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The Best Tactical Backpacks Under $50 You Shouldn’t Miss

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical backpack under 50

Whether you’re military personnel or a casual hiker, a tactical backpack comes in handy to keep your items organized. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend lavishly, as there are many good options for the best tactical backpack under 50. This type of bag can store a ton of stuff, from laptops to firearms or a few changes of clothes.

An affordable tactical backpack doesn’t mean a cheap bag. Some of the top brands are at par with more expensive ones in terms of quality and capacity. To help you purchase a good tactical backpack for less than $50, here are a few things to consider.

  • Durability: If you look hard, you can find some durable tactical backs at this price point. The most durable bags are made of a high denier count of nylon or canvas fabric. They’re typically double-stitched around the seams to last a long time.
  • Comfortable: Since you’ll be spending more time carrying the bag, you’ll need it to be as comfortable as possible. Look for padded straps with a breathable mesh back to prevent sweat. Also, find bags with sternum straps and waist belts to ease the weight off your shoulders.
  • Storage Capacity: You’ll want a backpack that can store all your essential gear for the mission. As much as you want more compartments and pockets, make sure to use all of them. Look for Molle design to increase the capacity and compression straps to reduce the size of the bag.

There are still a lot of things to learn in our buying guide below. We’ve searched meticulously, and here are the top-tier tactical backpacks that we found at this price point.


Top 1
REEBOW GEAR Tactical Backpack

  • Can fit a 16”x12” item
  • Sturdy external materials
  • Work smoothly & quietly

Top 2
G4Free Tactical Backpack

  • Compact
  • Water-resistant
  • Very affordable price

Top 3
SOG Specialty Tactical Backpack

  • Has water-resistant construction
  • Compatible to hydration bladders
  • Includes all the necessary pockets

Top 12 Tactical Backpack Under 50 Reviews

1. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

This Reebow Gear tactical assault backpack is a durable bag with plenty of room for clothes, food, and other tactical gears. The number of pockets is just right for my belongings.

It’s a plus that the military backpack comes with Molle webbing to carry my first aid kit and a breathable mesh to keep me cool on my hiking trips. I admire the low-key appearance of this military tactical backpack. When I take out the patch, it simply looks like any regular backpack.

The material feels heavy-duty, especially the two external compression straps. It also comes with double stitches and rugged zippers. I also love the adjustable shoulder straps because they’re thickly padded and don’t pinch under a heavyweight.

Surprisingly, I can fit my 16”x12” watercolor paper pad in the main compartment. Also, I found a lot of small pockets to keep my books, iPads, and pens organized on the outside. Thankfully, the zipper pulls are designed with a utility-style cord, so they don’t make any clinking sound like metal does.

 Heads-up:  However, the waist belt of this military backpack requires adjustments from time to time.

  • The waist strap requires adjustment from time to time
  • Comes with padded shoulder straps that won’t pinch with extra weight
  • Has sturdy external compression straps, materials, and double stitches
  • Spacious main compartment can fit a 16”x12” item
  • Features numerous pouches and Molle webbing to fit a first aid kit
  • Utility-style cord pulls work smoothly and quietly
  • A nice low-key appearance and breathable mesh for ventilation
  • The waist strap requires adjustment from time to time
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this Reebow backpack provides tons of space to carry essential gear for a three-day outdoor adventure. It’s comfortable to wear with the padded straps and breathable mesh on the back.

2. G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

The G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack is a compact bag to keep things organized. This chest sling bag is a nice EDC backpack under $50 because it offers plenty of pockets and compartments for plenty of items.

The front zippered pocket fits my folding eyeglasses securely, while the main compartment has enough space to store nine Blu-Rays or DVDs. I can put my different patches on the front. I was more surprised that the concealed back compartment seems perfect to hold my 9MM Sauer, plus it has a snap for quick access.

I found some useful Molle elastic on the sides and front, perfect to attach a water bottle pouch. This shoulder bag should be water-resistant because there’s a polyester lining on the inside. For the price, I can’t believe that the shoulder strap is quite wide and strong enough to endure a heavy load.

The best part of this bag is that it can be carried in different positions. Using the clips, I can switch the shoulder bag on either side. When things get heavy, I like to use the carry handle on top. This bag is so versatile that it can even convert into a diaper bag nicely.

 Heads-up:  However, the zipper on this chest bag is a bit difficult to use. There’s an extra fabric that seems to get caught in the zipper when used.

  • Designed with an adjustable, wide shoulder strap
  • Versatile to use and can serve many purposes
  • Water-resistant with polyester lining on the inside
  • Built with multiple pockets, compartments, and velcro patch slots
  • Can even fit a 9MM pistol on the back and water bottles through the Molle elastic
  • Compact and comes at a very affordable price
  • Extra fabric can get caught on the zippers
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, this G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack is compact yet durable enough to carry a few essential items for outdoor activities or everyday carry. This is one of the most versatile small tactical backpacks as it is usable in multiple positions.

3. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Tactical Backpack

SOG Ninja is another sturdy backpack for outdoor activities. At 24.2 liters, this is a slightly bigger backpack than my old Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack.

I’m astonished by the hydration bladder pocket because it includes a tubing port for quick access to water. I like the option to place the hose on either side. In terms of compatibility, the hydration pouch area can fit specific bladders attached to the Velcro hook.

One of the best features of this outdoor tactical backpack is the Molle and buckle straps. With these features, I can add more items to the backpack easily. I like to put a tiny pack on the front or a sleeping bag when camping out overnight.

The construction seems sturdy, and it can resist water well. This trekking backpack has held up well, being thrown around in my car, in the woods, and even in the mountains. More importantly, it has all the basic pockets with a sternum strap to reduce the weight off my shoulders.

 Heads-up:  However, this military tactical backpack isn’t machine washable. I have to clean it manually, which can be quite tedious sometimes.

  • Includes a sternum strap to ease the heavy load from the shoulders
  • Built with a hydration pouch with a hose that can be put at either side
  • Compatible to hydration bladders that can attach to the Velcro hook
  • Designed with Molle and buckle straps to add more items
  • Has a sturdy and water-resistant construction
  • Includes all the necessary pockets to store items
  • Not machine washable
 Bottom Line:  Overall, SOG Ninja is a spacious bag with plenty of pockets and Molle straps. I can put a ton of stuff, from hydration bladders to sleeping bags. The extra weight is bearable, thanks to the sternum strap.

4. Monoki Military Tactical Backpack

This Monoki tactical backpack is the real deal. It features plenty of pockets and compartments to fit everything, from my laptop to power supplies and other accessories. I still can even fit my 3-day set of clothes and a water bottle.

The material is the best part of this tactical bag. The 900D Oxford and nylon fabric feels tough, just like plastic, so I think it’s water-resistant at least. It’s double-stitched to hold up well against the weight of items.

Another thing I like is that the bag comes with many useful accessories, like a 500-ml water bottle bag to keep me hydrated when walking for long hours. As a tactical enthusiast, I love the hooks and Molle velcro areas to attach my medical kit and other things.

I love the bottom part the most among all its many pockets as it comes in handy for keeping my sleeping mat. The bottom pouch also opens completely, making it easy to store and organize things. When I want to keep the bag more low-key, I can just take off the chest and waist straps.

 Heads-up:  However, the zippers get stuck easily. When this happens, I recommend users visit a clothing store and get it repaired or replaced.

  • Offers plenty of compartments and pockets for essential items
  • Water-resistant, thanks to its 900D Oxford and nylon fabric
  • Double-stitched to increase durability against weight
  • Includes many freebies, including a water bottle pouch
  • Comes with hooks and Molle-like straps to fit extra gear
  • Has a nice bottom pouch that opens fully; chest and waist straps are removable
  • Zippers might get stuck easily
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the large capacity of the Monoki Tactical Backpack won me over. This bag features multiple pockets, plus tons of Molle-like systems to attach external pouches for a three-day trip.

5. Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag Backpack

This tactical sling pack from Gowara Gear seems perfect at the range. The back panel pocket can fit my S & WM & P Pistol easily, while the rest can host my hearing protection gear, eye protection, and a box of ammo.

This tactical backpack has a big full-length compartment, about 3-inch deep, to fit six 24-oz water bottles. The other medium half-length compartment seems perfect to store some fruit, a sandwich, and several juice cans. The top pouch is where I like to put smaller items, like bandaids and USBs.

The durability seems fantastic for the price. I can stuff the pockets without worrying about them getting ripped with the extra weight. Carrying the bag is quite comfortable, thanks to the wide and slightly padded shoulder strap.

Everything feels steady because there’s a snap strap on every side of the bag. This outdoor tactical backpack can carry a lot of weight just fine. It also held up well after dropping it to the ground and snagged the straps accidentally.

 Heads-up:  However, the extra straps and flaps might be redundant since all these zippers are secure enough.

  • Built with a functional back panel pocket to secure firearms
  • Has large compartments to fit a lot of items, from food to water bottles
  • Smaller items store nicely in the top pouch
  • Won’t rip easily, even when carrying heavy items
  • Has a wide, well-padded shoulder strap for comfort and snap straps for stability
  • Holds up well against weight and rugged use
  • Extra straps and flaps might be redundant
 Bottom Line:  This sling backpack is perfect at the range or any field where it needs to carry a ton of stuff. The beauty of this tactical backpack is that it can carry a heavier weight without feeling uncomfortable.

6. Tacticon 24BattlePack Tactical Backpack

The Tacticon 24BattlePack is what I’ve been looking for in a survival backpack to keep my change of clothes, matches, and tools for outdoor activities. This one is a slightly bigger backpack than other backpacks on this list because it offers a great capacity of 20 to 40 liters.

The build quality seems top notch with the double stitching on the seams and waterproof lining of every compartment. The fabric is a little lighter than other backpacks of this kind but quite strong. For someone patriotic like me, I think the subdued USA flag patch is a beautiful touch.

I’m a fan of the separate compartments for laptops, firearms, and hydration bladder because they make organization way better than I expected. The concealed carry sleeve was a great surprise as it fits my 9MM perfectly. I like the hydration pocket as it offers easy access to the hydration bladder with a drink tube.

 Heads-up:  The good news is that any of these compartments are lockable for security. I also found so many compression straps to help cinch this military backpack down to a smaller size. And for the price, this sturdy backpack is a great deal. However, the shoulder straps could use more padding.

  • A large capacity (20 to 40 liters) to hold essential gear for outdoor activities
  • Hydration compatible, lightweight, and economical
  • Has separate compartments for laptops and firearms
  • Designed with double-stitched seams and waterproof lining
  • Includes a nice USA flag patch and compression straps to change the size
  • Spacious compartments can be locked for security
  • Shoulder straps need more padding
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the 24BattlePack is a functional bag at a friendly price. This military tactical backpack has enough space to fit your pistol, water bladder, laptops, etc.

7. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Backpack

Red Rock makes a sturdy EDC sling pack with its compact-sized backpack. This bag contains all the essential pockets to stow away my personal items, like a wallet, cell phone, and a small notebook, to last a day.

The main compartment is ample enough to fit my tablet. I was pleased to find out that there are drain holes in that area to keep my gadget dry. I found a zippered pouch inside that compartment, making it perfect for keeping my valuable items like keys and wallet.

This pack has a lot of Molle everywhere. I especially like to use the side Molle to attach my hair clips. I often add a water bottle holder to keep me hydrated when going for long hikes.

Notably, the ambidextrous strap allows users to use the bag on either side. And sure enough, I can bring my favorite pistol in the concealed carry pocket located at the back.

 Heads-up:  Also, the backpack is robust enough to withstand daily abuse. However, I noticed a slight rubbery smell. A tip for users is to air out the bag for several days until the awful smell dissipates.

  • Has enough storage to stow away personal items to last a day
  • Main compartment can fit a tablet with a zippered pouch for smaller items
  • Has drain holes to keep the bag dry inside
  • Built with Molle to attach items: hair clips and water bottle holder
  • Ambidextrous strap allows the bag to be used on either side
  • Robust bag, carrying a pistol in the concealed carry pocket
  • May have a little rubbery smell
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Rover Sling Pack got the perfect size for everyday carry or a day on the range or field. This bag can carry a ton of stuff despite its compact size, plus it’s comfortable to carry on either side.

8. REEBOW GEAR Tactical Sling Bag Backpack

This Reebow tactical range bag can carry a ton of stuff, including a 9.7-inch pad tablet, flashlight, water bottle, etc. This small tactical backpack feels tough as it’s made from solid 600D polyester.

I got the black color which I don’t see fading anytime soon unless I left it under the sun for a long time. The USA flag patch on the front seems secure as it attaches itself with a strong Velcro.

Since I own plenty of patches, I’m pleased that I can utilize them all on the bag’s velcro section, which can fit up to four normal-sized patches.

I find it amazing that I can use the velcro section into a regular Molle system if I don’t want to attach patches. Also, there’s plenty of storage for its compact size. I can fit my full-sized guns, plus some spare mags and a hydration pouch on the back.

When worn, this small tactical backpack feels surprisingly comfortable. There’s enough padding on the adjustable shoulder strap to cushion the weight. More importantly, the fit tends to be more secure with the safety buckle.

 Heads-up:  However, this Reebow tactical sling bag has poor stitching quality. I found a few loose threads, but they can be easily remedied with a pair of scissors.

  • Provides a lot of room yet is compact in size
  • Designed with a durable 600D polyester fabric and nice black color
  • Includes a USA flag patch and a velcro section that can fit four patches
  • Velcro section can be utilized as a Molle system for extra gear
  • Comfortable to wear with the padded strap
  • Has a safety buckle to provide more security
  • May have some loose threads
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, this tactical sling bag makes a good daypack on the range or any field to carry a few essential gears. This bag is comfortable and secure to wear, plus offers plenty of velcro options.

9. Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Backpack

The Wakizashi Backpack has the same capacity as the SOG Ninja, which is about 24 liters. It offers plenty of storage space to keep all the necessary items for a successful mission.

With this bag, users can organize cards, pens, and other accessories in the front pocket. Also, I appreciate the inside hydration bladder pocket with a hose port for convenient access to water. The side pocket also seems perfect to hold a standard 16.9-oz water bottle.

I’m most impressed with the quality of this Samurai Tactical backpack. The polyester fabric feels tougher than I expected. It’s thick, and the seams are neatly sewn to hold the extra weight.

I can wear this bag all day just fine, especially with the addition of the adjustable sternum strap. Yet, I am not so fond of the long hanging straps, so its small elastic loops that tighten the ends of the shoulder and compression straps are a nice touch.

The padded mesh back is also nice to keep my back sweat-free when walking on a hot day.

 Heads-up:  However, the zippers are a little tricky to open and close with the fabric lip over them.

  • Has a large storage capacity; front pocket can help organize items
  • Built with a hydration bladder pocket inside for good water supply
  • Side pouch can fit a water bottle for extra drinking purposes
  • Feels high-quality with the durable polyester fabric and well-made seams
  • Comfortable with the sternum strap and padded mesh back
  • Small elastic loops help reduce long shoulder and compression straps
  • A little challenging to open/close the zippers
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, this Samurai Tactical Backpack provides great durability for rough missions outdoors. It’s also roomy to fit plenty of items necessary to survive.

10. Hannibal Tactical MOLLE Tactical Backpack

This Hannibal Assault Backpack has a capacity of 36 liters to fit all my work stuff and leave more room to carry a few other things. It has a lot of pockets and compartments to organize my things and keep them within easy reach.

The bag looks tactical with the USA flag patch, but it blends pretty well for normal use without it.

The larger openings are designed with a waterproof rubber lining, making me more assured to bring my 17-inch laptop daily. I think the waterproof lining is quite effective because my laptop stayed dry after getting soaked in the rain.

I found so many Molle straps to attach my first aid pouch and other things I need. This bag is also set to fit a three-liter water bladder, which works perfectly for me when hiking. Also, I can pack light using compression straps to reduce the size.

For the price, the construction is pretty impressive. The 600D Oxford fabric feels rigid and seems to last with double stitches. I don’t worry about carrying this bag for long hours because it’s comfortable with the thickly-padded shoulder straps, adjustable waist belt, and padded mesh back.

 Heads-up:  However, this bag had a strange smell when it arrived. I recommend users wash and air the bag out to remove the odor.

  • A 36-liter storage capacity with Molle straps to attach more things
  • Looks tactical with the patch and low-key without it
  • Waterproof rubber lining keeps the items dry even when it rains
  • Can fit a 3-liter water bladder; has compression straps to reduce the size
  • Durable with the 600D Oxford fabric and double stitching
  • Comfortable with the padded straps, waist belt, and mesh back
  • Might have a strange smell at first
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Hannibal Tactical Backpack provides a large storage capacity, enough to last for a three-day camp or hike. It can fit a laptop, water bladder, and other accessories securely. Best of all, it’s comfortable to wear and water-resistant.

11. Himal Military Tactical Backpack

This Himal tactical backpack also offers a large storage capacity, around 40 liters, enough to pack a three-day hunting trip. It can hold a ton of stuff, especially when the side straps come undone.

This item seems to be a well-made bag with its 900D Oxford fabric construction. I feel that it won’t easily rip even when packed with heavy things.

Together with the silicone waterproofer, this pack is perfect for keeping my items dry even when it rains.

The best part of the bag is the shoulder straps that stay put even when I’m doing strenuous activities in the forest. The straps feel comfortable because they’re thickly padded. On top of that, the double waist belt and chest strap provide all the stability I need.

I found so many straps and loops all over the bag, and impressively, they work decently with Molle attachments. I was pleased to attach my favorite cooking set on the exterior. Also, the straps that lock together from the bottom to the top make a good alternative to keep stuff secure when the zipper should give out.

 Heads-up:  However, the waist and chest strap adjustments fell short for large people. The pack appears to fit medium-sized people with flat chests.

  • A large 40-liter storage capacity to fit everything needed
  • 900D Oxford fabric won’t rip easily
  • Silicone waterproofer adds water resistance when it rains
  • Designed with thick, well-padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Chest and waist straps add stability; Molle straps help attach extra gear
  • Can be locked with straps from the bottom to the top
  • Might not fit large people around the chest and waist
 Bottom Line:  The Himal Tactical Backpack offers enough storage capacity to survive for three days during a hunting trip, camping, or any outdoor activity. This pack can also extend its capacity with plenty of Molle loops and straps.

12. EMDMAK Military Tactical Backpack

EMDMAK can fit the most items on this list, boasting 42 liters of storage capacity. It comes with many freebies, including a water bottle pouch and a multi-tool to keep my cards organized.

What I love best about this bag is the thick waist belt that helps reduce the weight off my shoulders. I discovered two small pockets on the waist belt to keep my keys and wallet secure. The Y-strap above can hold additional gear, like a rolled mat.

I’m pleased that the shoulder straps stay in place with the help of the chest strap. Also, I can add my medical kit, thanks to the plenty of Molle straps outside of the bag. I can’t believe that every compartment has interior pockets to help organize my gadgets, clothes, and accessories.

This bag is as rugged and sturdy as it looks. The 900D Oxford and Nylon fabric are thick and double-stitched, so it won’t rip when I load some heavy stuff. Also, the zippers are robust as they stayed intact when I snagged them accidentally.

 Heads-up:  However, the buckles need careful attention because they don’t seem to hold up for heavy use.

  • Boasts a large 42-liter capacity with tons of compartments and interior pockets
  • Includes plenty of freebies, including a multi-tool wallet and water bottle pouch
  • Has a thick waist belt to ease the weight off the shoulders
  • Has lots of Molle straps to add extra pouches, like a medical kit
  • Crafted with a rugged 900D Oxford and Nylon fabric and double stitched
  • Made with robust zippers
  • Buckles need careful attention
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, I’m most stoked about the 42-liter capacity of this military backpack. With this size, I can carry everything I need for survival. This pack is also easy to carry with its sturdy straps and wide waist belt.

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Backpack Under 50


It’s hard to find a good quality tactical backpack under 50 dollars. Some brands can cheapen the quality, so you need to pay attention to a lot of details. Your goal is to look for a tactical backpack that provides more value than its price.

Here are some important things to consider when buying a tactical backpack that’s less than 50.


The top-rated tactical backpack under $50 should be durable. The best materials for this type of bag are canvas, nylon, and Cordura nylon.

Typically, waterproof fabrics like nylon and polyester can serve you well in rainy conditions since they can protect your items from rain or moisture. Standard nylon is also known for its great strength and resistance from abrasions.

For tougher activities, consider getting a bag made of Cordura or Rip-stop. These nylon versions will last a long time.

The zippers should also be robust to withstand heavy use. Look for YKK zippers as they’re known to be reliable. Also, the seams should be double-stitched to hold up well against the extra weight.

Volume And Capacity

Tactical backpacks come in various sizes or volumes. The volume is often expressed in liters or cubic inches to indicate storage capacity. The volume can start at about 5 liters and go as large as 40 liters or more for this price point.

The most favorite backpacks under 50 should be able to carry all the items you need for your mission. For EDC purposes, a small tactical backpack is enough to keep small items organized for a day. The volume may range from 5 liters to 35 liters.

If you plan to stay overnight, look for a 24-hour backpack with a capacity of 30-40 liters. Larger 3-day backpacks can carry a load of as much as 40-65 liters.


Shoulder straps are the key to making the backpack easy to carry. Look for a well-padded strap that won’t pinch your shoulders even with the heavy load. It should be adjustable to customize the fit.

As you add more weight to the bag, a sternum strap seems handy to offer more stability. A hip belt also appears to be helpful to distribute the weight more fairly from your shoulders to the hips as the load begins to exceed 20 lbs.

If you want to expand or flatten the pack according to the load, look for compression straps.

Pockets And Molle Webbing

The pockets play a critical role in a neat organization and easy access. For this price point, a backpack can already have plenty of pockets, such as main and secondary compartments, laptop sleeves, and mesh pockets. The main compartment holds the largest gear, while the secondary holder keeps lighter or smaller equipment.

A laptop sleeve is very important if you want to carry a laptop. For istance, mesh pockets are nice for storing smaller items and even water bottles.

A Molle design system is almost preset on all tactical backpacks to provide extra storage for gears and pouches, like a medical kit.

Extra Features

Extra features add functionality to the backpack. Look for a hydration pocket if you want to carry a hydration bladder, so you won’t get thirsty on your trip. A concealed carry sleeve is useful if you want to carry a pistol on the range or field.

Who Makes the Top-rated Tactical Backpacks Under 50


REEBOW GEAR is one of the best makers of affordable tactical backpacks. They don’t compromise the durability of their backpacks and seem capable of holding a lot of gear. They’re also pretty comfortable with the padded straps.

Are Tactical Backpacks Under 50 Good

Yes, backpacks under 50 dollars are quite durable and functional. Some of them are made of 900D nylon fabric with waterproof lining. Others even provide extra freebies to provide more value, including a water bottle pouch and patch.

How Long Do Tactical Backpacks Under 50 Last

With extra care, these backpacks can last for a couple of years. Wash the backpack once fully each couple of weeks. Never ignore the special instructions on the bag. If it’s not machine washable, don’t put the backpack on the washer.


Indeed, tactical backpacks have become more than just a military bag because they can also be helpful for other outdoor activities, like hunting and hiking. The best part is that you can own a good backpack for under 50 dollars. For me, the best tactical backpack under 50 is the REEBOW Gear Military Backpack because it’s spacious, comfortable, and appears to be sturdy in construction.

To carry more gear, 24BattlePack, Himal, and EMDMAK might be good alternatives. These bags provide a great capacity of 40-42 liters. The G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack is more compact, ideal for EDC or a day in the range.

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