics. These trainings are free, online, and will be provided to you by The Soldiers Project after receipt of your application. Therapists can opt to take in-person trainings during TSP sponsored conferences or workshops when available.

    2. TSP Volunteer Therapists must be fully licensed and possess their own malpractice insurance.

    3. TSP Volunteer Therapists agree that all therapy services provided to The Soldiers Project clients will be provided at no charge, regardless if the therapist or client are members of Tri-Care or any other insurance agencies.

Please attach to this application a copy of the following:



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