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The Soldiers Project Annual Report

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Your donations help us continue to give free and confidential therapy to post-9/11 Veterans and their loved ones.

Please help us continue to bring our troops “all the way home”, so they can begin to fully re-enter their communities, connect with their families, and begin their journey toward healing.


I tried to get help on base. I went to everything except the mental health services, because although they say they don’t affect your career, I have seen it affect people’s careers and their employment status. But, I talked openly to my leadership and tried to get help, and it seemed as if everyone wanted to help, but everyone was too busy or just didn’t follow up, and with my schedule of constantly being on the road, whenever they got back to me I was gone, and when I would get back to them I had to start all over. I was at wit’s end. My new marriage was falling apart. I was having anger issues at work and home and outside in public. I finally felt I was going to hurt myself or just didn’t know what to do. I called and got a hold of someone from The Soldiers Project, who said she had a name and address and an appointment for me. That counselor followed up. They gave service free of charge. I was seen nearly the same day, and was given frequent follow up visits. And, with time, my relationships improved and my work environment, while it didn’t change, it became manageable as I could talk with someone about it who wasn’t in my chain of command. Today my wife and I are doing better together and my work is going much better. I was able to get my Master’s degree while working and while I am still working on my anger, it’s also manageable. THANK YOU! You saved a life.

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