I have found a very understanding therapist that listens to me and “gets” me.  – Army Spouse
I have found individual and couples very helpful. I am a prelicensed therapist myself and going to my own therapy is usually very difficult, but I have been able to open up and become vulnerable with my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I push myself to go every week because I know how beneficial it is- I face my fears and I think it is helping me as a person and a therapist. Thank you all!  – Marine Corps Veteran
When nobody else would listen, at The Soldiers Project I found someone who could.  – Army Veteran

Being the wife of an Iraq War army veteran, it was difficult to talk about certain issues especially with those who do not understand PTSD, depression, etc. Having a therapist that can empathize with me through her own experiences with veterans is comforting and gives me hope that my marriage with my husband will improve. In addition to understanding the issues that arise with combat veterans, my therapist has helped me with personal issues as well.  – Army Spouse


I love my current marriage counselor. It seems like my relationship with my wife and my beautiful baby girl and a boy is gradually improving. My anger issues decreased slightly, and still working on my PTSD symptoms but the marriage counselor from The Soldiers Project, Lisa in Tustin area, is really helping our family stay strong!!! I strongly suggest The Soldiers Project to other fellow vets who were diagnosed with PTSD TBI and anxiety disorders, tinnitus and migraine, sleep apnea!!! Well these are my symptoms and I’m 100% service connected vet but I also suggest this project to the other fellow vets even if they’re less then 100% service-connected as well as non-service connected vets… All across!!! – Navy Veteran


The Soldier’s Project doesn’t put you through the nightmare the VA does. They made it easy for me to obtain mental help assistance for my relationship, and our communication only continues to grow and improve.  – Army Spouse


It is really too early to see much difference in my life right now, but my first session was great and help me normalize a lot of my feelings. I am most definitely looking forward to treatment and living a better quality of life. Thank you.  – Army Veteran

I am working on EMDR therapy with my therapist which has been very helpful. I am less emotional over stressful situations than I was before starting this therapy. She is willing to work around my schedule.  – Army Veteran
The Soldiers Project helped me get counseling I desperately needed. My husband has changed so much as he struggles with his PTSD, TBI and depression. Dealing with him while trying to hold our family of 5 together, and trying to explain happenings to our boys. Our marriage was coming to an end. The Soldiers Project was able to provide me a therapist in my area, at no cost. My therapist reminds me that my husband has these issues. That most of what he says when his mood is elevated, is his way of dealing with the situation under the circumstances of his new challenges in life. I have been able to vent in calm environment, learn coping strategies and different techniques per situation, to help me get through a rough patch. I’m learning to respond in a calmer more productive way when a situation arises. Last June divorce papers were on the table, not signed but in sight. This year we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Thank you, The Soldiers Project, for helping me help myself and my family.  – Marine Corps Spouse
The first time I went through The Soldiers Project I was trying to deal with my PTSD and TBI. I constantly struggled with school, steady employment, and with my family. I reached out to try to start the recovery phase to better my life. I learned how to deal with my personal conditions and obtain tools to cope with episodes. Now I’m trying to better things with my spouse. My conditions have broken us apart. One step at a time I believe we can get back on track.  – Marine Corps Veteran
The therapist I saw through The Soldiers Project helped me get through a very tough transition from being stuck and unable to make my own decisions, to realizing I had more control of my life than I did.  – Army Veteran