Apply to Be A Volunteer Therapist

Volunteer TherapistWith the Growing Demand for Our Services, the Need for Licensed Professionals Continues to Increase.

The Soldiers Project requires clinicians to attend three educational seminars before they can offer their services to our clients. Your application process is complete when you have undertaken these training sessions relevant to the needs of the military and their loved ones. Two of the trainings may be Internet-based. One training must occur by attending a workshop/conference sponsored by The Soldiers Project in person. Additionally, clinicians need to possess their own malpractice Insurance, current license and have access to a private office in which to treat our clients. All therapy services will be provided at no charge, even if the clinician is a member of Tri-Care or other insurance panel. Please submit copies of your current insurance, license and curriculum vitae when applying. Graduate students and Interns are welcome to attend our workshops and trainings but may not see Clients through The Soldiers Project until fully licensed.

Apply today and serve those who serve!

Click here for a PDF application. Fax applications to (818) 761-7476.
For questions concerning volunteering or application process, please email [email protected].
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    • The Soldiers Project Volunteer (TSP) Therapists are required to take three trainings, relevant to military culture, combat and homecoming, before treating our clients. One of the trainings must be in-person, at a TSP-sponsored conference or workshop. Two of the trainings may be internet-based. We will provide you with a list of free, approved, on-line trainings.
    • TSP Volunteer Therapists must be fully-licensed and possess their own malpractice insurance.
    • TSP Volunteer Therapists agree that all therapy services, provided to The Soldiers Project clients, will be provided at no charge, even if the therapist is a member of Tri-Care of other insurance panel.