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The Best Tactical Backpacks Made in USA from the Best Brands

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical backpack made in usa

When I see a US-made tag, it gives me the notion that the product is high quality. It’s the same for tactical backpacks. The best tactical backpack made in USA is well-made with Molle webbings, plenty of pockets, and sturdy construction.

Using such a backpack also shows great patriotism to the country. Everybody can own this backpack, whether they’re law enforcement personnel or outdoor adventure enthusiasts. However, you should be careful in your selection because not all of these backpacks are made the same.

To ensure that you get the best choice, here are some points to consider.

  • Construction: The most durable backpacks are made of highly dense fabrics like Cordura or ballistic nylon. Most of these US-made bags have 600D to 1050D nylon or polyester fabric. They’re reinforced with heavy stitching to prevent rips or tears.
  • Pockets: The number of pockets depends on how many items you want to bring to your adventure. Look for double compartments to fit a lot of large items, like laptops and clothes. The smaller gear can sit on the front pockets. To keep yourself hydrated, look for a water bladder compartment as well.
  • Molle Webbing: The best way to customize your bag is to have plenty of Molle straps on the exterior. You can add different items to the pack, such as a medical kit or a flashlight.

There are more things to consider, like size, colors, and Velcro patch zones. We’ll discuss all that in the buying guide below. But first, let’s review the best tactical backpacks manufactured in the USA.

Top 1
REEBOW Gear Tactical Backpack

  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made of strong zippers

Top 2
Hannibal Tactical Backpack

  • 36L storage capacity
  • Sturdy construction of fabric
  • Built with many compartments

Top 3
LHI Tactical Backpack

  • With soft shoulder pads
  • Offers a large capacity (45L)
  • Water-resistant & economical

Top 7 Tactical Backpack Made in USA Reviews

1. REEBOW Gear Military Tactical Backpack

This REEBOW GEAR is a tactical backpack large enough to carry all my stuff for a three-day trip to camp or hunt. This 40-liter bag has lots of storage space to fit plenty of clothes and gear, just like my previous Urban tactical backpack.

I love the Molle straps all around the bag because they come in handy in strapping my first aid kit and other items. At the back, I found an excellent compartment for a hydration bladder. Inside, I love the interior pockets and compartments to organize my items properly.

The bag’s fabric seems heavy-duty because it stayed in good condition when I dragged it in the woods. The zippers look strong, and thankfully, they have cord pulls to use easily. I like that the bag opens all the way for easy access to items.

Wearing the bag also feels comfortable even for longer hikes because the shoulder straps come with breathable mesh padding. The straps on the back help me distribute the weight evenly, so the pack feels easy to carry. Best of all, I’m pleasantly surprised that the bag remained dry inside after being caught in the rain for a few minutes.

As a USA-made bag, it comes with a free American flag patch. I appreciate that the patch is made of Velcro because it’s easy to pull off for replacement.

 Heads-up:  However, the bag comes with a horrible smell right out of the package.

  • Military tactical backpack with a large 40L storage capacity
  • With Molle straps and hydration bladder space; opens all the way for easy access
  • Organizes items with compartments and interior pockets
  • Made of strong zippers with pulls and heavy-duty fabric
  • Water-resistant and comfortable to wear with mesh shoulder straps
  • Includes a Velcro American flag patch
  • May emit a terrible smell
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this Molle backpack offers a large space for our things in the field. It seems to hold up well in any environment, thanks to its water-resistant fabric that can take a beating.

2. Hannibal Tactical MOLLE Assault Backpack

The Hannibal Assault is a black tactical backpack ideal for a three-day adventure. The 36-liter capacity is enough to carry all my essentials like clothes, gadgets, and other tactical gear.

I love the multiple compartments of this bag because they make organization easy. I feel safe putting my laptop in one of the compartments because it’s well-padded to cushion the device from bumps, and it comes with an elastic strap to keep it in place. Also, I find it convenient to hang pouches on the Molle straps and D-rings.

It’s incredible how this bag can make room for supplies. The front can fit a rolled towel using the Y strap and buckle. Plus, I once attached my folded raincoat to the bottom of the backpack, and it did not fall off at any point during my trip.

The overall construction also feels sturdy. The zippers seem to hold up well with extra weight. The fabric feels rugged, so I think it will survive in the desert. I’m confident that my load will stay secure, thanks to the compression straps.

I like the US flag that comes with the bag because it looks beautifully made. Since it’s removable, I can replace it with any of my favorite patches. Most importantly, I love the sleeve for my hydration pack at the back because it’s large enough to store three liters of water.

 Heads-up:  The only downside is that the bag smells very bad. Make sure to wash and air dry it before using.

  • Built with many compartments for a laptop, hydration pack, etc.
  • Comes with buckles, Molle straps, and D-rings for extra gear
  • 36L capacity, perfect for three-day trips
  • Has a sturdy construction of fabric and zippers
  • Designed with compression straps for securing the load
  • Includes a removable flag patch
  • Smells a little horrible
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this Hannibal backpack can hold a lot of items for our outdoor adventure. It has lots of compartments to separate the gear neatly, plus plenty of straps to carry more essentials outside the bag.

3. LHI Tactical Backpack For Men And Women

LHI’s backpack offers 45 liters of capacity, making it the largest in this bunch. I like that this brand offers plenty of design colors like purple to make me look fashionable despite being tactical.

The bag has many compartments to keep things in their secure place. There are two large main compartments to hold my tablet, notebooks, and clothes. I love the mesh pocket inside because it’s perfect for separating my soiled clothes from the rest of my items.

Also, there are many lines of Molle straps on the front, perfect for attaching pouches. I like to leave my medical kit there for quick access during emergencies. The contents inside the main compartments are also easy to reach because the bag opens all the way.

For the price, the quality is impressive. The 900D fabric is highly elastic to endure the weight of items and expand to accommodate them. It’s also machine-washable, so I don’t have to clean the backpack by hand.

The shoulder straps have pads, making them comfortable to wear without being abrasive. Not to mention, the bag has excellent water resistance because it keeps my items dry when it rains.

 Heads-up:  However, I wish the manufacturer added a side pouch for water bottles.

  • Offers a large capacity (45L) in many vibrant colors
  • Has two easy-to-open main compartments and a mesh pocket
  • Built with Molle straps for easy access of pouches
  • Made of 900D fabric that’s elastic and machine-washable
  • With soft shoulder pads
  • Water-resistant and economical
  • No side pouch for water bottle
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, this LHI backpack offers a lot of room for essentials. This bag isn’t only functional but also looks pretty with its vibrant colors.

4. Hopopower Tactical Sling Bag Pack

I was looking for a more compact backpack, and Reddit recommended Hopopower. This American made sling bag can fit my gadgets, pistol, and ammo for a perfect day at the range.

The bag is lightweight enough to carry for many hours when hiking. I’m pleased that the shoulder strap is well-padded because it doesn’t feel rough against my skin. The single strap goes over my right arm and adjusts to fit securely.

What I like most is the vent hole located at the bottom of the bag. Thanks to this hole, the air inside the bag gets released and the formation of molds is unlikely. I also don’t sweat while wearing the bag because the back is cushioned with a thick mesh sponge material.

I love the Molle straps because they help extend the pack’s capacity. These straps are sturdy enough to attach a water bottle, flashlight, and other tactical tools. It’s also a great surprise to find a nice USA flag patch to show my patriotism.

The Oxford fabric is quite durable, especially since it has multiple stitches. Even when I overload the bag with stuff, I have no worries that the material will rip. I also feel safe putting an electronic device inside the bag because the fabric is water-resistant.

 Heads-up:  The only problem is that the front pockets tend to swell backward when fully loaded.

  • Offers compact storage for pistols, ammo, and more
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear with mesh sponge
  • Has an adjustable, well-padded shoulder strap
  • Built with a vent hole to release the hot air inside
  • Comes with sturdy Molle straps and a US flag patch
  • Made of water-resistant Oxford fabric with multiple stitches
  • Front pockets may bulge out when overstuffed
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, this tactical sling bag offers compact storage for essentials for hiking or a day at the range. The design is lightweight, well-padded, and breathable to wear around the shoulders.

5. 5.11 Tactical Backpack


5.11 is one of the tactical backpack brands that I trust. As expected, this tactical army backpack doesn’t disappoint in terms of durability and functionality.

The bag feels solid and seems to hold up well against the harsh environment outdoors. The 1050D nylon is tough as it didn’t rip when I dragged the bag in the desert. I was pleasantly surprised that my items stayed dried inside, even when I spilled water on the bag.

This backpack is also pretty secure to carry with all the adjustable straps. I appreciate the sternum strap because it helps keep the shoulder straps in place while I’m hiking uphill. Meanwhile, the compression straps come in handy to keep the bag’s weight well-balanced, hence comfortable to wear even when overloaded.

I like that this bag offers plenty of space for my sunglasses, hydration bladder, and a few changes of clothes. There’s a special laptop compartment that fits my 15-inch device perfectly. I can even hide a gun inside for concealed carry in the CCW compartment and fit a lot of stuff in the two front pockets.

This tactical laptop backpack also comes with flag patches and Molle webbing for extra pouches. I love the hook and loop name tape as the slot is perfect for my customized patches. Opening the pockets and the main compartment is easy because the YKK zippers come with large pull tabs.

 Heads-up:  My only complaint is that the price is a bit expensive.

  • Has a solid construction of 1050D nylon fabric
  • Water-resistant and comfortable to wear with sternum straps
  • With compression straps to balance the weight
  • Built with special compartments for CCW, laptops, and other gear
  • Includes flag patches, Molle straps, and a hook and loop name tape
  • Easy to open with huge zipper pull tabs
  • A little expensive
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this 5.11 tactical backpack seems to be a perfect EDC bag with plenty of compartments and adjustable straps for easy transport. It’s also heavy-duty with its stiff fabric and adequate water resistance.

6. Gelindo Tactical Backpack

Gelindo is a USA made tactical backpack rugged enough to use in any outdoor activity. It’s built with two main compartments, a back compartment, and plenty of pockets.

I like the size of the main compartment because it’s large enough to fit my 13-inch laptop. I love to put my smartphone in the side waist pocket because it’s easy to reach. Meanwhile, the front pocket is perfect for organizing small items because it comes with multiple slots inside.

Bringing water and lunch is pretty convenient with this bag. There’s an insulated compartment at the back to keep the hydration pack cold and the meal warm for several hours.

I appreciate all the straps and buckles around the bag. The Molle straps are excellent for medical kits, while the Y-strap helps secure the bag when fully loaded. I love the fact that I can compress the bag at the sides, so it won’t look bulky when empty.

Even if the bag is fully loaded, it still feels comfortable to carry because the shoulder straps are well-padded. It’s impossible to sweat because the back portion is made of a padded mesh material. The fabric looks stiff, so I think it can hold up well against any pressure.

 Heads-up:  My only issue is that the bag has only a thin line of Velcro for patches.

  • Features plenty of compartments with a side waist pocket
  • Has slots on the front pocket for organizing tools and a stiff material
  • Built with an insulated compartment for water bladder and lunch
  • Offers plenty of buckles and straps for Molle pouches and adjustments
  • Compressible shape for a neat look
  • Comfortable with the padded shoulder straps and back mesh
  • Doesn’t have much space for patches
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this backpack stands out with its insulated compartment. It also features plenty of useful pockets to store numerous items for camping, hiking, or hunting.

7. R. SASR Upgrade Tactical Backpack

This R.SASR is a military waterproof backpack that can store three days’ worth of items for hiking, camping, or survival. It keeps my valuables dry, thanks to the special coating that makes the backpack durable and water-resistant.

I love how this bag fits everything I need for adventure. I can fit a laptop, clothes, and a hydration bladder in the compartments. The front pockets are perfect for my tactical tools because they’re easy to access.

What I like most is the number of extra accessories that the bag includes. I love the ten D-rings because they come in handy when hanging my bulky gear like a tent bag or sleeping pad. The American flag patch looks nicely stitched, so I think it’ll last long.

Adding tactical pouches is easy using the Molle straps. The 600D polyester fabric feels stiff, so I think it can hold the extra weight. Meanwhile, the reinforced stitches in the most critical areas look unbreakable.

Thankfully, the shoulder straps have great pads to cushion well while hiking. The back part is well-ventilated with some sort of mesh to keep cool. I appreciate the waist and chest straps because they help to keep the load steady.

 Heads-up:  However, the zippers won’t seem to hold up when the bag is overstuffed in the main compartment.

  • Has a special coating for water resistance
  • Lots of room for everything, steadies loads with chest and waist straps
  • Comes with ten D-rings and Molle straps to hang more gear
  • Includes a nicely-stitched American flag patch
  • Made of heavily stitched 600D polyester fabric
  • Has well-padded shoulder straps and ventilated back
  • Has weak zippers
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, this backpack offers lots of space and straps for comfort. With the additional D-rings and Molle straps, it’s even possible to hang more items and pouches to work and play.

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Backpack Made in USA


Buying a USA-manufactured tactical backpack shouldn’t be difficult if you know what you need. Here are the things to consider when buying a backpack made in the USA.

  • Size

Tactical backpacks, whether made in the USA or not, have different sizes. Your choice depends on how many items you’re planning to carry.

If you like a backpack for everyday carry (EDC), choose one with a capacity of 5-35 liters. This volume is sufficient to hold EDC gear like wallets, pistols, and first-aid items.

A capacity of 30-40 liters is ideal for a 24-hour backpack. It’s perfect if you plan to have an overnight stay in the woods for camping.

If you plan to stay somewhere for more than a day, a pack with a capacity of 40-65 liters suits you best. This size is typically the largest with lots of compartments to fit plenty of items.

  • Material And Construction

Most military backpacks made in USA are durable. They’re constructed with tough fabrics like ballistic nylon or Cordura. The rule of thumb is to choose a higher denier count, so the stitching will not rip or tear easily, perhaps around 500-1200 D or even more.

Zippers are critical for keeping your compartments safe. Look for good zipper brands like YKK to ensure durability.

The stitching should be precise and heavy-duty. Look for reinforced stitching on the most heavily-laden areas. For comfort, look for padded shoulder straps with a mesh back portion.

  • Compartments And Pockets

A tactical backpack offers more space than a regular bag to bring more gear. Generally, this type of bag offers 1-2 main compartments and two front pockets for smaller items. The main compartments are perfect for carrying larger stuff, like clothes, notebooks, and tablet devices.

It’s nice to have a hydration bladder compartment, so you’ll stay hydrated throughout your mission. This compartment is often found at the back of the bag. Generally, you’ll need to drink half a liter every 60 minutes of walking, so a 2.5-liter hydration pack is good for five hours of hiking.

If you like to carry a laptop, make sure that the backpack offers a designated sleeve for it.

  • Molle Webbing

One of the distinct characteristics of tactical backpacks is the existence of Molle straps on the front or sides. These straps extend the storage capacity of your backpack. You can attach a medical kit, knife, or mag pouch to the exterior of your shoulder bag.

Molle is great because you can customize your gear setup. You can attach any item to fit your destination. Hence, make sure that the Molle straps are sturdy to hold any weight.

  • Velcro Patch Zones

A tactical backpack looks military when it provides a Velcro patch zone. Some of the best options even offer a free American flag patch. You can use it to show patriotism or support for the military.

Putting a patch on also helps identify your bag. For example, anyone will know that you’re an American citizen if you put a US flag patch in your backpack.

  • Colors

The color of the backpack may appear mundane, but it matters in whatever mission you’re pursuing. If you’re hunting, choose a bag with a camouflage color to blend in the woods well.

Vibrant colors are ideal if you plan to hike because you remain visible in the dark and are easily spotted when you get lost.

For work in the urban city, you don’t want to attract needless attention. Choose a color that looks nice but isn’t unusual, like black, OD green, or desert tan colors.



Why choose this type of tactical backpack made in USA?

Choose made in America backpacks because they passed the high-quality standards of the country. Manufacturing processes are highly regulated, so they produce only quality backpacks. Buying these products also means supporting the US economy and workforce.

How much should I spend on a tactical backpack made in USA?

Expect to spend between $30 to $500 for a made in USA tactical backpack. These military-grade backpacks use high-quality materials to withstand high loads and the harsh environment outside.

A higher price doesn’t always mean better quality, so ensure to check the product and see if the features fit your needs.

Also, check this post to find the list of the most affordable tactical backpack.

What backpacks do the US military use?

The US military uses tactical backpacks with heavy-duty materials, multiple pockets, and a Molle system to customize storage.

These backpacks may come in different sizes and colors. They often have two main compartments to store clothes, weapons, and ammo.

Are Mystery Ranch packs made in USA?

Not all. Some of them are made in the US, while others are manufactured in the Philippines instead. One thing is for certain, though: Mystery Ranch packs are high-quality.

Are tactical backpacks good?

Definitely! Tactical backpacks are good for comfortably storing a lot of gear. You can also trust them to last a long time and stay dry, especially if the bag has a waterproof coating.


Truly, most tactical backpacks produced in the USA are well-made. For us, the best tactical backpack made in USA is the REEBOW GEAR because it has a functional design. This backpack has compartments with interior pockets to sort out items and a special sleeve for the hydration bladder.

If you like to choose your own tactical backpack, make sure the capacity is enough to store all your essentials. Check the stitching, zippers, and straps to ensure that they’re all durable. A flag patch will also give the bag some style and personality.

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