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What Are Some Words That Rhyme With Military?

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

words that rhyme with military

If you’re trying to improve your diction and make your poetry or songs more memorable, check out the best words that go with “military” below.

We’ve sorted them into rhyme categories to make the process easier.

Rhymes for “Military”

1. Perfect or Exact Rhymes

What rhymes are these? Essentially, perfect rhymes are rhymes that share a vowel and the consonant sounds following that vowel.

They contrast with slant rhymes, which may share a consonant sound but not the same vowel (or vice versa).

For a poem, here are the exact rhymes that will go well with “military.”

Word   Syllables Type
airy   2 adjective
bury   2 verb
berry   2 verb, noun
carry   2 verb
dairy   2 adjective, noun
fairy   2 adjective, noun
ferry   2 verb, noun
glary   2 adjective
hairy   2 adjective
merry   2 adjective
marry   2 verb
parry   2 verb, noun
perry   2 noun
sherry   2 noun
scary   2 adjective
vary   2 verb
wary   2 adjective
barberry   3 noun
blackberry   3 noun
blueberry   3 noun
cloudberry   3 noun
gooseberry   3 noun
Hail Mary   3 noun
library   3 noun
tilbury   3 noun
adversary   4 adjective, noun
arbitrary   4 adjective
apiary   4 noun
axillary   4 adjective
budgetary   4 adjective
capillary   4 adjective, noun
cautionary   4 adjective
cemetery   4 noun
commentary   4 noun
customary   4 adjective
dignitary   4 noun
February   4 noun
honorary   4 adjective
legendary   4 adjective
luminary   4 adjective
literary   4 adjective
mercenary   4 adjective, noun
ordinary   4 adjective
mortuary   4 adjective, noun
monetary   4 adjective
pulmonary   4 adjective
planetary   4 adjective
secondary   4 adjective
sanitary   4 adjective
seminary   4 noun
secretary   4 noun
tertiary   4 adjective, noun
temporary   4 adjective
apothecary   5 noun
capitulary   5 noun
confectionary   5 adjective
contemporary   5 adjective
disciplinary   5 adjective
extraordinary   5 adjective
fiduciary   5 adjective
hereditary   5 adjective
imaginary   5 adjective
itinerary   5 noun
judiciary   5 noun
obituary   5 noun
preliminary   5 adjective, noun
evolutionary   6 adjective
paramilitary   6 adjective, noun
revolutionary   6 adjective, noun
interdisciplinary   7 adjective

2. Slant Rhymes or Near Rhymes

As explained above, slant rhyming schemes have words that sound similar but are not exactly the same. In these schemes, it’s usually the consonants that are identical.

Word Syllables Type
vinegary 4 adjective
signatory 4 noun
minatory 4 adjective
prohibitory 5 adjective
obligatory 5 adjective
contributory 5 adjective
conciliatory 6 adjective


Now, you know some words that rhyme with military. Aside from our suggestions, you can certainly find more phrases and terms in dictionaries or on online web pages.

These tools will help in constructing rhymes with other words as well, such as with “soldier”, or with “army.”

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