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Peltor Tactical Sport Vs Tactical 100: A Comparative Review

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

peltor tactical sport and tactical 100

When talking about suitable entry-level Peltor hearing protectors, Tactical Sport and Tactical 100 are two of the best contenders. These two models almost look identical, but they do vary in terms of features. In this Peltor Tactical Sport Vs Tactical 100 comparison, let’s find out their differences and find out which is better.

Peltor Tactical Sport seems to be a better option in terms of battery life, volume control, and recovery time. But when it comes to better hearing protection, the Tactical 100 gets the upper hand with its slightly higher NRR. Let’s explore these two Peltor models below.

Peltor Tactical Sport vs Tactical 100: Comparison Table

  Tactical Sport Tactical 100
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 20 22
Auto Shut-Off 2 hours 2 hours
Battery 2 AAA 2 AAA
Approximate Battery Life 500 hours 100 hours
Special Feature ASIC Chip technology Adaptive Frequency Response, Variable Suppression Time

Peltor Sport Tactical Review


The Tactical Sport is particularly made for hunters to let them hear their game before they view it. This model runs on two AAA batteries and lasts for about 500 hours. You can adjust the volume of the ambient sound when it gets too loud through a simple push of a button.

The feature I love best is the ASIC chip technology because it provides a quick shutoff and recovery time for a more refined audio production.

The said technology also helps protect your hearing from dangerous impulse sounds like gunfire. While muting the harmful gunfire sounds, the product amplifies low-level sounds, like conversation and range commands.

I believe that this older model is designed for all-day comfort with its contoured ear cups. Even if the ear cups rest on your ears for several hours, you won’t feel any pain. Additionally, the battery compartment is located outside, so it’s easy to access.

However, this older model isn’t as good as the newer versions in reducing noise. At 20dB, it will only be good for small guns. The design also looks slightly bulkier than Tactical 100.


  • Long battery life, around 500 hours
  • Easy to adjust the volume control
  • ASIC chip technology offers quick recovery time
  • Increases low-level sounds and reduces dangerous impulse sounds
  • Comfortable to wear around the ears
  • Easy to access the battery


  • Has a low NRR
  • Looks and feels a bit bulky

All in all, the Peltor Tactical Sport offers a longer battery life and an ergonomic design. This specific model is meant for hunting, but it can be used at the range for clear conversations.

Peltor Tactical 100 Review


The Peltor Tactical 100 features a proprietary 3M technology to suppress dangerous impulse sounds and high-level noises while boosting the low-level sounds. This makes the product perfect for both indoor/outdoor shooting, hunting, and other industrial applications.

This product filters the background noise through Adaptive Frequency Response for clearer conversation and hearing of range directions. It also features a Variable Suppression Time to lessen echoes at the range.

This model has a 3.5mm audio input jack to connect your 2-way radios and MP3 players. Thankfully, you can control both the music volume and ambient sound to get aware of your surroundings. In addition, I love the recessed microphone design because it’s excellent in reducing wind noise and durable.

However, I dislike the very slow audio recovery. The volume control is also lower than the older Peltor Tactical Sports. The highest volume isn’t even half of the loudness of the older pair.


  • Filters background noise for a more comprehensible conversation
  • Lessens echoes to protect hearing from gunshot noises
  • Connects to most MP3 players
  • Volume control allows the amplification/reduction of ambient sound
  • Recessed microphone design increases durability


  • Has a slow audio recovery
  • Volume control is a bit low

Altogether, the Peltor Tactical 100 seems to be of magnificent quality. The experience is similar to having the radio on in your car while conversing with someone. Though the volume control is low, it won’t be a problem if your hearing is still good.

So, What’s The Difference between Peltor Tactical Sport and Tactical 100?

  • Size: The Peltor Tactical 100 is slightly smaller than the Tactical Sport because of its low-profile cup design.
  • Volume Control: The Peltor Tactical Sport has higher volume control than Tactical 100. Even if you turn the Tactical 100 to the highest volume, it still won’t match half of Tactical Sport’s volume.
  • Battery: Both of these models run on two AAA batteries and include an auto-shutoff feature. However, the battery life differs. While Tactical 100 offers 100 hours, Tactical Sport provides 500 hours approximately.
  • NRR: Tactical 100 has a slightly higher NRR than Tactical Sport. This makes Tactical 100 a slightly better protector to your hearing against dangerous impulse sounds, like gun fires.
  • Special Features: Tactical Sport uses ASIC chip technology to give a more refined audio generation. Meanwhile, Tactical 100 uses Variable Suppression Time to lower echoes indoors and Adaptive Frequency Response to decrease background noise.

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To wrap up our Peltor Tactical Sport Vs Tactical 100 comparison, I can say that the latter gets the upper hand when it comes to NRR and advanced features. The Peltor Sport Tactical 100 review also features Variable Suppression Time to lessen echoes and Adaptive Frequency Response to mute background noise.

However, Peltor Tactical Sport offers a longer battery life, higher volume control and a faster recovery time for a more refined audio production.

Which do you think is better between the two? Tell us below, and kindly share the link with your friends if you like it.

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