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The Best Tactical Pens With Flashlight: Top 8 Reviews

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical pen with flashlight

How cool is it to have a pen that lights and do more things besides writing? In these crazy times, you’ll never know when an emergency strikes, so it’s handy to have the best tactical pen with flashlight in your pocket. Flashlights let us see clearly in the dark and even blind an attacker momentarily.

Many tac pens with lights integrate more useful features, like a glass breaker, bottle opener, and screwdriver. All of those features are built into an ordinary-looking pen, so they are available virtually anywhere. When choosing the right tac pen with light, here are significant factors to consider.

  • Light Lumens: You want the flashlight to be as bright as possible. For this reason, choose a high lumen output. In this article, the lumen output ranges from 60-130. Also, consider the light modes and look for a strobe mode to disorient attackers.
  • Construction: A pen tends to be more tactical when it’s built for heavy use. Most tactical pens in this list are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is pretty strong. Make sure that the pen is shock-proof and water-resistant, at least.
  • Extra Features: The tactical pen even becomes more desirable when it includes plenty of useful functions. Look for the basic stuff, like a glass breaker, wrench, and bottle opener. You can also search for freebies, like ink refills and spare batteries for the light.

Tactical pens come with many features, so make sure that you pick the right ones you really need. Refer to our buying guide below for more understanding of the product. But first, check our recommendations in the tac pen light review.


Top 1
ANKAKA Tactical Pen

  • 130 lumens can light a room
  • Six batteries and five ink refills
  • Lightweight and writes smoothly

Top 2
The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Offers a strobe mode
  • Can pierce the flesh

Top 3

  • Easy to twist for writing
  • Spare battery and ink refill
  • Bright LED light & glass breaker

Top 8 Tactical Pens With Flashlight Reviews

1. ANKAKA The Most Loaded Tactical Pen

Among the pens in my collection, the Ankaka tactical pen is fully loaded with incredible features for my daily needs. Besides being a practical pen, it can turn into a flashlight, self-defense tool, bottle opener, wrench, and screwdriver.

The best part of this tactical flashlight pen is that it already includes six batteries and five ink refills, making it worth all the cost. I also think Ankaka is the brightest pen flashlight out there because I can see everything in my room. The 130 lumens rating is more than enough to brighten my tent when I go camping.

As I tried to get a feel on the tactical flashlight, I got a good grip on the patented thread design. The aircraft-grade aluminum body seemed pretty strong. The pen feels very stable no matter what form I’m holding it.

Indeed, when used as a ballpoint only, it’s super lightweight and writes very smoothly on paper.

Such a multi-tool is handy. I got to open bottles during parties and drive bolts with the hexagonal wrench when fixing something. Best of all, the superalloy tip can be used to knock someone out or smash glass in emergencies.

 Heads-up:  However, it can be a hassle to screw and unscrew the defense tip constantly. Other than that, this multi-purpose pen works as intended.

  • Worth the money with many freebies, like six batteries and five ink refills
  • 130 lumens can light a room or tent
  • Patented thread design offers a secure grip
  • Superalloy tip can break glass and used for self-defense
  • Lightweight and writes smoothly; built with aircraft-grade solid aluminum body
  • A multi-tool: screwdriver, wrench, and bottle opener
  • Needs to screw or unscrew the self-defense tip
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the 6-in-1 tactical pen from Ankaka fits the bill for smooth writing, self-defense, and multipurpose tool. This pen can do much, like lighting a dark room, breaking glass, and driving bolts/screws for such a tiny body.

2. The Atomic Bear MTP-6 Tactical Pen

The Atomic Bear MTP-6 is a pen with flashlight and plenty of extra features. It has a flashlight, a sharp end to break a car window, a bottle opener, plus some spare batteries and ink refills.

I think MTP-6 can be a good self-defense tool because its light is a lifesaver in dangerous situations, like shining on the attacker’s eyes. The pen side also has a pointy end to pierce the eyes, neck, and flesh. That same pointy end seems to be originally used to break the car window glass for emergencies.

Everything about the MTP-6 feels to be solid and well-made. For instance, the tungsten carbide glass breaker is so strong that it can break glass in a single strike. At the same time, the aircraft-grade aluminum body can endure heavy use.

The best part is that it can be switched with a multi-tool which I find helpful in parties and quick repairs, thanks to its bottle opener and hex key.

The 130 lumens flashlight is bright enough to light up a tiny area even in the bright summer sun. Two clicks on the tiny button, and the light activates the strobe mode.

Additionally, I’m so pleased to know that the product is backed with a lifetime warranty, meaning that the penlight will last long.

 Heads-up:  However, it’s easy to lose the cap. To write, I need to hold the cap in one hand or put it down elsewhere while writing, which can be a little incovenient.

  • Can provide a minor defense against attackers
  • Sharp, pointy end (glass breaker) can pierce the flesh or break glass
  • Built of strong tungsten carbide glass breaker and aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Has a multi-tool to open bottles and set bolts/screws
  • 130 lumens flashlight is more than enough to light up a small area
  • Offers a strobe mode and a lifetime warranty
  • Need to remove the cap when writing
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the MTP-6 is a great pen with a lot of extras. This tactical pen can be turned into a two-mode flashlight, break glass, open bottles, set screws/bolts, plus it offers an impressive lifetime warranty.

3. TK TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen

Another pen that I like to bring pretty much anywhere is from TK Takeflight. This product is a good tactical pen for self-defense, just like my old Under Control tactical pen, with its super-rugged construction.

I love the Kubotan style of the pen as it helps me feel safe in the most dangerous situations. The crown around the flashlight has metal edges that can serve as a blunt weapon, while the glass breaker can be handy when breaking glass windows for escape. At the very end, I found an LED light that seemed to be pretty bright in dark places.

Furthermore, I no longer worry about losing the pen cap when using this American. It’s a screw type, so, no cap to lose. To expose the pen’s tip for writing, I simply have to twist the pen one-half turn, and it locks securely.

I believe that the heavy aircraft-grade aluminum construction makes this pen tactical. Measuring about 6-inch x 0.6 inches, it fits nicely in my pocket and backpack. Thankfully, there’s a few extras included, like a spare battery for the light and a black ink refill.

 Heads-up:  However, the button for the flashlight on this TK TAKEFLIGHT tactical pen seems to be in an awkward place. The light can be accidentally turned on easily.

  • Build of a rugged aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Kubotan style makes a makeshift weapon in a pinch with metal edges
  • Integrated with a bright LED light and a glass breaker for escape
  • No cap to lose with its screw-type design
  • Easy to twist for writing and stays secure position
  • Includes a spare battery and ink refill
  • Light turns on accidentally
 Bottom Line:  All in all, TK Takeflight guarantees no worries about losing the cap. This pen only takes a quarter turn to expose the tip, making it easy to use for writing. Plus, it can be a makeshift Kubotan weapon in a pinch.

4. Smith & Wesson Self Defense Tactical Penlight

Smith & Wesson is a tactical pen with light and a glass breaker. With its length of 5.85 inches and weight of 1/7 ounces, the penlight is small and lightweight enough to stay in my pocket most of the time.

The LED penlight is much brighter than my Sulkada tactical pen. The two AAA batteries are included, so the light is ready for use, straight out of the box. I felt the reliability of the light in as long as 30 hours, which is good for its price.

Using the flashlight is pretty convenient- simply twist the top to turn the light on/off. Most of all, the penlight offers an excellent grip as well. As for the glass breaker, it looks sharp enough to shatter my car window or pierce the flesh of an attacker.

Another great feature of this penlight is its sturdy construction. The entire thing is built with anodized aircraft aluminum, which seems to be watertight. I dropped the pen once, and I was impressed that it remained intact.

 Heads-up:  The only drawback is that this pen isn’t meant to write because it can’t accommodate an ink refill. It’s designed to be a discreet self-defense tool.

  • Small and lightweight to carry in the pocket
  • Has a bright LED flashlight that can run 30 hours with free batteries
  • Easy to turn on/off the light with a twist
  • Built with strong anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and excellent grip
  • Water-resistant and drop-resistant
  • Glass breaker is sharp enough to shatter glass and pierce through flesh
  • No ink for writing
 Bottom Line:  Overall, Smith & Wesson can be a discreet self-defense tool to protect oneself from attackers. The glass breaker is sharp enough to pierce the flesh, while the penlight can be handy in dark places.

5. Kilitn 10-in-1 Tactical Pen

Kilitn is a tactical pen with LED light that comes close to the Gerber Impromptu tactical pen when it comes to versatility. This 10-in-1 pen can write, light, cut ripes, whistle, drive screws, break glass, start a fire, and many more.

Among all the features, I love the flint the most as it works very easily to start a fire. The LED light is also bright enough to spot a dark pathway, while the emergency whistle seems handy in asking for help. I’m sure that the glass breaker works because it looks sharp and sturdy.

Several of the attachments are kept in a little pouch for compact storage. To use any tools, I like the ease of taking the cap off and inserting them.

Furthermore, the pen writes beautifully and can stand any heavy use, thanks to its durable aircraft aluminum material.

My favorite is the multi-tool card that came with the pen. This card helps me in many tasks, like opening bottles/cans and cutting small sticks for campfires. Thankfully, there’s a lanyard hole, so I can hang this card on my bag separate from the tactical pen.

 Heads-up:  However, the battery compartment isn’t watertight, so moisture can corrode the batteries fast. I recommend users not to use the light when it rains.

  • Versatile and offers plenty of helpful functions
  • Easy to start a fire and ask for help using the emergency whistle
  • LED light seems bright enough with a sharp glass breaker
  • Tool attachments are kept inside a pouch for storage
  • Made of sturdy aircraft aluminum; ink writes beautifully
  • Comes with a free multi-tool card that helps open bottles and saw sticks
  • Battery compartment isn’t sealed for moisture
 Bottom Line:  All in all, nothing beats Kilitn when it comes to versatility. This 10-in-1 tactical pen even includes a multi-tool adding more functions for survival.

6. MCCC Professional Tactical Pen

Another well-thought tactical pen that can help for survival is from MCCC. The Professional Tactical Pen features a bright light, ink that writes beautifully, and a glass breaker to help escape from trapped car situations.

MCCC is as easy as a Boker Plus Bolt Action tactical pen when it comes to operation. It’s a simple twist on the cap to turn the CREE XPE-2R3 LED light on/off. Thankfully, the pen cap screws off, so I don’t need to worry about losing it while in use.

I find the 60 lumens brightness of the LED light sufficient for standard use. In fact, it’s enough to spotlight a dark area. Besides, this pen using one AAA battery only makes it even easier and cheaper to maintain.

I like that this pen has a little weight to it, making it feel heavy-duty, especially with the aircraft-grade aluminum construction. It’s a big plus that the black ballpoint pen writes beautifully, and the glass breaker can hit someone bluntly for self-defense. I can’t lose this pen because the design looks very distinctive.

 Heads-up:  However, this light is a little longer than others, making it a little difficult to hide inside my pocket. I believe that it’s 6.81 inches long.

  • Easy to turn the light on/off with a simple cap twist; screwed cap won’t lose
  • CREE XPE-2R3 LED is bright enough with its 60 lumens output
  • Only takes one AAA battery to power the LED light
  • Feels heavy duty with its little weight and aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Has a glass breaker for emergencies and self-defense
  • Writes smoothly and features a unique design
  • Seems to be bigger than others
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the MCCC Professional Tactical Pen is a nice pen/light combo with a distinctive design that can withstand heavy use. This tactical pen can break glass, write smoothly, and light a dark place.

7. Beinline 12-in-1 Tactical Pen

Beinline is the most loaded tactical pen on this list. Among its many features, this 12-in-1 tactical pen stands out with its compass, stylus pen, and multi-tool head.

I’ve tested the accuracy of the compass, and I’m pleased that it works. The stylus pen can work on my tablet and mobile phone without any problem. Meanwhile, the multi-tool head can be used well in opening bottles, tightening screws, and many more.

The quality of the pen itself is pretty outstanding, especially with the robust aircraft-grade aluminum body. The glass breaker can smash my car window with some swift punches. I like that it’s small and offers a delicate appearance, making it easy to conceal in my bag or pocket.

The light seems to be bright with its 130 lumens output. It’s quite easy to turn the flashlight on with the gold button just above the pen clip. I found the two modes quite helpful- the high beam mode offers a clear view of my pathway while the strobe mode can disorient attackers.

 Heads-up:  However, the pen cartridge seems to be quite small. I have to purchase refills more frequently, which can ramp up the cost.

  • Loaded with plenty of features, like a compass and stylus pen
  • Multi-tool head can do a lot, such as open bottles and drive screws
  • Made of strong aircraft-grade aluminum with a good glass breaker
  • Easy to conceal with its small and delicate appearance
  • Features a 130-lumen flashlight with two light modes- strobe and high beam
  • Easy to turn the light on/off
  • Needs refill more frequently
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this 12-in-1 tactical pen offers most features out there. This isn’t just a simple pen and flashlight, but also a compass, stylus pen, and many more.

8. Bell+Howell Tac 9-in-1 Pen Deluxe

Bell + Howell provides nine functions in a compact technical pen that’s almost as big as a 7-inch standard office pen. It can light any unforeseeable situations, break a car window, whistle, and many more.

This product is a reliable and robust tactical pen light as seen on TV. Even when exposed to extreme heat and cold, I anticipate that this tac pen will still be intact and workable. The whole thing is made of high-quality aluminum, which explains its sturdiness.

I like that this tac pen flashlight can brighten virtually any unanticipated situation. The light can zoom in and out to see any range of distance, whether far or near. More importantly, it can disorient an attacker with the strobe function.

Also, the batteries are replaceable with four LR44 which are pretty long-lasting, considering its price.

This ink pen flashlight writes nicely on paper. The same tip seems sharp enough to break my car window for emergency trapped situations. The screwdriver and bottle opener are nice additions to fix something or pop some bottles.

 Heads-up:  However, this pen flashlight costs more than similar products. I think the TV advertisement makes this pen more expensive.

  • Offers nine helpful functions built in a 7-inch standard pen
  • Has a tough aluminum construction resistant to extreme temperature changes
  • Light zooms in/out and defend self through the strobe mode
  • Uses long-lasting LR44 batteries to work the light
  • Writes nicely with a sharp glass breaker, bottle opener, and screwdriver
  • More expensive than other similar products
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Bell+Howell Tac Pen seems true with its claim that it can endure heavy use with its tough construction. Besides writing and zooming in light, this pen can also be used as a screwdriver, whistle, and break the glass.

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Pen With Flashlight


The tactical pen with flashlight may offer more than just writing and lighting in one unit. This tool can also offer functions for self-defense, survival, and other daily needs. Here are the things to consider when looking for a good tac pen with light.


Tactical pens are either clicky or capped. The former uses a pushbutton to reveal the writing tip, while the latter requires you to twist or pull a cap. Each one has its advantages and drawbacks.

I prefer a twist-a-cap mechanism because I don’t need to pull the cap and lose it elsewhere.

Of course, the aesthetics matter for this item as you don’t want to draw attention from the crowd or hamper your way into the airport. Look for a harmless-looking pen that looks exactly like any regular office pen.


A plastic material won’t be ideal for a tac pen. To make the pen tactical, it should be durable, strong, and lightweight. The suitable materials for the tac pen are aluminum and titanium.

Aircraft-grade aluminum is special because they have high resistance to corrosion. They also tend to be lightweight, making it a perfect material for tactical pen construction. Best of all, it’s UV-resistant.


The grip is often missed in choosing the right tac penlight. However, you need a secure grip on the pen to draw it during dangerous situations quickly.

The pen should feel natural in your hands. It should be ergonomic so that you can write comfortably. For sweaty hands, look for a non-slip grip to help the pen feel secure in your hands.

The top-rated tac pens have finger grips to make them easy to hold onto. They remain sturdy in your hand when you try to use it as a weapon.


Don’t forget the pen’s main purpose is to write. Look for a penlight that writes smoothly and beautifully. You don’t want a pen that leaks or runs dry easily.

Also, make sure that the ink refills are easy to find in stores. For most tactical pens, they can take Parker or Fisher ink cartridges.

No matter what ink refills that you’ll use, make sure that they’re compatible with the pen and write legibly.


The flashlight in the pen should generate consistent brightness across the whole beam. Overall brightness depends on bulb quality and battery power.

Most flashlight bulbs for this type of pen are LEDs, which last long and are energy-efficient.

Self-defense flashlights should have at least 60 lumens to disorient attackers. To have enough brightness to see in the dark, look for 120 lumens. Remember, you don’t want something more than that because it means more weight and a larger draw of battery power.

Extra Features

Tactical pens aren’t just limited to a flashlight feature. Still, they also offer more functions that can help you survive in any situation. A glass breaker is one common feature that helps when you need to smash the car window to escape. If you want aid for quick repairs, look for a multi-tool which often includes a screwdriver and even a bottle opener.

Other helpful features that may come in handy include a compass for directions, a whistle to call for help, and a Strobe light mode to disorient attackers.

What Is a Tactical Pen


A tactical pen is a versatile tool that you can use to write or use for striking or stabbing an attacker for self-defense. Anyone can use this instrument even if you don’t have any martial arts skills. Simply use the sharp end to break glass or pierce the flesh of your attacker.

Is a Tactical Pen Legal

Yes, it’s 100% legal to carry a tactical pen in all US states as long as it doesn’t have a concealed blade. This type of pen looks like an ordinary office pen, so no one will know it can be a handy self-defense tool. It can even be brought in an airplane because it won’t attract security attention.

Is a Tactical Pen With Flashlight Good for Self-Defense

Since tactical pens are small, they won’t do as well as knives and guns in protecting yourself in combat situations. They can, however, help for counter-attacks when you want to pierce the flesh, eyes, or neck with the sharp part. The Strobe light can also disorient your attacker for a brief moment.

Where I Can Buy Tactical Pen With Flashlight

You can purchase a tactical pen with a flashlight in any tactical stores that sell gear and apparel. These pens are also available in Amazon or other online brand stores.


After reading this article, I hope you won’t have a hard time looking for the best tactical pen with flashlight. Simply determine what features you need in a multitool. My top recommendation is the Ankaka 6-in-1 Tactical Pen because it has a bright flashlight, a rugged construction, and multiple practical tools.

The Atomic Bear MTP-6 also has a bright flashlight with a hex key and glass breaker. For self-defense, TK Takeflight has that Kubotan style to use as a weapon in a pinch. Besides, you also can refer more to other tactical products such as tactical gloves or wallets if you want by checking it out! 

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