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What Do Military Guys Look for in a Girl?

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what do military guys look for in a girl

What do military guys look for in a girl? Military men tend to seek out certain qualities in a partner. These include loyalty, resilience, and understanding – all of which are highly valued in personal and professional relationships.

Sure, everyone has their own unique set of preferences. However, for military men (and women) there are a few traits that tend to stand out above the rest.

Find out these qualities and why they are important to our brave servicemen. Discover what attracts a military man and the unique challenges and rewards of dating someone in the military.

What Do Military Guys Look for in a Girl?


For a military man, finding the right partner can be a challenge due to the unique demands and challenges of the profession. Thus, certain qualities are highly valued when it comes to choosing a partner.

If you’re curious about what military guys tend to look for, here are some frequently sought-after qualities that you might find interesting.

  1. Loyal and Supportive: It takes a solid support system to handle the ups and downs of military life. Men in the military appreciate women who are dedicated to them and prepared to support them no matter what challenges they face.
  2. Independent and Resilient: The military lifestyle typically entails lengthy separations due to deployments, training, and other obligations. Men in the military respect women who can hold their own and show that they are strong and capable even when they are not there.
  3. Understanding and Flexible: The demands of military service sometimes necessitate impromptu adjustments to schedules. A woman who is flexible and can handle schedule changes and deployments on short notice is highly sought after in the military.
  4. Trustworthy: For military men who may be deployed for long periods, trust is even more vital than in other relationships. They want partners they can trust, both emotionally and faithfully.
  5. Compatible with Military Lifestyle: It’s common for military men to seek out partners who are open to frequent relocation, restricted contact during deployments, and active participation in military community events.
  6. Has Positive Outlook and Adaptable: Women who have a positive outlook and can gracefully adjust to new situations and circumstances are highly valued by military men.
  7. Good Communicators: Military relationships rely heavily on clear and constant communication. A clear and honest expression of emotions, as well as attentive listening, are necessary for any building a relationship with a military man.

Indeed, one individual will differ from the next. It’s crucial to treat each serviceman as an individual when dating, as their values, personality traits, and situations will vary.

What Instantly Attracts a Military Man


One doesn’t simply flirt with a military guy to get their attention. Several things can capture the interest of a man in the military at first glance. While tastes differ, the following characteristics tend to be well-liked by most:

  1. Confidence: Men in the military are generally attracted to strong, self-assured women.
  2. Intelligence and Conversational Skills: Men in the military may be attracted to women who can hold deep talks and appear intelligent.
  3. Physical Fitness: The physical demands of military service often make men more attracted to girlfriends who share this focus on health. Their interests may lie in a lifestyle that emphasizes health and fitness.
  4. Independence: The ability to thrive and provide for oneself when her partner is away for deployment or other military service is an appealing trait.
  5. Respect and Understanding of Their Service: Being respectful and appreciative of a man’s military service is a surefire way to win him over.
  6. Supportive Attitude: To win a man’s heart, show him that you value and respect his military service. Recognizing the efforts of the armed forces in defense of the country can bring people closer together.

How Do You Know if an Army Guy Likes You?


Dating army guys can be tricky, especially if you are just starting. You need to pay attention to certain signals if you want to know for sure if an army guy likes you.

Everyone has their unique way of expressing their emotions, so there’s no one surefire solution. However, here are several indicators that a guy in the military might be interested:

  1. It’s a good sign if he makes an effort to get in touch with you frequently, both to start conversations and to answer your questions. He regards your friendship highly and takes pleasure in maintaining it with you.
  2. Despite the hectic schedule of military life, if he still makes an effort to see you whenever he can, that’s a good sign that he cares about you. To indicate that he values you, he might make plans to spend time with you whenever he is free.
  3. An army guy who has developed feelings for you may share with you his hopes, dreams, and struggles while serving. When someone lets you into their personal life, it’s a sign that they trust you and want to get to know you better.
  4. If he confides in you emotionally and looks to you for consolation, he respects your judgment. He considers you a safe person with whom to share his most private thoughts and feelings.
  5. Army men have a natural tendency to look out for those they care about. So if he shows signs of worry for you, provides help, or goes above and beyond to make sure you’re secure, he might like you.
  6. It’s a good indicator when he talks about the future and wants to make plans together. This demonstrates his hope for a future with you and his desire to incorporate you into his plans.
  7. Pay attention to the signals he’s sending with his body language. He seems interested in you if he makes direct eye contact, leans in to hear what you have to say, and is open and interested in the conversation.

What to Expect When Dating a Military Guy (and a Military Woman)


Whether you’re with a military man or dating a military woman, you should be prepared for some differences due to their occupation. Some essential considerations are as follows:

1. Deployment and Separation:


Deployment and separation are common in military partnerships. There may be difficulties in keeping in touch and adjusting to your partner’s absence if they are away for long periods.

2. Relocation and Transitions:

Due to deployments, postings, or transfers, military life often necessitates numerous moves. With the potential disruptions to your professional, social, and daily routines, you should get used to the idea of frequently changing residences.

3. Commitment and Loyalty:

Servicemen and women in the armed forces are devoted to their country and their mission. They may have to make time and availability compromises to accomplish everything that’s expected of them.

4. Structure and Discipline:


The military way of life is defined by strict discipline and order. Expect a certain degree of neatness and orderliness from your partner if they bring these qualities into the relationship.

5. Emotional Challenges:

Emotional difficulties including stress, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common among military personnel. So, being a military girlfriend or boyfriend means being compassionate, patient, and encouraging. Seek professional help if necessary.

6. Pride and Patriotism:


The men and women who serve in the military typically feel an immense amount of pride and patriotism for their nation. They may show respect for their profession by taking part in military ceremonies and observing customs.

Keep in mind that every military relationship is different, just as every service member has a unique background and experience. However, if you put in the effort to strengthen your connection and be there for one another, you can have a loving partnership that can weather any storm.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it good to date military men (or women)?

Dating a member of the armed forces can be exciting and fulfilling, but it also presents its own set of problems. Life in the military tests one’s fortitude, flexibility, and capacity to rely on others. To survive the physical and mental challenges of deployments and frequent movements, preparation is key.

Dating a service member can lead to a lasting relationship if both partners are willing to communicate openly, learn from one another, and support one another.

Are military guys faithful?

A common impression is that military guys are players. However, it’s tough (and wrong, of course) to generalize about the level of loyalty among military guys. It depends so heavily on each man’s unique personality and life choices.

Some men in the military may be faithful partners, while others may struggle.

Key aspects in evaluating faithfulness include relationship dynamics, trust, communication, and commitment. It’s important to go into every relationship with an open mind and a willingness to put in the time and effort to create trust.

Do military guys move fast in relationships?

Military men appear to be more proactive than civilian males when it comes to dating. These men are quick to commit, whether it’s to a long-distance relationship or a one-night stand. When they finally give in to romantic feelings, they make sure to give their relationship the attention it deserves.

If you’ve ever wondered why military guys are so clingy, then there’s your answer. They take advantage of their time with their loved ones and appreciate it to the fullest.

How to ensure a lasting relationship with a military man or woman?

To begin, maintain communication that is clear and honest to build a solid connection. The key to successfully nurturing a relationship with a military man or woman is to first establish an authentic connection that is founded on mutual understanding and shared experiences.


What do military guys look for in a girl? Well, those are specific qualities that are compatible with their unique lifestyle. In relationships with service members, qualities like loyalty, resiliency, understanding, and support are important.

If you’re interested in dating a military man, you’ll need to be flexible enough to deal with his frequent moves and deployments. The only way to overcome these obstacles is by honest dialogue, building trust, and a positive frame of mind.

If you know how to navigate the unique challenges of military romance, you can build a loving and long-lasting bond.

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