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How Long is a Mike in Military Time? Find Out Here!

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

how long is a mike in military time

You might have caught the term “mike” in military films and books and realized that it is often used in the context of military time. But do you know how long is a mike in military time?

In short, a “mike” is one minute in military time. It can also refer to the UTC +12 time zone. So why does the military opts for such a term? Keep reading to find out.

How Long is a Mike in Military Time?


There are two mike meanings in terms of military time. It can refer to minutes or the UTC+12 time zone.

1. Mike as a measurement of time

Military members use the term “mike” to mean “one minute.” So, for instance, if someone wants to say, “wait a minute,” they might say, “wait a mike.” Similarly, “we are 20 minutes away” would be “we are 20 mikes away.”

2. Mike as a Time Zone (UTC+12)

The military has its own naming system for time zones, and one of the zones is called “Mike.” It is also referred to as the “M” time zone occasionally. In ordinary language, this is the UTC+12 time zone. It is fixed and does not observe Daylight Saving Time. Its longitude is 180° East.

3. What is it used for?

The main reason the military uses the term “mike” to refer to the UTC +12 time zone is to avoid possible confusion. As they can operate both day and night, there’s a chance army members can mix up between AM and PM. Therefore, it’s important to designate a fixed zone for the sake of time-keeping.

How Far is a Mike in Miles?

As “a mike away” means the person speaking is “one minute away,” you can calculate how far away they are by multiplying their speed of travel with time (in this case, it would be one minute).

For instance, if the person speaking is traveling on foot with a speed of 3 miles per hour (or 0.05 mile per minute) and they’re one mike away, you’d get 0.05 x 1 = 0.05 mile away.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does “Mikes” mean in the military?

Mikes, given that there is an “s,” means “minutes.” However, mike in military terms can also refer to a fixed time zone – the UTC +12, to be precise.

Is there a military term for seconds?

No. Unlike minutes, there is no other specific term for seconds in the military. Members of the military would just call it “seconds” like civilians.

What does “Mic” mean in the military?

Sometimes, people use the term “mic” when they really mean “mike.” So, for example, 2 mics is 2 minutes, and 5 mics meaning in military is 5 minutes.

This is because these words are pronounced the same way. But it is still important to understand that “mike” is the proper way to spell it. But “Mic” can also stand for other things in the military. A mic in military terms can point to:

  • The intelligence branch of the United States Army (Military Intelligence Corps) or
  • The relationship between the military of a country, its arms industry, and government (Military Industrial Complex), or
  • The device for audio recording (Microphone).


As you have read above, the answer to “How long is a mike in military time?” is a minute. However, in the military, mikes time can also refer to the UTC+12 time zone to avoid possible confusion.

Hopefully, you have gotten the answer you are looking for. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comments!

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