If you would like to volunteer for a non-clinical position at The Soldiers Project, please fill out the form below or get the PDF here.

General Volunteer Form

  • I verify that all of the above information is true, complete, and correct, and I understand that if it is not, I am disqualifying myself for a Volunteer position. I also understand that I am applying for a Volunteer position and that this is not an application for, nor a contract of, paid employment. I further agree that as a Volunteer for The Soldiers Project, I will not accept any payment for my services and that The Soldiers Project does not currently reimburse for expenses incurred while volunteering. I will also take required training where applicable. I authorize any verification of applicable licensure required for my position. I further understand that upon receipt of my application, a member of The Soldiers Project Volunteer Services Team will review it and contact me for a follow-up conversation to discuss possible volunteer opportunities and the length and time commitment needed. I will be notified as soon as possible should my skills and/or availability not meet the needs of The Soldiers Project at this time.


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