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Your donations help us continue to give free and confidential therapy to post-9/11 Veterans and their loved ones.

Please help us continue to bring our troops “all the way home”, so they can begin to fully re-enter their communities, connect with their families, and begin their journey toward healing.



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I served in Afghanistan as a Heavy Weapons Expert (11B) with an E.T.T., or Embedded Training Team with the A.B.P. (Afghan Border Police). My 13 man team had 50 miles of Pakistan’s border as our A.O. (Area of Operation). After being wounded I was medevaced and spent 18 months with the Army’s W.T.U. (Warrior Transition Unit), mostly at West Point and Walter Reed. I’ll say I had a hard time, and leave it at that. After my discharge I was given 70% for Chronic PTSD and told by the V.A. they didn’t have the staff to provide me a psychologist. I suffered for three years without help until I reached out in response to the repeated offers from The Soldiers Project. I was given a psychologist who immediately began to help me a great deal.  The Soldiers Project is a vital organization accomplishing important things for veterans. Without them I would surely be in a darker place today. If you are like me, take the courage you once used to overcome adversity in your military life and use it to ask for help. The Soldiers Project epitomizes the gratitude our nation feels towards us and they want to help.

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