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Girl Cheats on Military Boyfriend – Selena Vargas Story

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

girl cheats on military boyfriend

Learn all about the topic of girl cheats on military boyfriend with us in this blog post. We will explore the causes, relevant military jargon, and a famous story. So, stick with us until the end!

As far as the stories of girls who cheated on army guy go, Selena Vargas is the most famous one. She cheated on her significant others with up to 60 different men while claiming that she did it for the money.

Selena Vargas – The Cheating Army Girlfriend


Selena Vargas met her military boyfriend while he was in basic training. When he was finished with it, she even came to his graduation. But after Army graduation, he was deployed to South Korea, and communication between the two became rocky.

Even though he would get in touch with her whenever time allowed, she was not online as much. When the soldier returned home, he started hearing rumors about his girlfriend having a dubious job, which presumably funded her and her friends’ expensive holiday vacation trip.

After ignoring the rumors for a while, the soldier boyfriend finally broke down and confronted her about it. They broke up for a short period and eventually reconciled, upon which she promised she would not cheat on him again.

But he was deployed to Scandinavia. She was seemingly “perfect” communication-wise, but he still felt he couldn’t trust her yet. So, for peace of mind, he bragged about her online. Internet users responded that she was a porn star! Video evidence started surfacing, and they were all taken at different times, so it was not a one-time thing like she claimed.

The last straw was a video where she was wearing the same clothes from his basic training graduation, implying that she went to another guy right after being with him. Upon confrontation, Selena admitted that she cheated on the boyfriend with 60 others! But she insisted that she still loved the soldier and only did it because she needed money.

Why Girl Cheats on Military BF?


As with other types of relationships, a girlfriend can fall out of love with her boyfriend. But she might choose to not break it off because her Army/Air Force Marine Corps/Navy boyfriend makes a steady income. For money, she will continue to stick around.

  • One reason boyfriends can lose their girlfriends after joining the Army is because of distance. Statistics show that 22% of people in long-distance relationships resort to some form of cheating.
  • In addition, distance makes arguments easier to happen and more challenging to resolve. This can put a strain on the relationship, which eventually breaks. For those with complex commitments, such as a child, it is easier to cheat than officially part ways.
  • Cheating military girlfriends tend to name “loneliness” as the cause for losing feelings for a boyfriend and the motivation for seeking another one.
  • Problems that are detrimental to the strength of a relationship, like miscommunication, are more common and prominent in couples that are far away from each other.
  • The thrill of being with someone else without getting caught is also why many military girlfriends cheat. For these girls, it is exciting to push the limits, which feeds their egos.

What is It Called When You Get Cheated on in the Military?

In military jargon, if a girlfriend cheats on military boyfriend, the lad has been “jodied.” This comes from the military slang “Jody,” which refers to the “other guy” that the GF is seeing.

“Jody” can also be understood as “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” This term is actually based on the name of a classic stock character, “Joe.” In African American traditions, “Joes” were the bad guys that swoop in to “steal” when the “rightful” man is not around.

The female version of “Jody” is called “Jodie.”

You can learn more about the military lingo in our article: What Does Jody Mean in the Military?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the Army cheating girlfriend’s name?

In the story we have included above, the girlfriend’s name is Selena Vargas. There are surely other girl cheats on Army soldier names, but they are not mentioned openly on the Internet.

What are signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you while you are in the military?

Here are some things that might suggest your girl is with another man while you are serving:

  • She is secretive or vague whenever you talk to her.
  • Signs of her being emotionally distant, such as when she does not readily talk about her feelings or anything that is going on in her life.
  • Irritation, annoyance, or defensive attitude when you ask questions.
  • She is “less available” to talk and doesn’t try to stay in touch.
  • Your girlfriend starts dressing up more, perhaps wearing more makeup or putting on more fancy perfume.
  • Frequent mentions of a “friend” who is always around and very kind.
  • She is not excited about you returning from deployment. She does not make any plans for the two of you.


The topic of girl cheats on military boyfriend is a complex one. There is much to know, but nothing can be known with certainty. Many military girlfriends choose to cheat because they feel lonely or bored. They might be tired of always having arguments with their boyfriends or because they like the thrill of lying successfully.

In any case, know that we do not condone cheating, regardless of the reasons. If the relationship doesn’t work out, it’s best that the two parties part way rather than wasting one another’s time and efforts.

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