Female Veterans PTSD




The Upshot:

We provide free, confidential and unlimited mental health services to any active duty service member or veteran who has served since September 11, 2001.

We provide services to families and loved ones too – wives, husbands, partners, parents and children.

We don’t turn anyone away based on discharge status, branch of service, or whether they saw combat.

If you served, you get seen.

The Details:

Clients call or email us for help, and we respond within 48 hours.

We’ll do a brief intake, and then match the client to a local therapist who can accommodate their schedule.

All client information remains COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL, and clients are never billed for services.

The Therapists:

Fully licensed mental health professionals in your community who are volunteering their time to give back to the men and women who have served.

Sessions are held in their private offices, and not in a clinic.

The Treatment:

Once a client meets with their therapist and begins treatment, they become their private patient – for as long as necessary.

The only people who decide when treatment ends are the client and the clinician. That’s it. Some clients stay for a few months, some for longer than a year.

It’s up to you for female veterans with ptsd.

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