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The Best Tactical Fanny Packs for Any Mission

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical fanny pack

If you want to only bring a few items to hiking or other outdoor activity, a tactical fanny pack might be an ideal option than a burdensome large backpack.

The best tactical fanny pack contains multiple compartments, including the main one that can house a pistol, ammo, or other items. Many love this tactical bag because it provides full freedom of movement, convenience, and comfort.

Tactical fanny packs were initially marketed as concealed carry for law enforcers, but now anyone can use them for light packing.

  • Pockets: Deciding the number and size of pockets depend on how much gear you’re planning to carry in your adventure. Make sure that everything fits. Also, try to find ones with zippered internal pockets that are secure and easy to open.
  • Molle System: To extend the storage capacity, find a fanny pack that offers strong Molle straps. These straps allow extra items, like a water bottle holder and sunglasses. They shouldn’t get in the way when you access the pockets.
  • Adjustable Belt: Since this type of bag sits around the hips or waist, ensure that the belt is durable. You want the strap not to get loose in the middle of your journey. Also, the belt should be able to extend its length to wear the pack in any position.

You can fit in a lot of stuff, including a phone, wallet, keys, and other personal items. These bags are truly convenient, so when buying a tactical fanny pack, here are the basic things to consider.

It’s challenging to pick the right fanny pack for the mission, so we came up with a more comprehensive buying guide below. You can also get insights from our top recommendations.


Top 1
DYJ Tactical Fanny Pack

  • Built with lots of pockets
  • Large main compartment
  • Water-resistant 1000D nylon fabric

Top 2
FRTKK Pistol Fanny Pack

  • Can hold any size of pistol
  • Sturdy 1000D nylon fabric
  • Designated slots for magazines

Top 3
CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack

  • Waterproof and soft interior
  • Versatile to wear in any position
  • Made of tough 1000D nylon fabric

10 Top-rated Tactical Fanny Pack Reviews

1. DYJ Tactical Fanny Pack

When bringing only a few essentials for my hunting trip, I prefer this tactical waist bag rather than my large old backpack. This tactical fanny pack from DYJ offers five pockets for sufficient storage.

The main compartment is large and has a divider to keep my cell phone, hunting knife, and other tactical gear like a compass and flashlight. The middle front pocket fits my wallet perfectly, while the two side pockets can hold my hand sanitizer and other small items just fine.

Still, my favorite spot is the back pocket. With its zipper, I can safely keep my credit cards and passport then retreat them with ease.

This combat fanny pack is well-made with a tough ABS buckle and water-resistant 1000D Oxford nylon. Such material gives the bag a rug look and excellent durability. Besides, water rolls right off the fabric when I wear the pack in the rain.

Thankfully, the waist strap is adjustable, so I can modify the strap length to wear the fanny pack on my shoulder or chest.

The best part of this fanny pack is the Molle external expansion system which allows me to attach a water bottle holder. In addition, it’s my personal preference to put patches on my tactical bag, so having the velcro slots at the front and top is good news to me.

 Heads-up:  However, this tactical fanny pack looks a little bulky when its front pockets are fully packed.

  • Adjustable waist strap and tough ABS buckles
  • Molle extendability to carry extra stuff, like a water bottle holder
  • Has a large main compartment with dividers to store items
  • Built with lots of pockets: side pockets, back pocket, etc.
  • Designed with a water-resistant 1000D nylon fabric
  • Has velcro slots for customized patches
  • A bit bulky when the front pockets are fully packed
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, DYJ offers multiple storage options with its pockets and Molle expansion system. It can also be used under light rain as water rolls off the fabric.

2. FRTKK Concealed Carry Pistol Fanny Pack

FRTKK offers another quick access concealed carry fanny pack that fits any pistol size. It seems pretty quick to pull out the gun on either side. But for me, I choose the right since I like to put the barrel to the left of my hand.

One of the good attributes of this bag is the integrated magazine slots at the main compartment to store ammo. What’s even better is the single elastic strap to hold the barrel secure. As a result, I don’t need to worry about guns accidentally firing when using this bag for my gun.

I especially love the zippered back pocket as it’s safe to store my valuables, like cash and credit cards. The front pocket has a good size to keep my phone when hunting or hiking, while the side pockets hold smaller items like keys very securely.

There’s a lot of Molle webbing built in this bag, offering me more storage options for extra accessories.

Thanks to the mesh pad on the back, the 1000D nylon feels sturdy, but it doesn’t feel too stiff. Besides, the bag is well-ventilated so I do not experience any sweaty situations when wearing it.

 Heads-up:  However, this holster fanny pack looks bulky when I pack my gun and ammo.

  • Can hold any size of pistol and is easy to draw
  • Has designated slots for magazines and elastic strap to hold the barrel
  • Comes with a zippered back pocket, front pocket, and side pockets
  • Made with lots of Molle straps throughout for extra accessories
  • Created from sturdy 1000D nylon fabric with breathable mesh pad
  • Looks a bit bulky when fully loaded up
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this tactical fanny pack holster is perfect for storing a handgun, ammo, and a few valuables for a mission. In addition, this bag has a retention strap to hold the barrel for safety.

3. CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack

This military fanny pack from CREATOR holds up nicely in my daily life. I can fit a lot of survival gear into multiple pockets without being too bulky or heavy.

This tactical waist pack offers five compartments, with the main providing two sections for my smartphone, multitool, and other gear. My two cameras fit just right into the side pockets, while the larger middle pocket stores my wallet securely. And, the back pocket is a perfect place to store my documents.

The 1000D nylon fabric is used to construct this sturdy bag for outdoor use. Best of all, it’s waterproof, ensuring the safety of my electric devices from moisture damage.

The adjustable strap holds the pack securely around my waist. And, I love the silky cotton interior because it doesn’t scratch on the surfaces of my devices.

Also, this tactical lumbar pack can be worn in different ways, depending on the situation. For example, when I want quick access to my gear, it can stay on the front. And I move the bag onto my shoulder when it gets a little heavy.

 Heads-up:  Also, my water bottle storage pouch and first aid kit fit nicely into the Molle external expansion system. However, the zippers need to be realigned a bit before working smoothly as intended.

  • Doesn’t look bulky when filled with stuff
  • Molle compatible for large storage
  • Versatile to wear in any position
  • Features five pockets -main compartment, three on the front, and one at the back
  • Made of tough 1000D nylon fabric with an adjustable strap
  • Built with a waterproof, soft interior to protect gadgets
  • Zippers need some rework before use
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the CREATOR tactical waist pack can provide compact storage for a few essentials on any outdoor activity. This military lumbar pack features five functional pockets plus extra storage for gear.

4. FAMI Fanny Deployment Bag Tactical Pack

The FAMI deployment bag impresses me with its large capacity at a compact size. The bag has a maximum capacity of 5 liters, plus some more when using the Molle system.

I can configure the pack to carry in many ways. Using the attachment points, I can make this bag as a chest pack or wear it as a fanny pack with its long strap.

My favorite is the internal organization, as it holds my keys, wallet, smartphone, and more compact tools for hiking or camping.

The 600D polyester fabric is as durable as any other special forces tactical fanny pack model. When I took the bag to go hiking, the zippers held well from the rugged environment. I like that the compartments are zippered because I don’t have to worry about items falling down when jumping or running.

This Molle tactical waist pack has plenty of loops and fixtures points to mount on the handlebars. Even on rocky roads, a few additional Velcro straps held the pack very still. For its quality, I’m impressed with the good price.

 Heads-up:  However, the opening of the main compartment is a little small, so I had a difficult time getting some stuff out.

  • Features a 5-liter capacity with extendable Molle system
  • Can be worn in a lot of ways- e.g., fanny pack, chest pack, etc.
  • Great internal organization with zippered compartments to hold items
  • Built with tough 600D polyester fabric and durable zippers
  • Easy to attach to handlebars using the loops and fixture points
  • A good price; comes with Velcro straps to keep the bag secure
  • The opening of the main compartment is a little small
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the FAMI deployment bag got the versatility and storage space to make any outdoor activity convenient. In addition, the bag offers plenty of pockets with great internal organization to hold items well.

5. HUNTVP Tactical Waist Pack Bag

The HUNTVP military fanny pack has that same pocket design as most packs- a large compartment, three front pockets, and a back pocket. It can be worn at the back, front, shoulders, and chest, making it very versatile to carry around.

The 900D nylon fabric looks rugged for hiking in the wilderness. On occasions when I’m caught in a drizzle, the bag can resist water from intruding for a while. I especially like the inner silky cotton material because it’s waterproof, keeping my things safe from moisture.

This tactical belt bag features a sturdy Molle external expansion system for attaching my sunglasses and flashlight. I’m impressed that the zippers are secured tightly with solid stitching. Also, the adjustable belt fits just right to my hips and doesn’t get loosened throughout the day.

The main compartment is large enough to fit my iPad mini. The other extra pockets work well in storing all my lures when fishing. I like to use the front pockets to hold my wallet, keys, and other small essentials in other activities.

 Heads-up:  However, none of the front pockets fit my large phone, so I have to leave the main compartment open for easy access.

  • Versatile to carry around on the shoulder, back, and front
  • Designed with a rugged 900D nylon that’s water-resistant against light rain
  • Incorporated with a waterproof inner material
  • Molle compatible with zippers secured by solid stitching
  • Has multiple pockets to store small items, like phone, keys, and wallet
  • Stays and fits around the waist nicely
  • Front pockets can’t fit my large phone
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this HUNTVP military fanny pack feels sturdier than most fanny packs with its solid stitching. This military tactical fanny pack is water-resistant enough to protect items from light rain.

6. Tacticool Tactical Fanny Pack

This tactical hip bag from Tacticool reminds me so much of my old Maxpediton tactical fanny pack with its enhanced external attachment points and pocket locations. I found four pockets built in the bag, specifically on the rear, front, middle, and main, all perfect for carrying EDC items.

The upper portion has that loop perfect for securing pens and an elastic string to fix a tiny water bottle. The rear pocket is ideal for placing my valuables like credit cards, while the front pocket holds my iPhone 11 Pro Max just fine. Moreover, the main holder serves me well in storing my 45 gun.

The best attribute of this pack is the Molle panels, where I can attach more gear. I found out that these panels can easily be fixed to my plate carrier or vest. Also, I love the quick-release buckle strap with its great adjustability to fit even the large waist of my father.

The pack is made from heavy-duty 600D nylon with a nice velcro spot to attach to my favorite patch. This package does come with a US flag patch, but I like to swap it for my other patch collections.

 Heads-up:  The only thing that troubles me is that the strap tends to get loose when I jump or run. I recommend users stitch the straps for more security.

  • Has multiple pockets to hold EDC items and even a gun
  • Developed with a designated place for pens and an elastic string for other items
  • Molle panels allow the attachment of small items and into the vest or plate carrier
  • Fits any waist size with the adjustable quick-buckle strap
  • Built of 600D nylon with a velcro patch slot
  • Includes a US flag patch
  • Might get loose when running or jumping
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this Tacticool fanny pack offers plenty of space for storage. The main pocket can even hold a gun for concealed carry.

7. ArcEnCiel Tactical Fanny Pack

I was looking for a small bag to hold my S & WM & P 40 cal, just like my previous Voodoo tactical fanny pack, and ArcEnCiel had me at this model. ArcEnCiel is a tactical fanny pack designed to keep a large-framed handgun and a few supplies.

This mens tactical fanny pack has Molle straps on both sides, making it convenient to carry an extra water bottle or walkie-talkie. Even with the extra gear, this pack still fits my hip nicely.

I love the large main compartment of this Molle fanny pack because besides fitting a large handgun, it can fit my cash and other documents in a separate section. The front pockets open easily and let me organize small things easily. I especially love the zippered back pocket because it keeps my phone secure even when I run.

The water-resistant 1000D nylon fabric feels pretty strong as it holds up well after being dropped a couple of times and even stays dry under a drizzle. Since it is a lightweight bag, it adds no extra burden even when loaded up. I can wear it as a cross-body bag without feeling the bulkiness, and it looks good for both casual and work.

 Heads-up:  However, the bag came with a slight chemical smell, which may disappear for a few days after airing it out.

  • Has a large compartment that can fit a large-framed pistol
  • Built with Molle straps to expand storage capacity
  • Lightweight bag fits nicely, and won’t look bulky even when loaded up
  • Designed with easy-to-open front pockets and secure back pocket
  • Constructed from water-resistant 1000D nylon fabric
  • Its little chemical smell last for some first days
 Bottom Line:  ArcEnCiel offers one of the most superior construction with its water-resistant 1000D nylon fabric. It also offers plenty of pockets to keep everything needed for hiking, camping, or outdoor activity.

8. ComfortTac Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster

ComfortTac is another gun gear fanny pack with secure hold for a pistol for users to run and jump in various activities. Notably, this CCW fanny pack holds up while sweating and won’t cause further irritation.

I love the elastic holster that holds the gun inside the bag because it’s pretty strong and compatible with guns 6.5 inches long max. Best of all, the holster is in a vertical position, increasing the speed of draw. I can draw either left or right hand quickly, which is ambidextrous.

The construction is pretty outstanding, especially with the non-irritating 600D nylon fabric. This one has the best zippers because they’re made of YKK, which run pretty smooth.

Also, I found some padding inside the bag, enough to keep the gun scratch-free while I’m running.

There are two magazine slots built inside the bag and some handy pockets at the front. I can fit plenty of stuff, including some plastic cards, a small multifunctional knife, and a phone. The best part of this bag is that the strap stays secure on my hip no matter how hard I move or jump.

 Heads-up:  However, this fanny pack can’t fit large pistols, like Glock 19.

  • Can hold pistol down even while running due to the strong elastic holster
  • Quick to draw at either hand, thanks to the vertical holster position
  • 600D nylon fabric won’t irritate the skin; YKK zippers run smoothly
  • Has enough padding to keep the gun safe from scratches
  • Built with two magazine slots and front pockets
  • Strap won’t be loosened even when moving
  • May not fit large pistols
 Bottom Line:  Overall, ComfortTac is the right fanny pack for holding a small gun while running. This one comes with a strong holster and enough interior padding to keep the gun in place.

9. Lemon Park Tactical Waist Bag Military Fanny Pack

Lemon Park is a small tactical fanny pack ideal for camping and mountaineering because of its large capacity. This tactical pack can fit in many EDC items and a water bottle.

The best feature of this bag is the water bottle holder, which is made of the same material as the bag, 1000D military nylon.

I discovered that the said holder could fit the standard 16-oz bottle. When attached to the bag, the bottle pouch fits securely and won’t get loose even when I’m moving actively.

The main compartment is spacious, enough to fit two more water bottles or an SLR camera. The front pockets are good to store for smaller items, like a map, smartphone, and compass. Thankfully, the waistband is large to fit comfortably around my hips.

The construction appears to be sturdy, especially the zippers. The zippers held up well even though I yanked them hard. Also, the nylon fabric seems thick enough to support any weight of the item.

 Heads-up:  Sure, the water bottle holder is a great idea; however, it can only hold a limited size bottle. I hoped it would fit my Gatorade or standard bicycle water bottle.

  • Comes with a free water bottle holder that can hold 16-oz bottles
  • Made of thick 1000D nylon fabric and strong zippers
  • Built with a large main pocket and front pockets
  • Comfortable to wear with the large waistband
  • Water bottle pouch can’t hold larger water bottle containers
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, this Lemon Fanny Pack is ideal for long hikes as it offers a free water bottle holder. This bag also provides multiple pockets for other important stuff.

10. 5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch

The Select Carry Pistol Pouch comes in a compact size and secure fit around my waist. This 5.11 fanny pack is my favorite concealed carry holster due to its low-profile design with two extra pockets for accommodating two additional ammo.

This pouch’s main compartment measures 6.5 inches x 14 inches, thus fitting any standard small pistol. In detail, this pistol fanny pack fits my Glock 19 nicely, not too snug that it’s hard to take the gun out. Using the hot pull tabs, I can access the gun within seconds in emergencies.

Furthermore, I feel reassured that the concealed pistol stays secure inside the bag because the elastic bands hold it down pretty well.

The construction seems to be excellent with this one. The 1050D nylon feels rugged with fully adjustable straps for a snug and comfortable fit around large waistlines. The compact design ensures that this tactical hip pack won’t get in the way when I wear a winter jacket.

 Heads-up:  Besides wearing it as a waistband holster, I can use this fanny pack like a sling bag or shoulder carry bag, which shows its versatile nature. However, this Select Carry Pistol Pouch is slightly more expensive than other tactical fanny packs.

  • Has 2 integrated magazine slots to carry extra ammo
  • 5×14-inch compartment to fit any standard small pistol
  • Has hot pull tabs allow easy access and elastic bands to secure the pistol
  • Designed with durable construction of 1050D rugged material
  • Fully adjustable straps can fit large waistlines
  • Versatile to carry around on the hip and shoulder
  • Costs a bit more than standard tactical fanny packs
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this 5.11 tactical fanny pack can hold a small pistol and a few ammo. This low profile tactical fanny pack is so versatile for carrying as a hip, shoulder bag, or sling bag.

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Fanny Packs


Tactical fanny packs are convenient to carry outdoors because they make items accessible. Bringing a pistol becomes more comfortable as you don’t need to deal with IWB holsters or bulky pockets of a standard backpack.

When you decide to buy your best fanny pack, here are things to consider.


Tactical fanny packs may look identical, but they come in different styles. The military-style look like a regular waist pack with their adjustable strap or simply a pouch, containing plenty of pockets and compartments.

A slightly larger option is an outdoor tactical fanny pack, which almost works as a small backpack for extreme outdoor activities. The only difference is that you carry these heavy-duty packs on the waist with bottle holders, several zippered pockets, and extendable straps.

If you plan to carry a gun, choose a fanny pack for concealed carry. The main compartment is usually easy to access for quick drawing of a weapon. In addition, it has a special slot of mags and extra storage for a few items.

Construction material

Tactical fanny packs are actually built for rugged use. To make sure that the pack can last long in the wilderness, look for a wear-resistant fabric construction.

Nylon is a popular material for this bag because of its superior water resistance. However, for daily or rugged use, look for a canvas fabric that’s more durable than nylon. When considering the construction material, choose a higher denier count as it normally indicates more strength.

Besides the fabric, look at the material for the buckles and zippers. Ensure that this hardware can hold up constant abuse.


Pockets and compartments are important for the organization of your items. An ideal fanny pack should allow you to pack a variety of stuff. The number of pockets can go around 3-5, depending on the size of the tactical fanny pack.

The main compartment is where it offers the largest capacity. If you want to carry a gun, make sure that this part is fully secured with an elastic band to hold the barrel. Also, look for padding to protect the gun from scratches while traveling.

The front pockets are the best place to store smaller items, like phones, wallets, and keys. You need to look for a zippered back pocket to hide valuables, like credit cards and bills.

Molle System

A Molle system can help increase the storage capacity of your fanny pack. Molle is those rows of fabric stitched to the bag. These panels are used to attach extra gear, like a water bottle pouch, first aid kit, or other lightweight items.

Some Molle compatible packs even allow you to attach the bag to the vest, handlebars, and other backpacks for more convenience.

Adjustable Strap

Most tactical fanny packs have an adjustable strap to fit the largest waistlines. The adjustability also adds to the versatility of the bag. It allows you to wear the bag in multiple ways.

The classic style of wearing the fanny pack is on the front or side for easy access. However, if you don’t want the distraction of the front pack while doing something, you can turn it around to your back. You can lengthen the strap to wear the pack cross-body style for a more modern look.

What Can I Keep in My Tactical Fanny Pack


There are so many things you store in your tactical fanny pack. You can store a phone, wallet, utility knife, keys, credit cards, and other small items. Some bags even allow the storage of a pistol and mags in the main compartment, while others offer a free pouch for water bottles.

Those with a Molle system can fit additional gear, like sunglasses, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.

Is a Fanny Pack Considered Concealed Carry

Yes, some models can be considered as a concealed carry waist pack, especially when they come with elastic holsters and magazine slots. Examples are the Select Carry Pistol Pouch and Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack.

Are Tactical Fanny Packs Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Tactical fanny packs are typically water-resistant, especially those using nylon as the material. Some of the contents incorporate a waterproof inner liner to protect the contents inside. You can always waterproof the exterior by applying a water repellent.

What’s the Difference Between a Tactical Fanny Pack and a Regular Fanny Pack

Regular fanny packs aren’t constructed for extreme uses like the tactical ones. They’re built as a casual bag for daily use. Tactical fanny packs are durable with more specialized compartments and straps that secure well.


Tactical fanny packs come truly handy for those who want to keep the load out from their backs. My top recommendation as the best tactical fanny pack is the Select Carry Pistol Pouch from 5.11 Tactical because the 1050D nylon is the strongest out there. This bag also conceals a gun while maintaining a low profile.

The DYJ tactical fanny pack might be a good alternative if you want to carry more essentials. This one offers plenty of pockets and a Molle system to attach extra pouches.

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