Getting Help

Getting Help

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Wanted to again say how great my experience has been personally with The Soldiers Project and the therapist I was paired up with has been a great fit.  I look forward every week to the time we spend together.  I think organizations such as yours fill an important space in the ability for veterans to quickly access services and is a great example of the private/professional sector helping fill a significant demand.

Army VeteranNew York City

iStock_000001702793_SmallReturning home from combat is challenging. Invisible injuries – no less serious than visible wounds of war – can have immeasurable impact and remain long after coming home.

The Soldiers Project helps service members face these challenges by providing free, individualized psychological treatment to those men and women who have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts as well as their support systems: spouses, parents, children, grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and colleagues. Because when a soldier goes to war, his loved ones go to war with him.

Our mental health professionals understand the far-reaching consequences of war-related experiences and the toll that the cycle of pre-deployment to deployment and then to homecoming can take. They provide the support that is needed to help smooth the transition back to family and civilian life.

All treatment is 100% confidential. There is no red tape. There are no fees. We see individuals, couples, children, and families. We have the flexibility to see people prior to, during, and/or following a return from deployment – keeping in touch via phone or internet if needed. And, there are no arbitrary limits on the number of sessions allowed.

Our commitment is to always be:

  • Free: Whether you need intensive treatment to get through a crisis or weekly treatments for many, many years, you will never be charged a fee
  • Easily-accessible: We match you with therapists that meet your needs in terms of location, session times and other factors essential to providing customized care
  • Confidential: All of our therapists treat patients in their private practices and are not associated with any branch of the military

Who is Eligible?

  • Active duty uniformed service members who have served Post 9/11
  • Members of Reserve/Guard military units with service Post 9/11
  • Veterans of OEF/OIF
  • Family members of the above including spouses, parents, grandparents, children, siblings, etc
  • Other loved ones (e.g., girlfriends, boyfriends, partners)


Signs of trouble (Service Member)

  • Irritability, jumpiness
  • Anger easily and “blow up” at loved ones or friends
  • Feeling hyper-alert, needing to be careful, on the watch for danger
  • Feeling emotionally flat, uninvolved with people, distant
  • Feeling you can’t relate to life around you or to the concerns of your family or friends in the way you used to
  • Difficulty concentrating, paying attention, poor memory
  • Difficulty sleeping, nightmares
  • Episodes of tearfulness for no apparent reason
  • Feelings that people at home “don’t get it” and you can’t really explain it to them
  • Feelings of not fitting in
  • More TV, internet use, video games than before
  • Increased use of alcohol, drugs
  • Recurring thoughts of doing harm to yourself or others


Signs of trouble (Family)

  •  Feeling overwhelmed or angry at being left with increased responsibilities
  • Tearful and worried about deployed loved one to the point where it’s difficult to follow normal routines
  • Feeling alone or lost with no one to talk to and nowhere to turn
  • You and returning family member seem nervous, distant or awkward with each other
  • Feeling hurt and resentful that returning family member isn’t as involved with you and the family as before deployment
  • Problems in the kids: anger, behavior problems at school, learning problems, physical symptoms (stomach aches, headaches), sleep troubles
  • Being afraid of the veteran