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The Best Tactical Helmets (Bump and Ballistic)

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical helmets

Your head is the most vulnerable part of your body, so you want it protected during outdoor sports games and activities. The best tactical helmets provide head protection without compromising comfort. They also allow you to attach more accessories to make the task easier.

For example, you can attach a flashlight to the helmet to see at night or record everything in your action camera hands-free.

Choosing the right tactical helmet for your mission can be an intimidating task and should be taken seriously. Tactical helmets come in a wide range, so here are some of the essential features you might want to consider.

  • Side Rails: Look for side rails if you want to integrate the helmet with other tactical gear. These rails can help you attach accessories, like flashlights, strobe, and COMs headset.
  • Pads And Straps: These two elements can determine the comfort level of the helmet. The pads on the interior add cushion to the head, while the straps can help provide a comfortable fit. Look for adjustable straps so that you can customize the fit to your head size.
  • Protection Coverage: The top-rated tactical helmet should be able to endure any blows or impact thrown at your head. Some brands provide goggles to protect the eye. Others even include a mask to protect the face down to the neck.

I have enumerated more factors to consider when buying a tactical helmet in the buying guide below. Too many brands have introduced tactical helmets on the market today, so let’s streamline your choices in these reviews.


Top 1
OneTigris MICH 2000

  • Cool and lightweight to use
  • Real ACH is ideal for airsoft games
  • Side rail allows mounting accessories

Top 2
ATAIRSOFT Tactical Helmet

  • Glass fits pretty secure
  • Can take multiple blows
  • Offers great eye protection

Top 3
DLP Tactical Extreme Helmet

  • Heavy-duty nylon fiber shell
  • Fits nicely on small & large heads
  • Lightweight & comfortable to use


11 Top-tier Tactical Helmet Reviews

1. OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet

This OneTigris MICH 2000 helmet looks similar to a real advanced combat helmet (ACH). I unscrewed all the random stuff, then placed my ACH cover over this helmet, and all my friends believed it was an authentic piece.

I tried this for my airsoft game, and it works well. The helmet stayed put and didn’t bobble around as I was running around the area. What’s great is how my low-profile goggles fit best with this lightweight tactical helmet, as I need to protect my eyes during the game.

I found two adjustable straps on both sides, providing enough adjustments to fit my head and chin perfectly. My favorite part is the interior padding, as it offers a nice cushion from head blows. I accidentally ran through a pine tree branch, and fortunately, I wasn’t knocked over.

Moreover, the helmet doesn’t get too hot even when I play in humid weather conditions, thanks to its above-the-ear (ATE) design. It’s pretty similar to a Kevlar helmet, except it’s plastic and easier on the neck during long hours of use. Because of the side rail, I can mount my favorite over-ear headset and camera to film my airsoft game.

 Heads-up:  However, the screws may fall off during a game when not tightened carefully. I recommend users use a blue Loctite to keep the screws secure.

  • Looks like a real ACH ideal for airsoft games; no bobbling
  • Goes well with low-profile goggles for additional eye protection
  • Adjustable straps help make a nice fit on the head
  • Interior padding keeps the head comfortable and protected from blows
  • Side rail allows mounting accessories, like headset and camera
  • Cool and lightweight to use; won’t hurt even when used for extended hours
  • Screws need to be tightened or glued to avoid falling out
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this OneTigris MICH 2000 offers both comfort and functionality. It’s lightweight yet sturdy to use, hence perfect for airsoft games, like an ATE bump helmet.

2. ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Fast Helmet

ATAIRSOFT is a great alternative to getting a military tactical helmet and sliding goggles all in one package. I like that this helmet is compatible with my GoPro action camera and Night Vision Goggles (NVG) for that perfect adventure outdoors.

The visor is great on this one as it provides adequate eye safety and doesn’t scratch easily with its hexagonal patterns. Also, I can put patches and other small accessories on the fast helmet setup. It is possible to mount flashlights to the helmet’s side with its railings to see clearly in dark places.

I love how the glass fits securely in between the visor’s gap and my face- it’s pretty secure. The glass is plastic, but it should protect me from sand or any debris just fine. It can also probably handle about 450-550 fps max.

My head is small, and the helmet fits snug using the adjustable straps. I have taken multiple hits to the dome during a shooting game, and all I heard was a loud thud and felt nothing else. Also, this helmet comes with a nice wallet tool to keep credit cards.

 Heads-up:  However, the size of the helmet seems too small for large heads.

  • Includes goggles and a wallet tool for credit cards
  • Visor offers great eye protection resists scratches
  • Allows to attach patches, flashlights, and other accessories
  • Glass fits pretty secure and may handle debris or anything up to 450-550 fps
  • Adjustable straps help provide a snug fit to small heads
  • Can take multiple blows without feeling any pain
  • Size not suitable for large heads
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Fast Helmet is perfect for attaching multiple accessories, like action cameras and flashlights. This helmet features excellent visor protection, plus a wallet tool to store credit cards.

3. DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet

The Impax Extreme has a tactical helmet ATE bump design to protect without compromising comfort. It’s lightweight and comfortable, making it perfect for playing airsoft and training.

This particular DLP Tactical model is almost identical to the more pricey Ops-Core helmet- similar cam lock, straps, and buckle. The front piece goes well with a single night vision adapter, while the rails are perfect for mounting my favorite accessories. I also found so many Velcro to fit a variety of patch designs.

What this helmet would do best is to shield against light trauma. The heavy-duty nylon fiber shell feels hard enough to protect my head when I fall or take a blow. I felt even safer wearing this helmet when I found out it bears a CE safety rating sticker.

I like that this helmet fits perfectly and doesn’t get uncomfortable even after playing for long hours. Besides small heads, I’m surprised that the helmet also adjusts to a large head using a forceful adjustment on the knob. It allows mounting a flashlight, so I can still see what I’m doing when my hands are full.

 Heads-up:  However, there were no instructions on where the Velcro and padding needed to be placed inside the box.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to use for long hours
  • Resembles the more expensive military helmets, like Ops-Core
  • Fits a night vision adapter, flashlights, and other accessories
  • Includes plenty of Velcro to attach patches and a CE rating sticker for safety
  • Heavy-duty nylon fiber shell can protect light trauma from falls or blow
  • Fits nicely to small and large heads using the adjustment knob
  • No instructions where to place the padding and Velcro
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, Impax Extreme is a good piece for the needs. This military bump helmet seems perfect for airsoft games, training, or missions where bullet resistance isn’t needed.

4. ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet

When I was reading the Shellback Tactical Helmet review, someone recommended ATAIRSOFT. I’ve worn a lot of helmets, and this maritime helmet is one of the best in terms of sturdiness and comfort.

The Halo system seems to provide a tight grip on my head, but it doesn’t cause any headaches, even with prolonged use. It works superbly together with the padding. I installed my comms wire through the interior, and I love that there was still plenty of room left for comfortable wear.

The best part of this helmet is the little knob in the rear, as it allows me to make fine adjustments to loosen or tighten the helmet. It also comes with a wallet multi-tool and free patches, so what’s there not to like? Fortunately, the patches came out nice and stayed secured on the helmet.

The chin strap fits perfectly on me as it wraps my chin on both sides. This helmet is as lightweight as my old Top Gentle helmet, making it easier for my neck when using it for long hours. Best of all, the ABS shell feels very durable, and it can withstand any bumps and falls during a mission.

 Heads-up:  However, this helmet might not fit heads larger than 7-⅜ inches or medium size.

  • Halo system and padding provides a secure, comfortable fit
  • Might leave plenty of room even when routed with comms wire
  • Features a little knob for fine-tuning of adjustments
  • Includes a wallet tool and free patches that stick well on the helmet
  • Chin straps wrap nicely, lightweight and easy on the neck for prolonged wear
  • The ABS shell seems sturdy against impact
  • Size might not fit large heads
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the ATAIRSOFT Maritime Helmet can take bumps and blows on the head without injuring the wearer. This helmet provides a comfortable fit with its fine-tuning knob and chin straps.

5. HYOUT Fast Base Jump Helmet

This HYOUT helmet would be excellent head protection for adventure sports. My head felt secure with all the padding, and the chin straps contain four attachment points to customize the size to different head shapes.

I found some Velcro pads all around the helmet, perfect for fitting my favorite glory patches. There are also rails to make room for my GoPro cameras and lights. Besides, my goggles fit perfectly on the helmet, leaving no gaps for the airsoft BBs to get through.

The fact that this helmet includes an NVG mount makes it a nice companion for night hunting. The NVG mount feels very tight and stays put while on the move. Additionally, this helmet also fits my M50 airsoft mask without any problem.

The entire construction feels pretty solid, and it’ll probably provide adequate protection from head bumps. I had only suffered a few nicks and scratches when a rock was thrown at me. Putting the pads and other parts together was easy because the package comes with fitment instructions.

 Heads-up:  However, the retention system can only hold a limited weight.

  • Padding helps secure the head; chin straps help customize the fit
  • Plenty of Velcro pads to fit glory patches
  • Rails allow the attachment of extra accessories, like cameras and lights
  • Goggles fit nicely without leaving holes for the BB pellets to infiltrate
  • NVG mount feels secure; may fit a full airsoft mask
  • Whole construction seems solid enough to provide head protection
  • Comes with easy-to-understand instructions
  • The retention system can carry a limited weight
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the HYOUT Fast Helmet offers adequate head protection for any adventure sport. It’s one of the few brands that provide instructions on setting up the rails and pads for maximum comfort.

6. Lancer Tactical Industrial Maritime Helmet

I was looking for a non-ballistic bump helmet to replace my rugged Hard Head Veterans Helmet, and my research led me to Lancer Tactical. This maritime helmet fits my head very nicely with the adjustable suspension system that works on the fly.

Surprisingly, I can fit many items on the helmet, including a light, goggles, and earmuffs underneath. With all the accessories attached, the helmet still feels very comfortable. The helmet also includes adhesive Velcro patches, which are pretty easy to attach.

I have worn the helmet for skydiving, and I’m pleased that it didn’t come loose from my head mid-air. Also, the helmet feels a lot more durable than I thought it would be. The ABS plastic is strong enough to take a beating, while the padding is a little firm to fit snugly on my head.

I’m impressed that the NVG mounts are constructed from metal and not some flimsy plastic. As a result, the mounts keep my NVGs well. The appearance also looks similar to the Ops-Core brand high cut ballistic helmet, which is pretty cool.

 Heads-up:  However, the sizing is a little off. I recommend users go a size up or two if planning to use the helmet for paintball.

  • Adjustable suspension system offers a comfortable fit
  • Can take plenty of accessories without feeling discomfort
  • Includes Velcro patches that are easy to attach
  • Durable with ABS plastic and metal NVG mounts
  • Padding feels firm to provide a snug fit
  • Looks cool and stays steady on the head while moving
  • Sizing is a little inaccurate
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Lancer Tactical Helmet is unexpectedly sturdy to take all the beating during paintball or any adventure sports. It can take plenty of accessories and hold them well to complete tasks hands-free.

7. Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Tactical Helmet

This Modern tactical helmet reminds me of my old 3M Ballistic Helmet at half the price. It comes with a camouflage cover, making it look authentic for army use.

I love the camouflage cover that comes with the helmet as it helps reduce glare when wet and muffles the sound of leaves brushing on the helmet during hunting.

It also fits over almost any helmet, making it useful to my other plain-looking tactical helmets. The camo print looks attractive itself, plus the cloth cover removes and washes easily.

This helmet covers my ears, making it a better head protective gear. It also protects the sides of my head from hits, leaving me unscathed from a grueling airsoft fight. Thankfully, my comms and eye-protective gear fit well on this unit.

The plastic construction feels surprisingly durable. It’s also light enough for my nephews to use for their paintball games. Since the strap is fully adjustable, the helmet fits and stays put even on children’s heads.

 Heads-up:  However, there’s no padding underneath the helmet, so it can get a little uncomfortable after long-hour wear. I recommend placing a beanie or a close-fitting garment under the helmet.

  • Resembles the real thing at a fairly low price
  • A camouflage cover to minimize glare and muffle the brushing leaves’ sound
  • Camo cover can fit any helmet and is easy to wash
  • Covers the ears and sides of the head for maximum protection
  • Can fit goggles and comms equipment
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and adjustable to fit any head size
  • Lacks padding underneath the helmet
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Modern Warrior M88 is a perfect headgear for both kids and adults. The design covers the ears and sides of the head, providing more protection than ever.

8. ActionUnion Tactical Airsoft Paintball Fast Helmet

ActionUnion is another good companion for all types of outdoor activities, like paintball and hunting. This fast helmet comes with plenty of Velcro foam pads and conversion accessories, providing more room for customization.

It’s actually hard to find a helmet that fits a large head, and this one fits the bill. Yet, this one fits my HK Army KLR Mask, even with the pads attached. Normally, it’s recommended to take off the cushion, but the straps made it more convenient to loosen them and adjust the mask.

For durability, I have nothing but admiration for the solid construction. I tried running down full speed into a tree, and my head was fine. Even BB bullets bounce off the helmet when wearing it for airsoft games.

This helmet does come with a cloth cover with mesh-like material for aesthetics and functionality. The cloth cover is useful in absorbing shock and vibration, ideal for outdoor hunting and airsoft. Also, there are slots for Velcro patches for customization and side rails for tactical gear.

 Heads-up:  However, this helmet is massive, so it will be a little loose for smaller heads.

  • Includes a lot of conversion accessories and pads
  • Can fit a large head and an HK Army KLR Mask
  • Straps allow the adjustment of pads and the mask
  • Has a solid construction to provide ample protection from head blows
  • Comes with a cloth cover to absorb vibration and shock
  • Offers room for Velcro patches and tactical gear
  • Comes in a large size
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the ActionUnion tactical Helmet provides a nice match to large heads. The size fits large craniums, plus it provides the necessary protection and attachments for a hassle-free airsoft or hunting game outdoors.

9. Jadedragon MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet

I found out about Jadedragon MICH 2000 when I was browsing through the Chase Tactical Bump Helmet review. This tactical helmet is perfect for survival games with coverage of all main areas.

The helmet comes with a face mask that has a nice quality and works well for ear protection. I thought the goggles were sub-par but was impressed that they had endured the test and securely slipped behind the face mask. Additionally, the glasses have accomplished a 500fps shot at close distance, which is great.

It feels comfortable wearing the helmet, thanks to the adjustable straps and thick padding inside the helmet. I have used the helmet for five hours in the airsoft field, and I never felt any discomfort. Also, the ABS plastic shell feels sturdy to take the blows from airsoft BBs.

Besides comfort, the helmet also shows great functionality. My GoPro and flashlights fit on the attachment points securely. As someone who loves patches, seeing all the places that I can stick them on the helmet excites me.

 Heads-up:  However, I need to adjust the face mask each time I enter a new game. Though it’s expected, it can get a little annoying when I’m in a hurry.

  • Includes a face mask that also can help protect the ears
  • Goggles fit securely and were able to endure the test
  • Glasses can do a 500fps shot at a close distance
  • Adjustable straps and interior padding offer comfort for long hours of use
  • ABS shell is sturdy to take blows from BB pellets
  • Can fit accessories on different attachment points and patches on Velcro spots
  • Needs to adjust the mask each game
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Jadedragon MICH 2000 makes good headgear protection for airsoft and other survival games. The best part of this helmet is it includes goggles and a face mask to provide more value for money.

10. LOOGU Airsoft Helmet

This LOOGU helmet isn’t only perfect for airsoft games but also for other outdoor activities, like hunting and climbing. My GoPro works well with this helmet to film my activity while enjoying adequate head protection.

The ABS shell is quite sturdy from the impact of BB bullets and twigs. Thanks to the adjustable straps, my 12-year old nephew can wear this helmet perfectly. Besides the adjustments that make this helmet comfortable, the lightweight construction at 1 lb makes it even easier on my neck.

Moreover, I love the tan color because it hides well in the woods, making the helmet suitable for hunting.

My favorite is the mask that came with the helmet. The cloth mask is long enough to cover my entire neck and secures well with the chin strap.

I also found some good Velcro spots on the helmet for my glory patches. When I attach name tapes and Identify Friend or Foe (IFF), this helmet looks like the replica of a real ballistic tactical helmet.

 Heads-up:  However, the chin strap isn’t the most durable part of the helmet. I recommend users get easy on this part to extend the life of the helmet.

  • Can fit GoPros, name tags, and IFFs to look like a real combat helmet
  • ABS shell feels durable to endure any impact from airsoft gun pellets and twigs
  • Adjustable straps can help fit the helmet to kids
  • Tan color blends well to the environment for a more camouflage effect
  • Lightweight (1 lb) to use for long hours
  • Comes with a mask to cover the face and neck
  • Chin strap seems to be a little flimsy
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the LOOGU Helmet looks almost the real thing. It can fit action cameras, IFF, and name tags. More importantly, it offers adequate protection for outdoor activities.

11. Outry Tactical Helmet

Outry Tactical helmet is a great replica of the PTS MTEK Flux for half of the cost. This model is complete with the NVG mount and side rails to carry extra accessories for a successful mission.

The ABS plastic and nylon materials have a little heft, which feels like I’m wearing something that’s more premium for the cost. Also, construction feels comfortable to handle. Originally, the helmet fits more naturally to my head, but it becomes even more comfortable with the added padding.

I like that the padding conforms to the shape of my head. In addition, the straps can take my constant tugging for rugged use. I used the helmet for airsoft games, and it looks cool for that purpose.

The NVG mount is dramatically more sturdy than I expected. It can keep my GoPro secure when riding my Juggernaut. More importantly, I can add other accessories to the side rails, including a good flashlight to let me see in the dark.

 Heads-up:  However, the helmet didn’t come with helpful instructions to help me attach the twisted pads. I have to ask someone to do it for me. Fortunately, I have a brother who’s a master of these products.

  • ABS plastic/nylon feels premium quality with a little heft
  • Fits more comfortably with the padding that conforms to any head shape
  • Straps are sturdy to endure constant tugging
  • Looks cool when used as a headgear for airsoft games
  • NVG mount is durable to keep the GoPro secure
  • Side rails can fit useful accessories, like flashlights
  • Doesn’t come with proper instructions
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the Outry Tactical Helmet is ideal for airsoft and other outdoor sports. This helmet boasts sturdy construction, especially the NVG mount and the ABS/nylon materials.

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Helmets


Tactical helmets were originally made to protect people from pistol rounds and fragmentation. Now, many designs have become lightweight and high-performing to cater to different users in the fields. To help you choose the right tactical helmet for your needs, here are some things to consider.


Recently, many civilians have started wearing the tactical helmets that only military personnel use. There’s a delight to the practical aspects of having lots of attachments for some, while others seek maximum head protection. Today, there are two distinct types of tactical helmets available- bump and ballistic.

  • Ballistic

Also known as a bulletproof helmet, this tactical helmet is strictly for law enforcement or military use. These helmets undergo stern performance and safety testing from accredited agencies to provide a high degree of head protection. They’re developed to keep the head safe from different ballistic impact levels and keep connected with other team members.

The best ballistic helmet for civilians is the one that provides maximum protection without compromising comfort. It also goes well with NVGs and other accessories.

  • Bump

Bump tactical helmets are designed mainly for training, airsoft, and other outdoor sports. These helmets can protect the head from minor blows, shrapnel, and falling debris. Compared to ballistic, this type is significantly cheaper but less durable.

The tactical bump helmet is lightweight and functional. It can mount extra accessories, like comms, NVG, and flashlights.


Some tactical helmets can cover the ear area, while others only above the ear. A full-coverage tactical helmet can cover the ears, but it can be heavy and hot. There’s also the problem of adding communications to the setup.

High-cut tactical helmets offer more ventilation since it leaves your ears exposed. Also, it allows the easy attachment of communications to the rail. However, the lesser coverage can be risky in high-intensity combat where actual bullets are involved.


One of the best features of a tactical helmet is its ability to fit other accessories for more functionality. Some of the accessories that the helmet can fit include lights, a face shield, and cameras. To make sure that these accessories fit securely, look for side rails with sturdy mounts.

Other brands offer free accessories to provide the best deal. Some offer goggles for eye protection, while others include a mask to shield the face. I’ve also seen a few brands providing a free cover to add aesthetics into the plain-looking helmet.


Nothing gives you more power than having the ability to customize the design and fit of the helmet. Most tactical helmets in this list come with Velcro spots to attach your favorite morale patches. You can add your name tag or IFFs to know who your teammates are in the game.

The fit should be customized to fit your head shape because these helmets often come in a one-size-fits-all model. Look for adjustable straps and removable pads so the helmet can fit in your head comfortably. A knob or dial is even better to fine-tune the adjustments.

The helmet fits just right if it feels snug, and the crown pad touches the top of your head. You should only see the rim if you try to look above without leaning your head up. Also, the helmet should stay in place even when you shake or move your head at both sides.

Protection Level

Of course, the purpose of the tactical helmet is to protect your head, so it’s only wise to choose one that fits the bill. Look at the material and ensure that it’s stiff enough to protect your head from blows.

A thick ABS shell might suffice if you only want to use the helmet for airsoft or outdoor sports, as this material can significantly reduce BB pellets’ impact. Look for more durable materials, like Kevlar, if you want something more bullet-resistant.

Are Tactical Helmets Bulletproof


Not all tactical helmets are bulletproof. Only the ballistic types are bulletproof, but not to the extent that they can stop bullets entirely. These helmets can only protect the head from bullets, shrapnel, blunt blows, and other threats.

More specifically, a level 3 ballistic helmet can stop different handgun rounds, like the .44 magnum. A level 4 ballistic helmet can also stop the same rifle rounds but has a slightly higher protection level.

What Helmets Do the Us Army Use

The US Army uses the top-tier combat helmet in the world, which is the ACH. These helmets offer impact and ballistic protection, comfort, and stability without reducing the soldier’s hearing and sight abilities. They stand out with their excellent pad suspension and retention systems.

Where Can I Buy Tactical Helmets

You can buy these tactical helmets online, like on Amazon or the brand’s website. Others also post some great deals at eBay. These helmets are also available in local tactical stores or military gear stores.


A good tactical helmet is crucial for the success of your mission, whether it’s for airsoft or hunting. The best tactical helmets have one thing in common, and that’s functionality. They should be able to hold other accessories, like action cameras and flashlights. In normal days, you can use tactical hats instead of using tactical helmets.

From this review, my favorite is the OneTigris MICH 2000 because it’s lightweight, durable, and highly adjustable. ATAIRSOFT is a good alternative if you want a few extras, like goggles and a wallet multi-tool. Impax Extreme from DLP Tactical has a CE rating, ensuring safety for users.

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