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The Best Tactical Knee Pads to Save Your Knees & Prevent Some Pain!

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical knee pads

The best tactical knee pads protect your patellae from chronic pains caused by the wear and tear of the tissues. The knee joints which are protected by the patellae are prone to injuries if not cautiously protected. That is where the knee pads come in.

When watching action and war movies, we love seeing protagonists and soldiers drop on their knees, guns blazing. While we usually notice the cool-looking goggles, vests, and other pieces of equipment, the knee pads rarely are taken into account.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or the nature of the work you are doing. Protecting your knees is of paramount importance. Luckily, just by wearing tactical knee pads, you do not have to worry so much about different ways to protect your knees.

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing knee pads:

  • Durability – The knee pad’s caps should be made of durable yet flexible materials that can withstand the impact from any surface. Military knee pads usually are made of high-density polyethylene, which is flexible, tough, and somewhat breathable.
  • Cushioning material – An ideal knee pad should have a flexible yet tough cap and comfortable padding on the inside. The inside padding must also have good shock absorption qualities. Neoprene is a valued material because it does not absorb moisture and has high impact resistance.
  • Straps – The strap is another key feature that one should consider when buying knee pads. The adjustable straps are helpful when you wear pads over different clothing. Usually, these are made of Velcro, which is a comfortable yet adjustable material.

In this review, I’ve compiled some of the functional tactical knee pads for different purposes. Included as well is a comprehensive buying guide to help you decide which tactical knee pad suits you best. Read on to know more!


Top 1
Blackhawk Tactical Knee Pad

  • Nylon shell and side pads
  • High-density foam padding
  • 600D durable nylon construction

Top 2
Alta Tactical Knee Pads 

  • Flexible Cordura nylon material
  • Skid-resistant military knee pads
  • Unique Alta Strapkeeper system

Top 3
Hatch XTAK Tactical Knee Pads

  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Features durable, skid-resistant
  • EVA high-density foam padding

Best Tactical Knee Pad Reviews

1. Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Knee Pad

The Blackhawk Tactical Knee Pads are among the finest knee pads in the market today. We can rely on the product to have comfort and ultimate protection to our knees.

The cap of this knee pad is made of durable 600D nylon material. It offers flexibility and abrasion resistance which is ideal for daily tasks and extreme activities.

Also, the nylon shell and its extended side padding feature provide extra protection to the knees. The molded cap keeps my knee caps and the sides of my knees safe from impact.

This tactical knee pad also has high-density foam padding on the inside. Such a feature is for top-tier shock resistance and moisture absorption. Thus, it allows us to feel comfortable when wearing the knee pads for a long time.

Another great thing about this knee pad is its Velcro straps with stretchy hooks and loops. It does the job of keeping the knee pads secured in place. I’ve tried using it on an airsoft session that lasted for almost 3 hours, and the pads stayed on my knees without buckling.

 Heads-up:  The only downside about the elastic bands of this pad is it wearing out sooner than I expected.

  • 600D durable nylon construction for flexibility and abrasion resistance
  • Nylon shell and side pads for extra protection in the front and sides
  • High-density foam padding for shock resistance and moisture absorption
  • Secured in place by Velcro straps with stretchy hooks and loops
  • Velcro straps feel uncomfortable when worn for an extended period
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the Blackhawk Tactical Non-slip Knee Pads are an excellent choice for a variety of purposes. But it shines best when used in extreme sports and military activities.

2. Alta Tactical Superflex Knee Pads 50413

Whenever I go playing airsoft or paintball, this is my go-to knee pad. These skid-resistant military knee pads protected my knees numerous times during games. It minimizes the pain I feel when I fall due to running at high speed.

The flexible cap made of Cordura nylon material adds traction to the knees. This feature proved helpful when I was kneeling in the woods or rocks to secure my position while playing. Such a cover also ensures better durability for the pads.

Aside from this, the inner padding feels comfortable, allowing me to play for long hours. In truth, the padding is made of memory foam that adjusts to the contours of the knees. Such a customizable design is beneficial in reducing the physical stress that my knees endure.

What makes this knee pad unique is the Alta Strapkeeper system. This feature locks on the excess straps and keeps them from flapping around while we are moving. It also comes with an easy on/off Alta buckle fastening system, which makes strapping the knee pads a breeze.

 Heads-up:  However, the buckle straps are made of plastic which is not sturdy compared to other buckle materials.

  • Skid-resistant military knee pads
  • Flexible Cordura nylon material for better traction and durability
  • Memory foam padding that is adjustable to the user’s knees
  • Unique Alta Strapkeeper system secures with excess buckle straps
  • Easy on/off Alta buckle fastening system for convenience
  • Plastic Strap Buckles is not as durable as the buckle
 Bottom Line:  To conclude, the Tactical SuperFlex Military Knee Pads are built for comfort and built to protect the user’s knees. Plus, the strap keeper system provides an additional safety measure. What a genuinely cost-efficient product, in my opinion!

3. Hatch XTAK Tactical Knee Pads

This piece is highly recommended for players seeking lightweight, flexible, and durable models in every tactical knee pads review. The Hatch XTAK Tactical Knee pads protect our knees at the highest level without compromising the other two.

Not only that, but this tactical knee pad also features EVA high-density foam padding. The quality padding makes the knee pads comfortable and highly shock-absorbent. Besides, the inner surface is also moisture absorbent which prevents bad odors due to sweat.

The outer part of these tactical knee pads is durable Cordura nylon shells. Aside from its high durability, such nylon caps also provide traction to the knees. Hence, when I wear knee pads like this one, I can comfortably get into a kneeling position without sliding.

The straps of this knee pad are made of elastic spandex with hook and loop closures. I find the elastic spandex strap convenient because it can be adjusted to fit any leg size. The hook and loop closure makes it easy to wear and remove.

 Heads-up:  The only downside of this is that the elastic spandex only lasts for several months of abuse. After that, it stretches to a point where it can no longer hold the knee pads in place.

  • EVA high-density foam padding provides comfort and shock absorption
  • The inner surface has moisture absorption that prevents bad sweat odors
  • Features durable, skid-resistant Cordura Nylon shells
  • Adjustable spandex straps can fit any leg size
  • Easy to wear and remove due to the hook and loop closure
  • The elastic spandex strap only lasts for a couple of months
 Bottom Line:  The XTAK knee pads provide me with protection while being lightweight and comfortable. Players don’t have to worry about their leg size because the straps are made of adjustable spandex.

4. AltaContour Knee pads

AltaContour Knee Pads is yet another high-quality product from Alta Industries. It is designed to protect the knees and elbow while providing comfort. These tactical knees and elbow pads can keep up with erratic motions and have a comfortable fit.

The rugged knee cap is made of durable Cordura nylon fabric. These knee pads do a great job of protecting my knees when I am kneeling. I’ve tried using it on wet, rough, and hard surfaces, and it never failed me.

Notably, thick neoprene padding provides comfort to the knees due to its soft foam padding. The inner padding also has a finished tricot lining that keeps dirt and debris out. It also absorbs moisture which in turn prevents the tactical knee pads from getting smelly.

The best thing about these knee pads is the Alta Strapkeeper System. I’ve experienced many accidents due to the straps getting caught up on railings and other things, but not with this knee pad. The strap keeper system offers better security and adjustability for my knees.

 Heads-up:  Beyond that, I would’ve loved it more if these tactical knee traps are made a little thicker.

  • Rugged and flexible knee cap made of Cordura Nylon
  • Thick neoprene padding provides comfort and firm support to the knee
  • Excess straps are secured in place by the Alta Strapkeeper System
  • Has a non-slip adjustable strap that fits any leg size
  • Features finished tricot lining to keep dirt and debris out and prevent smells
  • A little thinner than expected
 Bottom Line:  Trainers looking for a knee pad without a high price tag should check these adjustable and comfortable tactical knee pads. The item is a real bang for the buck!

5. Rothco Tactical Protective Knee pads

The Rothco Tactical Protective Knee Pads is a one-size-fits-all gear. These tactical knee pads work great for playing airsoft, paintballs, mountain climbing, and other extreme sports.

This knee pad features a non-slip rubber cap which is ideal for crawling through different surfaces. It also works when scaling rough, uneven surfaces such as mountainsides or artificial rock walls, as the knee pad’s rubber caps prevent slipping from any surface.

The 0.5-inch foam padding provides comfort to the knees. Even after wearing the knee pads for an extended period, I barely felt any stress on my knees. The padding is also covered by a 900 denier polyester fabric which is a rugged yet comfortable material.

The padding is secured to the cap by non-reflective grommets. Thus, we can stay low-key when wearing the protective pieces, making them ideal military knee pads.

Furthermore, these knee pads feature dual hook and loop fasteners to keep them in place even when making constant motions for hours. I found this helpful when repositioning in the field while playing airsoft and paintball. The knee pads barely moved at all.

 Heads-up:  On the other hand, the velcro straps are a bit short, but it won’t shake loose once it is fastened compared to other knee pads.

  • Ideal for playing airsoft, paintballs, mountain climbing, and extreme sports
  • Has a non-slip rubber cap that prevents slipping
  • Foam padding provides the user comfort and reduces stress on the knees
  • Non-reflective grommets for a low-key appearance
  • Secured by hook and loop fasteners that keep the knee pads in place
  • Velcro straps are a bit short
 Bottom Line:  Rothco Protective Knee Pads are an all-rounder when it comes to protecting the knees. It is ideally used for extreme sports, but it can also get the job done when doing tasks at home or work.

6. ACK, LLC HWI Next Generation Knee Pads

Among other common and standard pieces in tactical knee pads reviews, these HWI Next-generation knee pads are top-notch ballistic knee pads that we can rely on in any tactical setting.

These tactical knee pads are highly durable, and it is probably one of the toughest in the market today. In detail, the STPA cap that is constructed out of durable nylon promotes heavy-duty protection to its users. This is ideal for law enforcement, military operations, and other rough encounters.

It is also ergonomically designed to be lightweight but can still absorb impacts thanks to its high-density foam padding. This allows the user to move about freely on the field, kneeling, crouching, or sliding along the way.

Aside from the high-density foam, the gel padding also provides an extra cushion which helps when hitting the ground. Crouching and kneeling for prolonged periods are also made bearable because of the comfort provided by the gel padding.

Finally, this one-size-fits-all knee pad is also held securely by adjustable quick-release straps. This is perfect for suiting up on the go and for easy strap removal.

 Pros:  Though the focus functions well, I can’t wear bifocal glasses comfortably with the night vision because I need to lift my head to constantly try to focus. I also have a little dilemma trying to find the buttons in the dark.

  • Has an STPA Cap of durable nylon for heavy-duty protection
  • Ideal for law enforcement, military operations & rough encounters
  • High-density foam padding: lightweight yet shock absorbent
  • Has gel padding that provides extra cushion
  • Held securely by quick-release straps
  • Requires proper guide to wear due to the gel padding
 Bottom Line:  All in all, with good all-around protection and a lightweight frame, these knee pads are ideal for military personnel. We can rely on the paddings to provide superior protection with its durable nylon material.

7. Condor Outdoor Knee Pads

This next piece is an absolute must-have for people looking for shooting knee pads. Condor Knee Pads is a worthy investment when choosing gears for airsoft and paintball.

For someone who works on my knees a lot, both at work and when playing games, the Condor Outdoor Knee Pads are a cost-efficient piece of my gear. Not only does it provide complete protection to my knees, but it also comes at a lower price compared to other knee pads.

The rubber caps provide traction when kneeling on uneven and wet surfaces. This feature is helpful when I need to steady my aim at an airsoft game. It also works when doing repairs at my house that compels me to kneel to fix something steadily.

Furthermore, these comfortable knee pads come with high-density foam. When kneeling for extended periods, this feature comes in handy. It reduces the stress that your knee joints feel, thus, avoiding chronic pains.

Another feature that I like about these two knee pads is how easy to secure in and remove. The buckle, along with the straps, secures the knee pads in place.

 Heads-up:  I noticed that the buckle is only made of plastic that is not that durable compared to other materials.

  • Best knee pads at an affordable price
  • Rubber caps provide traction when kneeling on uneven and wet surfaces
  • High-density foam in tactical knee pads for comfortable wear
  • The strap position is easy to secure in and remove
  • The buckle and straps hold the knee pads in place
  • Buckles are from plastic
 Bottom Line:  Condor Outdoor Knee Pads may not be the best ones out there, but it is highly cost-efficient. Under the proper care and usage, these knee pads can help us for a long time in work and leisure activities.

8. IDOGEAR G3 protective pads

Sitting close to the Arc’teryx tactical knee pads, the IDOGEAR G3 Protective Pads offer vital protection to our knees. This rugged piece of protective gear can keep workers and trainees from getting injured due to its capability to withstand harsh tactical situations.

These protective knee pads are constructed from thermoplastic rubber, which effectively disperses strong force attacks. Wearing a quality rubber cap like this reduces the risk of having knee injuries when falling on your knees or doing exercise.

Notably, this protective knee pad is extremely lightweight, which makes wearing it barely noticeable.

Besides, the addition of compressed EVA high-density foam protects our knees from impacts while providing comfort. And it is designed to allow you to do rapid movements without being hindered by the knee pads. This is ideal for the use of quick-response and military personnel.

This knee pad is made for combat pants that have an internal knee pocket. They do take some time and bending, but they stay securely in place once they are in the pockets. It holds up well even when used under harsh combat situations.

 Heads-up:  The only problem that I saw is that you can only use it on combat pants by putting them into the combat pant pockets. Other tactical knee pads come with a strap and buckle to secure them.

  • Made of rugged thermoplastic rubber for protection against compact
  • Lightweight for long-hour wear
  • Compressed EVA high-density foam protects the knee from impacts
  • Allows rapid and flexible movements for quick-response missions
  • Stays securely inside combat pants’ internal knee pad pockets
  • Can only be used on combat pants
 Bottom Line:  All in all, these protective Knee Pads are one of the great knee pads for combat pants. These knee pads are ideal for absorbing shock while still being comfortable to the knee.

9. 5. 11 EXO.K1 External Knee Pads

When it comes to choosing the best tactical knee pads, EXO.K1 is an excellent addition to our tactical gear. These tactical knee pads possess shock resistance and are engineered to fit any knee size.

The EXO.K1 tactical knee pads are specifically designed for superior protection and stability. These advanced tactical knee pads have a unique flat-faced cap that provides stability when kneeling. With this feature, I can press on my knees on hard surfaces without feeling numb by pain.

It also has built-in traction that prevents it from skidding along flat and wet surfaces. Thus, these tactical knee pads are ideal for shooting training and games.

The caps are made of durable, lightweight nylon – one of the ideal materials for knee pads. Beneath the durable cap, EVA foam pads absorb shock from impacts. It also has great moisture retention that keeps the knee pads from having unwanted smells. Also, the thick layer of EVA foam makes wearing the knee pads comfortable.

Secured tightly in place by straps made from an elastic material, these tactical knee pads can perform well in many situations. Two elastic straps secure the knee pad, one on the upper part and one on the lower. They allow me to have excellent mobility without worries of the knee pads slipping out of place.

 Heads-up:  Although the straps are adjustable, the knee pads only come in one size. This could be a problem if users have a bigger knee size than normal.

  • The flat-faced cap provides ultimate stability when kneeling
  • Made of durable and lightweight nylon for comfortable wear
  • EVA foam absorbs shock from impact
  • Has great moisture retention qualities, preventing smells
  • Secured tightly by two adjustable straps made of elastic materials
  • Only comes in one size, not ideal for people with abnormal knee sizes
 Bottom Line:  EXO.K1 Tactical knee pads are one of the best lightweight knee pads in the market to sum it all up. The stability it provides makes it ideal for a variety of purposes. The elastic straps also help in securing the knee pads in place when moving around.

10. Emerson ARC Style Military Kneepads

When it comes to choosing the right tactical knee pads for playing paintball, Emerson ARC Style Military knee pads is the one that comes to mind. With their low price and outstanding features, these tactical knee pads are a must-have in our arsenal.

These ARC-style knee caps are of 1000-denier Cordura nylon construction. The durable rubber caps have non-slip qualities, which keep the knee from slipping on wet, uneven, and flat surfaces. It also has excellent longevity with proper care and when used under the right conditions.

A closed-cell foam padding on the inside makes the knee pads comfortable to wear. It also has great shock absorption, which protects the knees from the impact of falling on our knees. Maximum flexibility and comfort are assured when wearing these knee pads.

What I like about these knee pads, aside from their style, is the adjustable buckle system. I used these tactical knee pads so many times in different situations. The adjustable buckle system made it possible to be worn on top of combat pants and even casual cargo shorts.

Due to all the great functions, people can purchase the pair for military duties or active sports and outdoor games like hunting. Besides, shooting games will be more fun and safe when we wear these tactical knee pads to protect us.

 Heads-up:  One minor issue with this knee pad is its buckle. The buckles are thin, which makes them prone to breaking when not properly taken care of.

  • Made of durable and non-slip 1000-denier Cordura Nylon
  • Has great longevity when used under the right conditions
  • Closed-cell foam padding makes it comfortable to wear and shock absorbent
  • Has an adjustable buckle system making it fit for any size
  • Ideal for military duties, active and outdoor games
  • Buckles are thin, which makes them prone to breaking
 Bottom Line: Built with high-quality materials, Emerson ARC Style Military Knee Pads can get the job done. Complete with great durability and comfortability, this set of knee pads tick all the boxes of tactical gear for various intense duties.

11. Action Union Tactical Combat Knee Pads

This next entry is good news for a set of advanced tactical knee and elbow pads for playing airsoft, paintball, and other sports. In detail, this pair of Action Union tactical knee and elbow pads provide professional protection and utmost comfortability.

These uniquely designed elbow and knee pads have an X-shaped TPU outer shell. Due to the TPU material, we are guaranteed ideal flexibility to run, bend, jump, and other activities ưith utmost ease. Thus, it is a must-have pair for outdoor sports and shooting games.

The robust elastic straps secure the knee pads in place even when doing erratic movements. Also, the hook and loop design make this protective gear set easy to wear. The straps are also highly adjustable, making it fit any knee and elbow size.

What I like most about these protective pads is the high-density EVA foam inside the padding. This provides you resistance from impacts and also makes the pads extremely comfortable to wear. The padding also has breathable oxford cloth on the surface, providing it with moisture-absorbent qualities.

 Heads-up:  The only qualm I have with this set must be the short straps, as they seem a bit tight for people with bigger knees.

  • Unique and durable X-shaped TPU Outer shell
  • Provide flexibility for bending, running, and jumping
  • Elastic loop straps hold the pads in place
  • High-density EVA foam makes it highly comfortable to wear
  • Oxford cloth provides the pads with moisture-absorbent qualities
  • Quite tight due to the short straps
 Bottom Line:  A good all-around knee and elbow pad set at Action Union tactical knee and elbow pads hold up to almost any situation I’ve put it in. It is a great deal for an avid airsoft and paintball player like me.

12. T-Juan Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow Pads

The T-Juan MM Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow Pads is one of the lightest and strongest knee pads I’ve ever tried.

Its X-shaped structure that embraces the kneeling position nicely is the feature I like most about it. The design not only gives me superior protection but also provides me with excellent mobility. Plus, the plastic caps make it easier for me to slide without injuring my knees.

Its lightweight design scores big time. The weight of the knee and elbow pads is barely noticeable. This provides me extreme protection without compromising your movements and maneuvers in the field.

Furthermore, the spandex hook and loop closures make it easy to wear. They are well-thought-out designs that secure the protective pads in place, preventing injuries to the elbows and knees. Not only this, but the straps are highly adjustable, making them fit for any knee and elbow size.

Lastly, a shock-absorbent and thick neoprene foam protects your knees and elbows from impacts. It also provides a layer of comfort when wearing the protective pads for an extended period.

 Heads-up:  In my opinion, this set offers decent protection at such an affordable price. So, we should not expect it to last long upon harsh abuse.

  • Unique X-shaped design provides superior protection and great mobility
  • Has a lightweight construct for free movement
  • Spandex straps are highly adjustable
  • Hook and loop closure makes it easy to wear and secures the pads
  • Shock-absorbent and thick neoprene foam protects from impacts
  • An affordable product that protects well but does not last so long
 Bottom Line:  To conclude, these tactical knee elbow pads are a good addition to our protective equipment. Its high durability and mobility can make us more efficient in getting our tasks and activities done.

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Knee Pads


Knowing the answer to this question means you can make the most value out of your money. When looking for suitable tactical knee pads, a few critical factors should be taken into consideration. If you already have a few choices in mind, check the list below to narrow your options.

  • Cap Type – When choosing the ideal knee pads to use for your activity, the type of cap should be considered carefully. Choosing the right cap type and the material depends on your task. The caps should be made of strong yet flexible materials that can withstand impact and stress.

The type of knee cap that you should choose depends on what you will use it for. Currently, there are three cap types available for tactical knee pads- Rubber, Nylon, and Plastic. While rubber pairs prove to be flexible, plastic pads are more heavy-duty and well-fitted. Also, some might prefer paddings with nylon cover, which processes better traction.

  • Strap type – Never underestimate the importance of the knee pad straps. The straps secure the knee pads in position even when doing rapid movements. This prevents accidents that could prove dangerous to your knees. Aside from this, the strap is made from different materials. Some are elastic, some are not, some with buckles, and some with hook-and-loop closures.
  • Padding – The padding of your knee pads is an essential part of the protective gear. Having comfortable, shock-resistant padding is a must to ensure that your knees are properly protected. Most military-grade knee pads nowadays come with thick foam made from Polyurethane. This feature provides the knee with a soft landing which is extremely helpful in preventing injuries and chronic pains.
  • Knee Pad Comfort – Spending long hours kneeling can have a toll on your knees. Having a good, thick cushion between your knees and the surface you are kneeling on can mean a lot. This means no matter how long you put pressure on your knees; it will be comfortable.

This is probably one of the best things to consider before buying your knee pads to ensure that you will have a good experience when working or doing activities.

  • Cost – When buying knee pads, another vital thing to factor in is the cost. A standard product might cost you $20 – $40, depending on different materials and designs.

Spending more money doesn’t always mean you’ll have the best pair of knee pads at your disposal. Some of the ones that we feature today are from the low to the mid-range price point. What’s important about this is that you’ll get the most value out of your money.

  • Design – After sorting which material is ideal for your knee pad, its design is the next thing to look for. The design should embrace the anatomical features of your knee. The ideal knee pad should fit comfortably in your knees without buckling but not too fit to the point that it limits your knee movement. The important thing is you should not trade comfort for durability or vice versa.
  • Versatility – Knee pads can be used in a variety of ways. Oftentimes, they are used for combat situations, extreme sports, and shooting games. But these are not the only situations where knee pads are beneficial.

When buying knee pads, you should also consider buying the type to use in day-to-day activities such as jogging, home repairs, and automotive works. Having a versatile knee pad can save you a lot of hard-earned money while also providing you protection while doing daily tasks and extreme activities.

Additional Features – an optional factor to look for in your knee pads are the additional features it offers. They can be Hexpad technology that provides extra comfort, protection, and moisture resistance.

Some knee pads also feature strap-keeping technology, which helps lock in excess straps, thus avoiding accidents caused by loose straps. These features can come in handy, and they always add to the overall performance of your knee pads.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a tactical knee pad? How does it work?

Tactical knee pads are protective gears that safeguard our knees from substantial damage. Knee pads provide adequate protection when the knees are subjected to physical stress. It also helps in keeping the knees comfortable when kneeling for extended periods. Wearing a knee pad can mean the difference between sustaining injuries or keeping your knees safe and functional.

Knee pads protect the knees with the help of internal padding and a cap. The knee pad caps protect you from any surface that your knees come in contact with while the interior padding protects the knees from impacts and keeps them comfortable.

What are the different types of tactical knee pads?

There are many types of materials used for tactical knee pads. The military is known to use polyethylene because of its toughness and flexibility. Other materials used in making knee pads include rubber, gel, carbon fiber, and other high-density materials. Here are some of the most common types of knee pads in the market today:

  • Gel Knee Pads – Traditional knee pads contain foam padding to protect the knees. However, some of the new ones released in the market contain foam and gel paddings. This provides you with an additional layer of protection from impacts. It also provides your knees with extra comfort, which greatly reduces the amount of stress the Patellas on your knees receive. For people who are looking for extra protection and comfort, this is the way to go.
  • Hexpad Knee pads – Hexpad technology is a new method of padding that is being included in newer knee pad productions. This technology combines lightweight padding with moisture-resistant fabric. This is extremely helpful in keeping your knees comfortable and dry, even when worn for prolonged periods. The hexagonal shape of the padding also adjusts to the contours of your knee, thus, providing extra protection and mobility.
  • Kneeling Knee Pads – Kneeling knee pads are, as you guessed it, engineered for kneeling. These types of tactical knee pads are commonly used for individuals in construction, automotive, and other industries that require extended periods of kneeling. They usually offer the same amount of protection and skid resistance provided by traditional knee pads.
  • Trouser Knee Pads – Trouser knee pads are knee pads put inside specifically designed combat trousers. These knee pads may lack the usual straps, but it also functions just the same way as traditional knee pads. Once inside the knee pockets of combat trousers, this knee pad stays in place even after hours of rigorous activities.

Why do you need tactical knee pads?

Be it for work or leisurely activities, the job of protecting your knees lands on the tactical knee pads. This essential part of your protective gear prevents your knees from being injured. The kneecaps are prone to wear and tear if not appropriately protected.

Knee pads also provide comfort and flexibility. It reduces the physical stress on the knee caps, thus, preventing injuries and chronic pains.

Knee pads are a vital part of your protective gear. It protects the knees from a substantial amount of physical stress and provides them with another layer of protection from external shock. Knee pads also keep your knees comfortable even when kneeling for extended periods. This could be helpful in combat situations and during shooting games.

Knee pads can be used for a variety of purposes aside from combat. It is applicable in industrial and work-related tasks, as well as for home repairs. Automobile mechanics, for example, use tactical knee pads when doing repairs on cars, and they need to kneel for a prolonged time.

Also, check this list of the most comfortable tactical boots if you need.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best tactical knee pads?

According to Reddit, the best tactical gear for knees are from Arc’Teryx; the second one is the Crye Knee Pads. These two giants in the industry produce the best, not to mention costly knee and elbow protective pads. Other brands such as XTAK, Blackhawk, Alta, IDOGEAR, and a few others are the ones that cost a lot less but can still provide you with excellent knee and elbow protection.

How do you know what size tactical knee pads to get?

There are many ways to know what size of tactical knee pads to get. The ideal knee pad size should not hinder your movement. It should also not limit your ability to bend your knee. Otherwise, it could only cause injuries instead of preventing them.

One sure way to know the specific size of your knees is by using a soft tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around your outstretched leg, either at the top of your knee, at the middle, or the bottom part of your knee. You can then rely on this information to know which size is ideal for your knee.

Do tactical knee pads Prevent Injury?

Yes, They do! Based on studies, 8 percent of all workplace injuries are knee injuries. The Patella, which protects the knee joints, is prone to wear and tear if not protected properly.

This is where the knee pads come in. Knee pads are protective equipment that keeps the knees safe from injury and chronic pains. When we fall or receive a blow to the knee, knee pads will absorb the brunt of the impact, substantially lessening the amount of stress to our Patella and the knee joints.

Not only this, but the internal padding also helps by providing comfort to your knees. This slows down the deterioration process of the knees because of usual day-to-day activities such as walking, climbing the stairs, and others as such.

How to avoid smelling tactical knee pads?

There are a few ways to keep your tactical knee pad from having unwanted odors. The first one is to use the right detergent. Some detergents are designed to wash synthetic fibers commonly found on activewear and sportswear. These detergents can remove any smell from tactical knee pads and other sports equipment that you want to wash.

Keep in mind that you should not put the knee pads in the dryer as it can shrink the foam padding inside. Air drying is your best bet when cleaning your knee pads. It can take up to 12 hours to fully dry your knee pads, but exposing them to the sun can greatly reduce their drying time.

Another method is to use a small amount of vinegar and water to soak the knee pads. After being soaked for about 30 minutes, put them in the washer and use only a small amount of detergent.

How do you wear tactical knee pads?

While it is easy to wear tactical knee pads, wearing them PROPERLY is another matter. Tactical knee pads should be worn tight enough that they should not be moving around your knee, but not too tight that it will cut off blood circulation.

The knee pads should also be placed on the knee region, perfectly covering your knee. Having a tight strap that keeps the knee pads in place helps in preventing injuries from happening.

Who Needs to Wear Tactical Knee Pads?

A wide variety of people need to include knee pads in their protective gear. While we usually see military and law enforcement officers wear them, sports enthusiasts and workers from different fields also need to wear one.

Construction workers, industrial workers, and even home DIY experts should also wear tactical knee pads when working. Knee pads protect the knee from external forces and provide comfort, thus reducing the amount of physical stress the knees receive.


Be it at work or when doing extreme sports and activities. Protecting the knees are of paramount importance. The knee has little protection on its own, with only the skin and a thin layer of muscle to protect the Patella. This is why it is important to have a set of the best tactical knee pads to protect your knees when going to work or when doing extreme sports.

With our comprehensive review and buying guide, we hope to make it easier for you to choose which knee pad is ideal for you!

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