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What is 1700 in Military Time? – Time Converter Include

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what is 1700 in military time

Do you want to know what is 1700 in military time? The following sections will clarify and explain why 1700 means 5 pm. We will also provide you with helpful hints and simple instructions for quickly converting military time to standard time and vice versa.

With our detailed explanations and real-world examples, you can wave goodbye to confusion and welcome the simplicity of the army clock system. This article should be a great resource for comprehending military time and its complex conversion rules.

Converting 1700 to Standard Time and Vice Versa

Converting 1700 hours military time to regular time and vice versa is easy, and there are different ways to do it. Read further for each conversion method and the step-by-step guides to convert between time systems.

1. By Using a Formula


There’s an easy trick for you to quickly know what a particular number means when working with military or standard time:

  • First, always remove the colon, whether it’s AM or PM.
  • Note that in the early morning hours, military time coincides with standard time. Add a zero before the time value for the times 1 to 9 am. For instance, the regular 8:20 am is 0820 in military time.
  • Remove the colon and increase the hour number in standard time by 12 if it is after 12:59 pm. For instance, to convert regular time 3:25 pm to military time, add 12 hours to “3” to get 1525. Following this logic, 1700 will equal 5:00 pm (17 – 12 = 5).
  • Remove the colon and deduct 12 hours in normal time if the time is from midnight to 12:59 am. For instance, the regular time 12:45 am is 0045.
  • Remember that in military time, 12:00 am is 0000 hours at the start of a day and 2400 hours at the end (of each day).

2. By Using a Time Conversion Chart


Refer to the 1700 military time chart below to change standard time to military time and vice versa.

24-Hour Time Standard Time Military time
17:00 5:00 1700
17:05 5:05 1705
17:10 5:10 1710
17:15 5:15 1715
17:20 5:20 1720
17:25 5:25 1725
17:30 5:30 1730
17:35 5:35 1735
17:40 5:40 1740
17:45 5:45 1745
17:50 5:50 1750
17:55 5:55 1755
17:59 5:59 1759

3. By Using a Military Time Converter Tool

Another way to convert to military time is by using a calculator tool, which is usually available online.

These tools usually have two options:

  • Convert 24-hour time (or military time) to regular time, or
  • Convert standard time to 24-hour time (army time).

Choose the option that you prefer. Then, enter the time value and click “calculate.”

The answer will then automatically appear. For the 1700 time value, that will be 5 pm. in regular time.


Once you have mastered the ways to convert time systems, it becomes easy to figure out what is 1700 in military time.

Overall, military time is a straightforward and standardized method of representing the hours and minutes that helps to eliminate ambiguity. Being able to read and convert military time will significantly improve your ability to communicate with people who use this system.

No matter where you are in the world, you can easily convert between army time and regular time with the help of a formula, a tool, or a military time chart.

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