Board of Directors

Shawn Domzalski, Esq., Chair (Biography)
Nadine Bean, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. (Biography)
Michael L. Ebel, CPA, Air National Guard
Don Gustavson, CPA (Retired), Board Treasurer (Biography)
Thomas P. Helscher, Ph.D., FIPA (Biography)
Paul Kouri, MBA (Biography)
Barbara Schochet, Ph.D.* (Biography)

*Chair, Board Committee


Judith Broder, M.D. (Biography)

National Headquarters Staff

Adam M. Greenwald, M.B.A., Executive Director (Biography)
Andrea Gall Schmitt, National Director of Development (Biography)
Natasha Medina, National Program Manager (Biography)
Robin Grant, MFT, Training Coordinator
Jason Lopez, Development and Programs Associate
Ellen Antonyan, Accounting Associate

Consultation Group Leaders

West Los Angeles, CA
Wendy Burke, Ph.D. & Barbara Schochet, Ph.D

San Fernando Valley, CA
Joy Schary, Psy.D. LMFT/FIPA

Orange County, CA
Beth Siegel, Psy.D., LCSW


Betsy Butler, Interim Executive Director, California Women’s Law Center; Former Member, California State Assembly (Biography)

Sharon Davis, Former First Lady, State of California (Biography)

Sean Huze, Actor/Screenwriter/Playwright (Biography)

Ellen Goosenberg Kent, Director/Producer (Biography)

Debbie Gregory, CEO, MilitaryConnection.com (Biography)

Congressman Ted Lieu, U.S. House of Representatives, 33rd District, California (Biography)

Theresa Martinez, CEO, Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce (Biography)

Toni Reinis, Former Executive Director, New Directions for Veterans

Michele Sisqueiros, Executive Director, Campaign for College Opportunity (Biography)



Kimberly Backman, J.D., Chapter Director


Cameron Cook, M.A., Chapter Director

Long Island

Alicia Brackman, L.C.S.W., Chapter Co-Director, Clinical Services
Linda Caginalp, M.B.A., Chapter Co-Director, Outreach
Charles A. Taylor, Jr., M.S.W., Adopt-A-College Liaison
Jennifer Sappell, B.A., Administrative Assistant

New York City

Fay Radding, M.A., R.N., Chapter Director


Vacant (Send resume and cover letter)


Lani Stoner, L.M.F.T., Assistant Director


Brenda Walls, M.N.M., Chapter Director
Marilyn Enright, M.S.W., Intake Coordinator
Patti Quinn, M.S., Outreach Coordinator


Jennifer Wilson, B.S., Chapter Director

The Soldiers Project