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What Is 1430 Military Time? – The Complete Guide

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what is 1430 military time

Tick tock, tick tock… It’s time for another article on reading and pronouncing military time. Today we will answer the question, “What is 14:30 military time?” and provide other information on how to tell military time. We will also show you a conversion chart, so make sure you read it until the very end. If you are in a rush, the short answer for what is 1430 military time is 2:30 PM.

Otherwise, read on!

Understanding What 1430 Is in Military Time


To start, let us introduce you to the basics of military time. Military time consists of four digits, and they are read in pairs. The first two digits are the hours, and the remaining two digits are the minutes. Unlike standard time, military time uses a 24-hour clock, without the A.M and P.M.

A.M is any time before 12:00 in military time, while P.M is any time after 12:00 in military time. So military time clears the potential confusion between A.M and P.M when telling time. Even though this may appear to be trivial, it makes a significant difference in emergencies. This is also why military time is commonly used by emergency responders.

In order to figure out what military 1430 is, we need to know how to convert 1430 military time to standard and vice versa. Here is how:

  • Separate the given time into hours and minutes. So, for example, with 1430 military time, you have 14 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Determine if the given time is greater than 1300. If it is, subtract 12 hours from it. Hence, here, 1430 is greater than 1300. Subtracting twelve hours from 14, you get 2 hours.
  • Keep the minutes as is. In our case, 30 minutes stay 30 minutes.
  • Add a colon between the hours and minutes. For our example, the result is 2:30.
  • Consider the A.M and P.M rules we mentioned earlier. Since 1430 is greater than 1200, our time is P.M. The converted standard time is 2:30 P.M.

So, there you have it! 1430 military time is 2:30 P.M. It is important that you do not confuse this with 230 military time or 0230 military time. But while we are on this matter, why don’t you try to reverse the conversion from 2:30 P.M to 1430 military time?

Let’s work through the steps together:

  • Step 1: Notice the P.M in 2:30 P.M and understand that, in military time, it is greater than 12:00. Using the rule we have learned, instead of subtracting 12 hours, we add 2 + 12 hours, we get 14 hours.
  • Step 2: Minutes stay the same. So, here it is, still 30.
  • Step 3: Take away the P.M and colon because these are not used in military time.

In the end, we are left with 1430!

With that, you have successfully converted 1430 military time to standard time and vice versa. You can apply the same procedure for any time you need.

It is not easy to nail military time. You will need time and a bit of practice to become accustomed to reading. If you need the answer to this already, use the tool below:


Reading and Pronouncing Military Time

Aside from converting military time, it is important to know the proper pronunciation. This section will show you just that!

As mentioned briefly earlier, there are four digits in military time and they are read as pairs. The first pair is the hours and are read with the following rules:

  • Add a “zero” or “oh” when reading 0 to 9 hours but not 10 to 24 hours.
  • Then, end with a “hundred” or “hundred hours”.

For instance, 0700 is “zero seven hundred”, “zero seven hundred hours”, “oh seven hundred” or “oh seven hundred hours”.

Note: “Oh” is considered less formal and diplomatic than “zero”.

The remaining pair is the minutes and they are read in the same way as standard time. For our example of 1430 military time, we will pronounce it as “fourteen thirty hours”. Check out more examples about the pronunciation of military time here!

For more, watch this video on Youtube.

Conversion & Pronunciation Chart – Military Time

Here is the chart that we promised! Use it to help you with reading and pronouncing time:

Military Time Standard Time Pronunciation
12:00 Midnight 0000 Zero Hundred Hours
1:00 A.M 0100 Zero One Hundred Hours
2:00 A.M 0200 Zero Two Hundred Hours
3:00 A.M 0300 Zero Three Hundred Hours
4:00 A.M 0400 Zero Four Hundred Hours
5:00 A.M 0500 Zero Five Hundred Hours
6:00 A.M 0600 Zero Six Hundred Hours
8:00 A.M 0700 Zero Seven Hundred Hours
9:00 A.M 0900 Zero Nine Hundred Hours
10:00 A.M 1000 Ten Hundred Hours
11:00 A.M 1100 Eleven Hundred Hours
12:00 P.M 1200 Twelve Hundred Hours
1:00 P.M 1300 Thirteen Hundred Hours
2:00 P.M 1400 Fourteen Hundred Hours
3:00 P.M 1500 Fifteen Hundred Hours
4:00 P.M 1600 Sixteen Hundred Hours
5:00 P.M 1700 Seventeen Hundred Hours
6:00 P.M 1800 Eighteen Hundred Hours
7:00 P.M 1900 Nineteen Hundred Hours
8:00 P.M 2000 Twenty Hundred Hours
9:00 P.M 2100 Twenty One Hundred Hours
10:00 P.M 2200 Twenty Two Hundred Hours
11:00 P.M 2300 Twenty Three Hundred Hours
12:00 P.M 2400 Twenty Four Hundred Hours


Hopefully, that was not too difficult for you. Being able to answer “What is 1430 military time?” and pronouncing it properly is a good first step to nailing military time for good. If you are still having trouble with military time, consider reading our other articles on this niche topic.

You are welcome to reach out to us with any questions or thoughts as well. We love to hear from our readers and check the comments daily. So, do not hesitate!

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