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The Best Tactical Belts for Any Tactical Situation

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical belts

A tactical belt is used to carry extra gear and shows extreme durability. The best tactical belts are made of strong webbing and durable buckles. They stay in place even when you hang additional gear, like radio, mags, and handcuffs.

Today, tactical belts aren’t limited to the military and gun community because anyone can use them for any outdoor activity, like hiking and camping. There are plenty of tactical belts available on the current market, so it’s a little overbearing to find the best one that fits your needs. Here are the essential things to consider when buying a new tactical belt.

  • Fabric Material: Nylon is the standard material of tactical belts because it’s pliable, durable, and strong. Polyester also fares well for durability and strength, but not as much as nylon. This fabric is abrasion-resistant and becomes more breathable with a blend of cotton.
  • Stiffness: You want the tactical belt to be stiff so that it can hold up the extra gear’s weight comfortably. But don’t get something that’s too stiff that the belt feels uncomfortable to wear. Choose a belt with the right stiffness- a little stretch will do wonders for your waistline.
  • Buckle Design: Tactical belts are either made of a plastic or metal buckle. A metal buckle certainly offers high tensile strength, but it can trigger metal detectors. Opt for a plastic buckle if you plan to wear it in the airport or anywhere where metal detectors are used.

Those are just a few reminders when shopping for tactical belts. Let’s delve into that topic more in the buying guide below. But before we go to that, let’s review the top tactical belts today.


Top 1
Condor Tactical Belt

  • Adjustable fit up to 44″
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Designed with four loops

Top 2
JUKMO Tactical Belt

  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee
  • Thin and wide as a regular belt
  • Easy to slide with tactical gear

Top 3
5.11 Tactical Belt

  • Can be used to hold a gun
  • Comes at an economical price
  • Looks good on any casual jeans

Top 9 Tactical Belt Reviews

1. Condor Tactical Belt

Condor is a tactical belt for big guys because the waistline can be adjusted up to 44 inches. This tactical belt rig comes with two removable pistol magazine pouches, making it a perfect tactical gun belt for any tactical situation.

The best part is that Condor features four adjustable belt loops to customize the attachments. I like to put an extra pouch for my gun and other tactical equipment to survive me in all outdoor adventures. With some Velcro modifications, the belt holds everything tight and secure.

The belt itself is more durable than I expected. The belt clips are made of rigid plastic, while the fabric is more like high-quality nylon that feels flexible and strong. I especially love the two-inch width for great stability on the base.

I also love the non-metallic buckle design of this Condor tactical belt. The quick-release buckle feels solid and easy to take on/off. The buckle looks strong and big, so it seems that it won’t break easily.

 Heads-up:  However, this Condor tactical belt feels a little stiff at first. It needs time to break in for extreme comfort.

  • Includes two removable magazine pouches for shooting tactical missions
  • Designed with four loops to attach more tactical gear
  • Hold weapons and other gear securely little Velcro modifications
  • Has a heavy-duty construction of belt clips and nylon fabric
  • Adjustable fit up to 44 inches and quick-release buckle
  • Two-inch width keeps the base stable when loading heavy gear
  • Requires a little time to break in for maximum comfort
 Bottom Line:  Overall, Condor is a nice tactical pistol belt as it comes with two magazine pouches and four adjustable loops to secure other gear like a gun. This tactical shooting belt seems to last with its rigid construction.

2. JUKMO Tactical Belt

JUKMO is another high-quality tactical belt suitable for law enforcement, sport, and other tactical users. This model is upgraded with more adjustability to get a good fit.

My favorite part of the belt is the quick-release buckle made of aluminum alloy. I can easily adjust the metal buckle to my desired length within a few seconds. Unlike my old tactical leather belt, I don’t need to tug or fight with JUKMO because the buckle can be removed to let the belt pull off with a single easy motion.

The quick-release mechanism is the same as how a seat belt would work. Moreover, the nylon material itself feels sturdy with a slight stretch to it for a little flexibility. Notably, it makes sliding of tactical gear through it a breeze.

I don’t like a belt that’s too tight, so the little elasticity provides excellent comfort when wearing a holster or other tactical equipment. This nylon tactical belt is as wide and thin as a regular leather belt, which is exactly what I was looking for on a good hiking belt. Thanks to the satisfaction guarantee, I’m confident with the quality of this tactical web belt.

 Heads-up:  However, I have a challenging time installing the belt on my pant loops. We recommend that users take the one end off and the elastic belt loop off and then thread it through the pants. Don’t forget to put the items back together.

  • Metal buckle is easy to adjust to any desired length
  • Quick-release mechanism works smoothly- no need for tugging
  • Durable nylon has a little stretch for a more comfortable fit of the holster
  • Easy to slide with tactical gear
  • Thin and wide as a regular belt, perfect for hiking
  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure top quality
  • A bit difficult to put the belt through the loops of the pants
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the JUKMO tactical belt provides both durability and flexibility. I think the belt is ideal for arthritis sufferers as it’s easy to open, close, and adjust on the fingers.

3. 5.11 Tactical Men’s 1.5 Inch Tactical Belt, Style 59551

The 59551 is one of my favorite styles from 5.11 tactical belts with its solid construction. The 5.11 tactical belt feels super light for all emergency situations compared to my old leather tactical belt.

The 5.11 men’s tactical belt features a high-resistance plastic buckle that won’t pinch or cut. Fortunately, the tactical belt buckle is made of heavy-duty plastic that won’t break quickly. I can easily adjust the belt using the buckle, and it seems pretty secure without any Velcro involved.

The nylon webbing material seems strong enough to handle any weight, whether it’s a gun or flashlight. I’m pleased that it’s strong enough to hold my P320 in place. I think the durable nylon can even be used as a tie-down for equipment or cargo during travel.

What interested me the most was the price. This 5.11 tactical belt has an affordable price. The design of the belt is also simple, so it looks good on jeans.

 Heads-up:  My only dislike is that the plastic buckle tends to stick out because the two layers of the belt are folded on top of each other. After a week of breaking in, the bulkiness seems to disappear.

  • Plastic buckle demonstrates high tensile strength
  • Can be used to hold a gun or as a tie-down of other equipment
  • Holds everything in place without any Velcro involved
  • Adjusts through the buckle easily, without pinching
  • Simple design looks good on any casual jeans
  • Comes at an economical price, which is a great value for money
  • May stick out initially, so it needs time to break-in
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the 5.11 tactical belt 59551 is the most suitable tactical belt for those who want to do physical activity in jeans. This is a super lightweight tactical gun belt that can hold up very well.

4. Tacticon Battle Belt

Tacticon is a quick release tactical belt that can accommodate more than 100 lbs load of items, like magazines and guns. It’s a tactical belt made in USA, so I’m confident it has passed the strict standards for tactical use.

This budget battle belt is built for heavy-duty use. The fabric is made of a high denier count of nylon, specifically 1000D PVC nylon and a metal buckle clasp. I love the metal cobra buckle because it is hard to get busted quickly.

The anti-slip padding material on the inside gives the belt a good grip on my clothes to not slip around too much when I’m moving. The laser-cut MOLLE loops are a little tight, which I like to keep my items locked up securely on the belt. I’m pleased that I found no loose threads on the reinforced stitching.

The price is one of the surprising features of this battle belt. I could never believe getting a well-made belt at a low price. More importantly, the product offers a lifetime warranty, which is a great testament to its quality.

 Heads-up:  However, the size seems to run a little too big. We recommend tactical belt users size down to get a better fit.

  • Metal cobra buckle feels sturdy and seems unbreakable
  • Molle loops can carry extra pouches and gear over 100 lbs
  • Padded interior helps the belt to stay in place while moving
  • Reinforced stitching has no loose threads
  • Surprisingly comes at a fair price
  • Supports a lifetime warranty to guarantee durability
  • Size may run a little large
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I’m impressed by the top-notch build quality of this Tacticon Battle Belt. It’s made of a metal cobra buckle and a 100D nylon fabric with tight Molle webbing.

5. 5.11 Men’s tactical Operator Belt, Style 59405

Style 59405 is one of the simplest 5.11 Tactical belts in its product line. This operator belt is designed with ultra-durable nylon mesh and stainless steel buckle finished in black matte.

The metal buckle seems strong enough to hold up to 5,100 lbs. I was able to carry my pistol and accessories stably. Together with the Velcro, they make it easy to adjust the fit and keep the belt in place.

I love the heavy-stitch reinforcements on the nylon mesh- they look neat and add durability to the entire belt. This 5.11 Tactical belt feels like two layers of belt built into one. The stiffness is exactly what I wanted to make this belt ideal for concealed carry.

The best part is that the belt remains flexible to provide sufficient comfort. I never noticed my pants going down or the attached gear sagging the entire day. Everything with the belt holds up well, even the black matte finish.

 Heads-up:  However, this belt is a little wider than usual. I think it’s around 1.75 inches wide, so it didn’t fit my dress pants exactly 1.75 inches wide.

  • Nylon mesh looks ultra-durable with the reinforced stitches
  • Stainless steel buckle seems strong enough to hold a heavy load up to 5,100 lbs
  • Velcro and metal buckle make the belt secure and easy to adjust
  • Stiff enough for concealed carry
  • Still comfortable to wear all day long
  • The materials, including the matte black finish, hold up very well
  • A little wider than most tactical belts
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the 5.11 Tactical 59405 Operator Belt demonstrates high tensile strength to withstand a heavy load. It’s so stiff that it can be perfect for concealed carry.

6. JASGOOD Nylon Military Tactical Belt

JASGOOD’s tactical belt is better than most nylon belts with its secure buckle clip and soft, breathable strap. This military belt is more suitable for summer because the material is breathable and lightweight.

The plastic buckle seems solid and locks tight. I highly appreciate that the package comes with an additional buckle, so I can still use this belt if the original buckle breaks accidentally. At 1/2 inch thick, this tactical belt isn’t bulky at all.

I like the nylon webbing construction because it quickly dried once I got caught in the rain. Best of all, the strap is easy to trim to the desired length. I cut the strap with a single-edge razor and melted the end with a butane lighter to prevent fraying.

One of the best features of this tactical belt is the price. I think it’s reasonable, given the quality it offers.

 Heads-up:  However, buckling the belt is a little awkward at first. To slide the end through the buckle more quickly, we recommend users move the buckle to an angle so the locking teeth are far-flung.

  • Breathable and lightweight to wear during the summer
  • Plastic buckle locks tight and feels durable
  • Only ½ inch thick, so it’s not bulky to wear
  • Comes with an additional plastic buckle for easy replacement
  • Dries quickly and easy to trim for preferred length
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • A little awkward to buckle the belt for the first few uses
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the JASGOOD Tactical Belt is nice to wear during the summer because it’s breathable and lightweight. I like that it dries fast and is easy to trim for the desired length. It’s a bonus that the belt comes with an extra plastic buckle.

7. WYUZE 2 Pack Nylon Webbing Belt

WYUZE offers the best value with its 2-pack nylon belt. The nylon belts are lightweight and soft to wear for any occasion, whether for work or play.

The belts are designed with a YKK plastic buckle, making it easy to go through the metal detectors. Knowing too well that all YKK hardware is corrosion-resistant and extra-durable, I believe that this buckle will also last for very long. Another good thing is that the buckle doesn’t slip at all.

I’m a fan of the nylon webbing construction, especially the patterns, because they stand out a little from generic belts. The nylon material is a little stretchy, so it moves with each of my movements. I’m pleased that the belt doesn’t cinch tight whenever I bend over to pick something.

I appreciate that the belts come in different colors. I got the black and coyote tan variety, which looks good on any color of pants. Also, the strap seems easy to trim to my preferred length.

 Heads-up:  My only complaint is that the buckle locks so tight that it’s a little challenging to loosen it. I got used to it, though, after many uses.

  • YKK plastic buckle seems sturdy and won’t trigger metal detectors
  • Buckle stays in place to keep the belt secure
  • Has unique patterns on the nylon webbing for aesthetics
  • A little stretchy to ease with each movement
  • Comes with two pieces of belts in different colors
  • Easy to trim to find the desired length on the strap
  • A little challenging to loosen the buckle once locked tight
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Wyuze Nylon Belt offers the best buck of money. The package comes with two pieces of nylon belts for more use in the field. Fortunately, the belts come in different colors to mix and match all types of pants.

8. Jumbofit Tactical Belt For Men And Women

Jumbofit makes a perfect EDC belt as it can carry a few accessories for outdoor activities, like hiking and camping.

The package already includes a Molle pouch and water bottle clip, providing the best value for money. Altogether, the Jumbofit Tactical Belt offers the best bundle for keeping tools and accessories on the waist.

This tactical gear belt seems to be built of a hard-wearing buckle design. The buckle is made of aviation class 7075 aluminum alloy, which demonstrates an impressive strength threshold. It keeps getting direct hits, and I didn’t notice any damage at all.

The 1000D nylon material is built to last with its tear-resistant qualities. I like that it stretches a little to stay comfortable in any strenuous activity but remains solid to keep the pouch in place. The stitching also seems strong enough to hold up well after being under stress for extended periods.

I love the Molle pouch, especially the multiple compartments that hold small tools and phones. Even after loading to full capacity, the pouch still remains comfortable and doesn’t get in the way. Also, the water bottle clip is still comfortable to wear when holding up regular bottles.

 Heads-up:  However, the buckle doesn’t fit through most of my pants. I have to remove it from the strap to get it on my pants, which can be a little cumbersome.

  • Molle pouch helps carry tools and stays comfortable when loaded
  • 7075 aluminum alloy buckle to take a lot of direct hits
  • Durable 1000D nylon fabric stretches for comfort and holds the pouch securely
  • Has durable stitching to endure stress for long periods of use
  • Water bottle clip can carry regular bottles without getting in the way
  • Needs to remove the buckle to fit into the pant loops
 Bottom Line:  It includes a water bottle clip and a Molle pouch that can fit plenty of items. This Jumbofit model also makes a pretty tactical dress belt for everyday wear.

9. Tru-Spec Security-Friendly Tactical Belt

This military combat belt from Tru-Spec is built for daily wear with its low-profile, durable construction. I like that this belt features a plastic buckle so that I can get through security checkpoints without a hitch.

I’m impressed that the plastic buckle held tight from the first time I tried it and never slipped the entire day of hiking in the woods. I attached a water bottle and a phone pouch, and the belt never sags from my waistband, which I’m very pleased about. There’s a sliding keeper to keep the extra belt length, so the belt fits comfortably on my pants.

The nylon material seems durable yet lightweight to use for daily wear. The belt feels solid because it can hold up my pants securely even with constant abuse. I love the elastic band on this one as it feels comfortable even when I bend down or do other arduous tasks.

The webbing has the right thickness into it- not too bulky nor too thin. Additionally, the sizing was pretty accurate. The 32-inch length fits perfectly for my 32-inch waistline.

 Heads-up:  However, note that the belt is really wide. I can’t get it through the loops narrower than 1-¾ inches.

  • Plastic buckle can pass security checks and holds tight without slipping
  • Sliding keeper helps get a good fit as it secures the extra length
  • Capable of carrying a moderate amount of load without sagging
  • Nylon fabric seems lightweight and durable
  • Elastic band gives a little stretch to provide extra comfort
  • Has the right nylon webbing thickness and comes true to size
  • Won’t fit on pant loops narrower than 1-¾ inches in width
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I’m impressed with the durability and elasticity of this tactical belt from Tru-Spec. The belt feels solid yet comfortable to wear all day long in the field.

Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt (Outdated)

The Fairwin tactical belt is one of the most widely used duty belts for its heavy-duty construction. It’s a good rigger’s belt for work, a tactical duty belt for law enforcement, and an everyday belt for casual wear.

The rigger’s belt is made of rugged 1000D nylon that’s very comfortable for everyday wear. The nylon webbing is about 0.1 inches thick and 1.5 inches wide, so it smoothly slides through my work pants. I like that there’s enough flexibility to prevent the belt from feeling too tight.

This tactical nylon belt features a quick-release buckle that feels very solid. The metal buckle has a plug-in plug to make it easy to lock and unlock with a single movement. Once the buckle is locked, it doesn’t let go.

I love the V-ring built on this rigger’s belt. It allows me to attach my tactical gun and other gear for convenient storage. Thanks to the Velcro fastener portion, the ring stays on the belt more securely. And whenever there’s a problem, it’s easy to call the customer service as the product offers a two-year warranty and a 60-day free return policy.

 Heads-up:  However, the buckle needs to be disassembled from the tactical work belt when putting them on. It’s not a pain once I get used to it, though.

  • Versatile to wear on any purpose, may it be tactical or simply work
  • 1000D nylon feel tough with a little flexibility for extra comfort
  • Has a standard width of 1.5 inches to fit most on all pant loops
  • Buckle looks solid and very easy to operate with the plug-in plug
  • V-ring allows the attachment of gear and feels secure with the Velcro fastener
  • Offers a generous 2-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Might need to remove the buckle when changing pants
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Fairwin rigger’s belt works mostly for all purposes, whether tactical or casual. This duty belt offers outstanding features, like a heavy-duty buckle and a V-ring to carry extra gear.

Propper Tactical Duty Belt (Outdated)

Propper is one of the top-tier tactical duty belts on the market today when it comes to simplicity. This duty belt is made of a single layer of nylon webbing and a non-metal buckle.

The fabric is a combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, fusing two great materials. This mixture makes the duty belt breathable and comfortable to wear without worrying about shrinkage problems. I love the khaki color as it matches well to any shade of color, from bright to dark-colored pants.

I love the stiffness of the Propper as it behaves similar to a heavy leather belt. It can hold the shape of the edges well and won’t fold like other belts I had. Notably, the belt weave feels a little slippery, which helps in sliding the belt onto the buckle position more easily.

The buckle seems to hold up quite well. I didn’t notice it slipping from my pant belt loops, so there’s no need to adjust the belt constantly the entire day. I feel more assured when I carry a tactical gun holster as the belt keeps it in place securely.

 Heads-up:  However, the Propper belt feels a little stiff, especially for the first few uses. It can get a bit uncomfortable, but it can soften up after a while.

  • Adequately stiff to retain the edges’ shape and won’t easily fold
  • Has a minimalist design and khaki color
  • Polyester/cotton blend offers durability and breathability
  • Slippery belt weave helps in putting the belt in a buckle position quickly
  • Buckle won’t slip through the pant loops
  • Secure enough to carry tactical guns and other items
  • Feels a bit stiff
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Propper duty belt is the top-rated tactical belt for simplicity. It has a low-profile design that matches well with any type and color of pants.

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Belts


Not all tactical belts are built the same, so you should be careful when buying a new one that meets various requirements, including an ergonomic design, ideal breaking strength, etc.

Based on the belt’s specifications, we can choose one that goes well with our work and personal preferences. So, let’s discuss the things to consider when shopping for tactical belts.

Types Of Tactical Belts

The type of tactical belt you choose can tell what you can do with it. A tactical belt can be enjoyed in many ways, like for shooting range, EDC, or even both. Here are the common types of tactical belts and what they can or can’t do.

  • Duty Belts

These duty belts are the largest of its kind, around two inches or more. This type of tactical belt is ideal for carrying accessories on the waist and worn outside of garments, but doesn’t secure the pants at all. Such a belt is compulsory for the uniformed personnel, but civilians can use it for training, shooting range, or outdoor use.

  • Rigger’s Belts

These belts are 1.75 inches wide, neutral ground between a duty belt and a regular belt. A belt of this type can be worn in most pant belt loops and includes a D- or V-ring to hang a carabiner easily. It’s quite versatile as we can use it in almost anything you like, such as a range rig, magazine carrier, or even hanging a pouch.

Reduce it to its simpler form, and you can use this type as an EDC belt as long as you’re not wearing dress pants. If you want the best of both worlds, this type of belt would be the best choice.

  • EDC Belts

EDC belts are the smallest at 1.5 inches wide. These belts have a low-profile design, making them ideal for carrying more minimalist gear. The best of this kind is as good as tactical leather belts in terms of strength.

Though they look narrow, they’re more durable than you think as they’re suitable as a training/range rig. However, you get a larger belt if you plan to carry heavier gear.


Some tactical belts, especially the cheap ones, use a little scuba webbing and a buckle that looks durable. While these belts are probably more durable than the regular department store belt, they can’t be fully trusted.

Look for dual layers of webbing if you want to ensure the strength of the belt. It should be stitched and reinforced with a Velcro fastener or anything to add stiffness. Avoid a belt that’s only glued together because it eventually falls apart, especially if you carry a gun.

Also, pay attention to the rigidity. You want a more rigid belt if you plan to carry a large pistol, extra mags, and EDC gear. Usually, a wider belt means more rigid.

Of course, you can’t compromise comfort. Choose a belt with enough stiffness to hold everything together. You can settle for a less rigid belt if you only plan to carry a light load, like a 2-lb pistol.

Buckle Design

Buckles of tactical belts are typically made of metal or plastic. Metal is undeniably strong, but it can’t pass through metal detectors like what plastic buckles excel at. Regardless of your choice, make sure that it locks tight to give a secure grip.

As for the mechanism, quick-release is pretty convenient in locking or unlocking the belt in a single click. Make sure that the quick-release buckle is made of genuine hardware to ensure durability. AustriAlpin creates the most durable hardware, like Cobra buckle, as their products have been rated and tested for rigging use.

Molle Loops And Clips

For easy attachment of gear and accessories, look for Molle loops built around the belt. The loops should be strong enough to carry heavy gear, like a gun holster or a flashlight. They should be attached securely to the belt to keep the items in place.

Some belts include a clip to hang your water bottle and a Molle pouch to store phones, tools, and other essentials. This is great as long as they don’t get in your way.


The size can also affect the effectiveness of a tactical belt. You want something that’s not too large as the end part can overhang and get in the way for easy movement. The worst-case scenario is the items can fall off the belt.

Look at the width and thickness. A thin belt isn’t ideal for a heavy load as it may curl and sag eventually. You want the right thickness to hold up the load and increase the connection options for holster and accessories.

To get a good fit, look for adjustability. Refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart, so you can choose the correct size.


The straps of tactical belts are typically made of leather, nylon, or polyester blend. Leather gun belts are stronger and thicker than their nylon counterparts, making them perfect for concealed carry. They also look good and professional on any pants.

However, these leather belts can feel a little cumbersome, especially if they’re tightly fastened. They use a single prong to fit into the holes of the belt, but they don’t give enough adjustability as many nylon belts that use a quick-release buckle. They’re faster to take on and off, though.

Nylon is strong and durable but not as expensive as leather. Not all nylon belts are strong, so look for reinforced stitching for extra strength and stability. The best thing about nylon is that it’s quick drying, lightweight, and gives a little stretch for flexibility.

Polyester/cotton blend is also strong, but not as much as leather and nylon. Cotton is known to be a soft and breathable material, but with the addition of polyester, it becomes tougher and resists shrinkage.

Are Tactical Belts Good


Yes, tactical belts are good, especially for carrying a gun holster or other gear in your waistline. These belts are also pretty durable and strong to hold up well against a heavy load or constant use outdoors. As you can carry essential items, they can help you survive in any tactical mission or outdoor activity.

How Wide Are Tactical Belts

Tactical belts, especially the EDC type, have a width of 1.5 inches. Rigger’s belts can go around 1.75 inches wide, while the duty belts are at least 2 inches wide.


The best tactical belts keep your tactical pants and gear securely around your waist. Our tactical belt review shows that our top choice is from Condor because it includes two removable mag pouches and four loops to carry additional accessories. The belt itself feels rigid for outdoor activities. Belts also can help tuck pants and jackets.

If you want a buckle with high hardness and durability, opt for metal buckles from JUKMO, Tacticon, and Fairwin. The 5.11 tactical belts, styles 59551 and 59405, all seem to last with their rugged construction. Jumbofit offers the best bundle with the addition of a water bottle clip and Molle pouch.

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