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Therapist of the Month | December 2017

Daryl Bryant, LCSW, MSW

My career started in 1973 working as a Correctional Officer at San Quentin Prison. I promoted to a Correction Program Supervisor ( CPS-1) Social Worker position at Soledad Prison and managed an all gang housing unit. I eventually transferred to the California Youth Authority (CYA) as a Youth Counselor and worked at Washington Ridge Conservation Camp. While working within the system for ten years I was exposed to extreme violence and blood shed that resulted in suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Part of my recovery effort was to retrain…Read More

Therapist of the Month | November 2017

Richard Ganley, Ph.D

Dick has been working with PTSD since 1995, initially with police officers, correctional officers, and injured workers. When soldiers began to return from the Iraq War he became increasingly aware that many were suffering from this disorder, and it soon became apparent to everyone that this was a widespread phenomenon being seen across the nation. With this as the backdrop, Dick sought advanced training in military cultural issues, started to see more veterans in his practice, and joined the Pennsylvania Branch of The Soldiers Project. As he engaged in this work through TSP…Read More

Therapist of the Month | October 2017

Dr. Joy Dryer

Dr. Joy Dryer is a psychologist / psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City, and Poughkeepsie, NY. wearing 3 hats:  First, as a clinician, Dr. Dryer works with individuals, families, and couples [as a PACT Level 2 clinician]. Second, she practices as a Divorce Mediator and Collaborative Divorce Coach. And third, she was an Adjunct Associate Professor at NYU and Brooklyn College, and continues to supervise graduate students, and write and speak to the public and at Psychoanalytic and Collaborative Divorce conferences.  Her current research is on the growing phenomenon of “Gray Divorce.” Read More

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