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The Best Tactical Hoodies to Stay Warm for All Tactical Missions

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical hoodie

A tactical hoodie is all you need when you want to stay warm during any outdoor activities, like hunting, hiking, or camping. This hoodie is normally worn as a protective piece of casual outerwear that’s both warm and comfortable. The best tactical hoodie should serve a variety of purposes other than keeping you warm, like providing more storage options, camouflage, and concealed carry of firearms.

Tactical hoodies typically have plenty of pockets to store valuable items. They can also be made of soft and durable materials to provide the best level of protection against harsh elements outside. As an overview, let me enumerate the factors to consider when buying a tactical hoodie.

  • Material: As I’ve said, you want the most comfortable material to get you through any activities. The best materials for tactical hoodies are polyester, cotton, and fleece. Find polyester that won’t pill, and cotton and fleece that are soft to wear on any occasion.
  • Pockets: The number of pockets depends on how many items you’re planning to bring in the mission. Typically, tactical hoodies offer a maximum of seven pockets. You can go for pass-through kangaroo pockets if you want to hide a pistol beneath the hoodie.
  • Design: Tactical hoodies are available in various colors and styles, so it all boils down to personal preference. There are hoodies with conventional designs, while others go edgy with hip-hop styles. The right tactical hoodies for hunting are those with camo patterns.

Our discussion doesn’t end here. Check our complete buying guide below. You can also get ideas on what top brands to consider in my top 6 reviews.


Top 1
ReFire Gear Tactical Hoodie Jacket

  • Good stitching & sturdy zippers
  • Has two slots for Velcro patches
  • Lightweight to use for casual wear

Top 2
CRYSULLLY Tactical  Hooded Jacket

  • Has plenty of pockets
  • Zippers close up the chin
  • Polyester seems anti-wrinkle

Top 3
MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hoodie Jacket

  • Stand-up collar and hood
  • Designed with Velcro strip
  • Feels warm and comfortable

Top 6 Tactical Hoodie Reviews

1. ReFire Gear Warm Tactical Fleece Hoodie Jacket

This tactical hoodie jacket from ReFire is one of my favorite coats when I go camping in freezing weather. It feels warm and features plenty of pockets that are helpful in storing EDC tools.

I believe there are seven pockets in total–two large ones in the front, two at the back, two on the left arm, and one on the right arm. I like to keep my gloves, cellphone, and other items in my pockets. Inside the large pocket, there’s a little pocket that can hold pens or anything with a hook.

During my camping trip in Southwest Texas, I never felt cold, even if the temperature was freezing. It’s all thanks to the fleece material, which feels soft and warm. Best of all, the jacket feels lightweight for casual wear comfort.

I’m most pleased with the Velcro patch slots on both arms. I’m planning to buy another Velcro patch to go well with the USA flag patch that came with the package. Additionally, the stitching looks good, and the zippers haven’t given up yet.

 Heads-up:  However, there are no interior pockets for concealed carry. I recommend users use the back pockets instead.

  • Offers seven pockets, which are plenty to hold valuable items and EDC tools
  • Fleece material feels warm and comfortable in the cold
  • Lightweight to use for casual wear
  • Large pocket has a pen holder inside for better organization
  • Has two slots for Velcro patches for personalization
  • Seems to be well-made with good stitching and sturdy zippers
  • Lacks interior pockets
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this is an excellent tactical hoodie with Velcro patches and seven pockets for more storage options. I think it’s a nice undercoat for customers living in someplace really cold, thanks to the soft fleece material.

2. CRYSULLLY Military Tactical Sport Hooded Jacket

The TJ2 is a soft, comfortable military tactical hoodie that’s warm enough for fall and light winter days. There are about seven pockets, so I can carry a lot of stuff when wearing this jacket.

The tactical hoodie is made of polyester, making it highly resistant to stains and wrinkles. It’s lined with fleece, so it feels very soft and comfortable. Wearing the jacket feels like being hugged by someone on a chilly day, which is pretty awesome.

My favorite is the thumb holes, as they help keep my hands warm and still leave some ventilation to prevent being too sweaty. I also love the Velcro strips for my morale patches, which are found around the shoulders. Best of all, the zippers close up to my chin, making it warmer for colder days.

As I said, there are a bunch of pockets to store my daily items. There are two pockets on the front, which I love to carry my wallet and cellphone in, and another two at the back. Both the sleeves have pockets, as well, to store smaller items.

 Heads-up:  However, I have a little issue with the zippers. They’re on the left side, which is reversed and a little awkward to operate because I’m right-handed.

  • Has plenty of pockets, about seven in all, to store items
  • Fleece lining feels warm, comfortable, and soft
  • Thumb holes keep hands warm while leaving some room for ventilation
  • Polyester seems stain-resistant and anti-wrinkle
  • Velcro strips allow the attachment of morale patches
  • Zippers close up the chin for extra warmth from the cold
  • Zippers are on the left, which is unusual
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the CRYSULLY tactical fleece hoodie makes a good companion for the cold as it feels warm, thanks to the thumb holes and zippers that go up to the chin. The fleece lining also feels super comfortable to wear in any outdoor activity.

3. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hoodie Fleece Jacket

This fleece jacket keeps me warm with its stand collar, thumb holes, and an adjustable drawcord hem. Together, they block the cold wind from entering inside the jacket for a more comfortable activity outside.

There are about six pockets plotted on the jacket. I especially like the left arm pocket because I can fit my earbuds securely. Also, the rear pocket is perfect for storing my hat as I don’t want my front pocket to bulge out.

The jacket feels comfortable due to the warm fleece material. On top of that, it’s windproof as I felt no cold air entering inside my jacket when I hiked in the woods the other day. The hem features an adjustable drawcord to keep the jacket tight, while the collar stands up with the hood for more cold wind protection around the neck.

The cuffs have thumb holes, which are effective in keeping my hands warm. Fortunately, there are two Velcro strips on both arms to fit my morale patches. I love the double zipper design as it allows me to adjust the jacket more easily.

 Heads-up:  However, I noticed that some of the stitching has some excess strings being left behind. What I did was cut them with a pair of scissors.

  • Has six pockets, including one on the left arm and one rear pocket for hats
  • Feels warm and comfortable, thanks to the fleece material
  • Adjustable drawstring on the hem keeps the jacket tight and the cold air out
  • Stand-up collar and hood offer more windproof protection around the neck
  • Thumb holes keep hands warm from the cold weather
  • Designed with Velcro strips to add morale patches & double zippers
  • May have some loose threads on the stitching
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I like the windproof functionality of the MAGCOMSEN Hoodie Jacket. It blocks out the cold air, thanks to its stand-up collar, the hem’s adjustable drawstring, and thumb holes.

4. BIYLACLESEN Outdoor Tactical Softshell Hoodie

The BIYLACLESEN tactical hoodie appears to be good with its windproof effect and anti-pilling polyester fabric material. The army green color looks nice, especially when I’m out camping or hunting, as it delivers a camouflage effect.

There are plenty of pockets as described, including two at the front, two at the back, and three at the arms. They’re good at keeping essential gear, like pocket knives, keys, and compasses. I’m a fan of morale patches, and the Velcro strips allow me to attach my favorite ones, fortunately.

I love the stand collar with the hood as it makes me feel warmer against the cold wind during winter and fall. There’s a thumb hole at the end of the sleeve to keep my hands toasty. Also, the bottom has a drawstring to tighten the jacket in case the wind gets more chilly.

The entire jacket feels warm and soft, thanks to the fleece material. More importantly, it’s lightweight, so taking a long walk outside is no longer a burden to me. Although this option is affordable, almost all of its features are the same as those of expensive products, so this hoodie is a steal.

 Heads-up:  However, the zipper was again attached on the left side. It takes time to get used to this design because I’m right-handed.

  • Has a pretty arm green color to use as camouflage in the woods
  • Polyester won’t pill and keeps the jacket in shape
  • Fleece feels warm, soft, and lightweight in any cold weather
  • Plenty of pockets to hide pocket knives, compasses, and other small gear
  • Economical and allows the attachment of morale patches on the Velcro strips
  • Stand collar, thumb hole, and hem drawstring offer windproof protection
  • Zipper comes on the left side, making it awkward to use
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the BIYLACLESEN Hoodie looks almost the same as the other fleece tactical jackets, but the price is more economical. This hoodie offers plenty of pockets and enough protection from the cold wind.

5. XYXIONGMAO Streetwear Techwear Hoodie

The XYXIONGMAO Hoodie looks hip and stylish with its eye-catching design. The design is inspired by hip-hop culture, so I feel cool whenever I wear this hoodie on the streets.

The hoodie covers me up to my nose, making me look mysterious, almost like a Japanese ninja. It comes with Velcro straps for easy adjustment around the head. These straps aren’t only functional but also look stylish and urban.

Since the hood covers my lower face, I feel less cold. This feature is especially nice on winter days. Notably, each arm features two drawstring pockets, which are perfect for keeping small items like keys.

The material is pure cotton fabric, so it offers natural insulation properties. It feels comfortable and breathable to wear in any weather. The good news is that the manufacturer offers a full refund when the size doesn’t fit.

 Heads-up:  My only dislike is that the hoodie needs to be hand-washed. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend putting this item in the washing machine. For someone who hates doing laundry like me, it’s slightly annoying.

  • Looks stylish with its hip-hop design
  • Adjustable Velcro straps look nice, plus help to get a good fit
  • Hood can cover the lower face to protect from the cold wind
  • Drawstring pockets can help store items at each arm
  • Cotton fabric feels comfortable, breathable, and warm
  • Customers who got the wrong size can ask for a full refund
  • Needs to be hand-washed
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this Streetwear Techwear Hoodie can be a perfect way to look stylish and hip in any outdoor activity. The hoodie can protect users from the cold weather with its tight hems and sleeves, plus a hood that can cover the entire lower face.

6. NAVEKULL Men’s Tactical Winter Jacket

This NAVEKULL Men’s tactical winter jacket features seven zippered pockets and extraordinary comfort with its composite fleece fabric. The slim design reminds me of my old Viper tactical hoodie.

This jacket is thick, so it’s warm enough to survive in the cold. No cold air seems to penetrate into the high-density textiles. Since the material is 100% polyester, I don’t have to worry about pilling and shrinkage.

The front double zippers feel solid and smooth to operate. I can zip the jacket up to my chin and feel warmer than ever. I specifically love the thumb hole at each sleeve’s end as it helps keep my hands warmer while leaving some room for ventilation.

Among all the pockets, I love the two interconnected zipper pockets on the back for keeping large items like gloves. Both arms have hook and loop patch panels to accommodate any morale patches for customization. In addition, even if I don’t wear the hood, my neck is still protected from the cold with the stand-up collar at the nape area.

 Heads-up:  Surprisingly, I didn’t find any drawbacks for this hoodie. This rarely happens during product research, which shows how amazing this option from Navekull is.

  • Thick, comfortable, and warm to endure the cold weather
  • Patch panels for customization and two connected back pockets for large items
  • Won’t pill or shrink, thanks to the polyester fabric material
  • Double zippers work smoothly and easily go up to the chin for extra warmth
  • Thumb holes help protect the hands from the cold while providing enough vent
  • Has many pockets for storage and a stand-up collar for windproof protection
  • No drawback as of now
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the NAVEKULL tactical hoodie is another good fleece jacket to endure the cold. This jacket feels comfortable and practical for keeping valuables during any outdoor activities.

Rothco Distressed U.S. Flag Concealed Carry Hoodie (Outdated)

This Rothco concealed carry hoodie is perfect when I want to bring my gun discreetly. I got the black color, which is good for hiding the dirt from plain sight.

The chest area and right arm have a distressed US flag print, which I like to show off when feeling patriotic to the American country. The distressed design looks aesthetic and pleasant for someone who loves vintage like me. Best of all, the hoodie comes true to size, so I don’t need to make any adjustments at all.

The highlight of this hoodie is the kangaroo pocket, which can easily be accessed when tucking in a small gun. I can access it through the pockets without a problem because I have small hands. Also, it’s a bonus to get two zippered pockets on both sleeves to store small essential gear.

As for the quality of the hoodie, I like that it’s thick for cold temperatures and keeps me cool when I’m running. I believe that the polyester material wicks away the sweat to keep me dry. The thumb holes are also a nice addition when I want to keep my hands warm.

 Heads-up:  My only complaint is that the hoodie tends to adhere to whatever shirt I’m wearing underneath. Almost similar to a static cling effect.

  • Allows the storage of guns discreetly; black color makes the shirt look clean
  • The kangaroo pouch is easy to access, and two sleeve pockets can store items
  • Distressed US flag prints look beautiful and patriotic
  • Come true to size and with thumb holes for more hand protection
  • Feels warm enough for cold temperatures
  • Dries the sweat quickly with the polyester material
  • May create a static cling effect on the shirt under it
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the Rothco Concealed Carry Hoodie makes for a nice choice when going to the shooting range or taking a long run. The hoodie feels warm in the cold and helps users cool down after taking part in a strenuous activity.

Rothco Concealed Carry Hoodie (Outdated)

This Rothco hoodie allows easy access to firearms with its kangaroo pocket. I like the black color as it matches any color of my jeans, and any dirt on the hoodie doesn’t look evident at all.

The hoodie is made of polyester material, so it’s effective in wicking moisture away to keep my body dry and cool. I especially appreciate the pass-through kangaroo pocket because it creates an easy access point beneath to reach my pistol. Whenever there’s danger, I just have to put my hands in the front pockets, and no one would know that I’m reaching for a gun.

Both sleeves have a pocket to store small items. I particularly love the pen pockets on the left arm as my pens have found a safe place there. The right arm features a Velcro patch slot, perfect for my morale patches to attach anytime.

The best part is that the fabric won’t get moved around as the thumb hole cuffs keep the sleeves from riding up. The hoodie itself is lightweight for easy movement but offers excellent warmth in the cold. It has the perfect length to cover my entire arms.

 Heads-up:  However, the storage capacity is a little limited since the front pockets are only meant as a pass-through to get the pistol.

  • Kangaroo pocket allows easy access to the pistol
  • Polyester material wicks away sweat to keep cool and dry
  • The black color hides dirt and matches other clothes easily
  • Two pen pockets and a Velcro morale patch
  • Thumb holes keep the hoodie in place
  • Lightweight and warm to wear, while sleeves cover the entire arm
  • Can’t store many items in the front pockets
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this Rothco hoodie is useful when carrying a pistol discreetly. The kangaroo pocket makes the pistol easy to draw when my life is in danger, plus the hoodie itself feels comfortable in any weather.

Kryptek Hunting Tartaros Hoodie (Outdated)

The Tartaros is a good tactical survival jacket for hunting as it blends well into any surroundings. It’s available in multiple unique patterns, but my favorite is the highlander/tan one.

I love the fabric of this Kryptek hoodie. Almost 98% of it is made of polyester, while the remaining percentage is spandex for flexibility. Even when I’m running or hiking in rough terrains, I have total freedom in my movements.

This hoodie has great camo patterns, almost like the scales of a snake or bird feathers. The Spartan helmet logo appears to be cool and somehow empowers me to achieve any task. The sizing also seems to be true because I got the size that I normally would wear, and it fits just right.

I like how lightweight and smooth this hoodie feels. Surprisingly, it still feels warm when I wear this in cold weather; perhaps the drawstring hood helps in blocking the cold wind. I’m pleased that there is a front pocket to store my tiny gear.

 Heads-up:  However, note that this hoodie doesn’t stretch much. Therefore, it’s not suitable to be worn over multiple shirts and sweaters.

  • Camo patterns look nice and blend well with the environment
  • Made of polyester/spandex blend to provide flexibility in movement
  • Has a cool Spartan logo, feels smooth and lightweight to wear
  • Comes true to size, with a front pocket for easy-access storage
  • Drawstring hood helps block cold air from getting inside the jacket
  • Feels warm enough in the cold weather
  • Not stretchy enough to go over multiple shirts and sweaters
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Kryptek Tartaros Hoodie makes a nice companion for hunting. The camo patterns blend well into the surrounding, making users almost invisible while in action.

Tactical Pro Supply USA Sweatshirt Hoodie (Outdated)

The Tactical Pro Supply Hoodie fits both men and women because the design looks gender-neutral. I got the Arsenal Flag color, which suits my old-fashioned style well.

I’m fond of the distressed USA flag design because it looks vintage and classic. It’s worth noting that the construction is very durable, with a composition of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. While the hoodie feels soft to the skin, I’m confident that it won’t shrink after the first washing.

The quality seems excellent because the stitches were nicely done. This hoodie is also thick enough to keep me warm during a cold outdoor hike. Best of all, the sleeves covered my whole arm, which is one of my criteria since I have long arms.

Since this hoodie is made partly of polyester, I barely feel my sweat because the fabric wicks away the moisture. It’s also easy to clean in the washer since there’s no zipper that can get stuck in the machine.

I also discovered that the manufacturer donates part of the sales to the PTSD Foundation of America, so I feel proud that my purchase goes to a good cause.

 Heads-up:  However, the sizing chart seems to be inaccurate because the size seems to run big. Unless the wearer wants a baggy sweatshirt, I recommend sizing down for a better fit.

  • Unisex, has a nice vintage-looking distressed USA flag design
  • Won’t shrink and seems durable with 20% polyester fabric & 80% cotton
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Thick enough to keep me warm and long enough to cover long arms
  • Wicks sweat away and easy to clean in the washer
  • Top-notch stitching quality and helps the PTSD Foundation of America
  • Actual size tends to run large
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this Tactical Pro Supply Sweatshirt fits both men and women who want a vintage-looking hoodie for the cold days. This one has the perfect balance of comfort and durability that I aim for in a long-lasting hoodie.

What to Look for When Buying a Tactical Hoodie


Tactical hoodies should be warm and comfortable to work and play outdoors with. With all the many brands available today, it’s challenging to find the best one. Here are the things to consider when choosing a good tactical hoodie.


No matter how many great features a tactical hoodie offers, it’s useless if it’s not constructed with the best materials. A tactical hoodie is often either made of polyester or cotton shell to provide the best degree of protection against harsh elements. Polyester resists pilling and shrinking, but it’s heavy and less breathable than cotton.

I like polyester for its softness and cotton for its moisture-wicking capabilities. To get the best of both worlds, look for a combination of both. Look for a spandex blend if you want to have more freedom in movement.

The best interior material for hoodies is fleece, as it provides excellent insulation against the cold. This material is extremely plush and lightweight to wear, perfect for a long hike outdoors. Even when wet, this fabric still remains insulating to give warmth on a chilly day.


One of the best ways to keep warm is to block the cold wind from infiltrating your hoodie. Windproof jackets usually have a high collar, an adjustable drawstring at the hem, and elastic cuffs. The high collar can help protect your neck from the cold, while the drawstring can be tightened to enclose the bottom from the cold wind outside.

Elastic cuffs are made to increase fit and comfort while blocking the cold air and even water from getting inside the hoodie. Don’t forget to research the elasticity of the bands because some of them get worn out easily.


The hoodie should have a variety of pockets to accommodate different items. The most common pockets are large pockets on the front, zippered pockets on the sleeves, and an additional pocket at the back. These pockets come in handy to store small items, like keys, credit cards, and cellphones.

Other hoodies even provide a pen holder, so you don’t have to rummage through the pockets to find a pen. If you’re planning to use the hoodie for tactical missions, look for a pass-through kangaroo pocket to let you access the gun discreetly.


Tactical hoodies come in different sizes, so make sure that you get the right fit. The hoodie should neither be too tight nor too baggy– it should be right in the middle. It needs to be roomy enough to move around easily.

The hoodie appears to be the best when it’s adequately tight to hold its shape without drooping. You want it to sit securely around the hips and wrists. More specifically, the hoodie should sit just above your pant’s fly.

The sleeves should sit at the wrist and not go over the hands. Additionally, the neck shouldn’t be too loose that it shows your chest. Look for drawstrings to adjust the hood more securely.

Design And Style

The design is more a personal preference, so you can choose anything you like. You can go traditional with the pull-over style, or you can go almost invisible with a camo pattern. Some hoodies are even inspired by hip-hop culture to show a more edgy look.

Many tactical hoodies sold on the market today feature unique prints to show a little personality. The most common is the distressed USA flag to exhibit a little patriotism. For more customization, look for Velcro strips to attach your favorite morale patches.

Most people choose pull-over hoodies to avoid zipper problems. This style is also much preferred if you don’t want to use an undergarment since there will be no zippers to itch the skin. Those who don’t want to damage their hairstyles can opt for zip-up hoodies.

How Should a Tactical Hoodie Fit


A tactical hoodie is more of a casual garment than a suit jacket, so it should fit more loosely. You want it somewhat loose so that you can move freely, but not too baggy that the sleeves are going over your hands, or the hem goes way below your pants to make you look short.

The shoulders should be tight, with the sides conforming to your torso’s figure. You can go for a small fit if you want to layer. Choosing a larger fit will make layering messy and create bunching rolls of fabric.

To cover all bases, consider getting a fitted hoodie and another one with more room.

How Do You Wash Tactical Hoodie

If your hoodie is washer-friendly, you can wash it in the washing machine with mild detergent and cold water under a delicate cycle. Turn it inside out to protect the finish of the exterior and clean the interior completely.

If there are any zippers, zip them up and put the hoodie in a mesh laundry bag to prevent them from snagging on other garments in the washer.

Make sure to pull the bunched-up sleeves and hood out of the middle of the hoodie to get them cleaned properly. Wash the hoodie together with items that have the same color to avoid color transfer. Don’t put it together with towels, as the lint can stick to the hoodie.

When washing the hoodie by hand, use a bucket filled with cold water. Apply a bar of gentle soap or shampoo and rub it on the hoodie both inside and out. After removing all the dirt, rinse the fabric in cold water and let it air-dry.


Now that you finished reading this article, I hope you’ve got an idea of what to buy next time you’re looking for hoodies. The best tactical hoodie should be comfortable, warm, and have enough pockets to store the important items. My top choice is the ReFire Gear hoodie because it seems to be well made with high-quality stitches and material.

For something more vintage, I like the distressed USA flag hoodies from Tactical Pro. Rothco’s concealed carry hoodies are also perfect for accessing a gun discreetly, while the Kryptek Tartaros hoodie is good for hunting with its great camo patterns.

The XYXIONGMAO Streetwear Techwear Hoodie provides the hippest design with its ninja-like hood construction.

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