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The Best Sap Gloves for Self-Defense, Combat & Other Uses

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best sap gloves

Also known as a weighted knuckle glove, a sap glove is a self-defense weapon that has typically hard knuckles or steel shots. The best sap gloves can take a punch, which is why they’re perfect for hand combat. Today, these gloves can also be used for other purposes, like shooting and riding, for extra hand protection.

Are sap gloves effective?

Yes, sap gloves with steel shots or hard knuckles can beat someone up for self-defense. The anti-slip palms also add extra grip and protection from cuts and impact. This type of gloves is pretty much versatile to use for any tactical mission.

Since your safety and combat ability depend on the sap gloves, it’s crucial that you only choose the best pair. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for sap gloves.

  • Material: Most sap gloves are made of leather because they’re tough enough to prevent your hands from scrapes and scuffs. The most comfortable ones have a microfiber lining inside for extra cushion. For breathability, look for mesh fabric or any vents to release heat faster.
  • Knuckle Guards: The most significant feature of sap gloves is the knuckle guards. They can be made either of hard plastic, rubber, or steel shots. The most powerful sap gloves are integrated with steel shots on the knuckle area.
  • Size: The right fit matters for combat gear, like sap gloves. Measure your hand and refer to the product’s size chart to ensure a perfect fit.

There are still so many things to learn about sap gloves, so we’ll present a more comprehensive buying guide below. Also, check our sap gloves review more thoroughly, so you’ll know what brand to consider.


Top 1
Glove Station Gloves

  • Provides excellent grip
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Double-stitched for durability

Top 2
TAC9ER Tactical Gloves

  • Lightweight & comfortable to use
  • Keeps the wind and fits just right
  • 30-day refund & 5-year warranty

Top 3
FREETOO Tactical Gloves

  • 180-day refund warranty
  • Microfiber leather palms
  • Double-stitched on the seams

Top 11 Sap Gloves Reviews

1. Glove Station The Combat Tactical Knuckle Gloves

I got this pair of Glove Station knuckle gloves because my hands were freezing at the range. I like that the gloves don’t add bulk to my hands, so I can still feel my fingers after shooting.

What stands out the most is the extra grip that can hold almost anything with ease. The palm seems to be made of textured PU leather material to improve grip, while the middle and index fingers work smoothly with touchscreens. Just like so, these gloves grip the pistol quite well and keep my hands warm from the cold wind.

The best part is that these gloves don’t make my palms sweaty. I believe the padded mesh helps let the moisture out. Also, the rubberized aero vents keep my palms sweat-free as they enhance airflow for faster heat dissolution.

Another lovable feature is the reinforced knuckle molding, which helps protect my knuckle area from cruel environments. I like the fact that the knuckle plates provide protection without feeling too aggressive.

Additionally, these gloves are meticulously double-stitched at the seams and provide a lifetime warranty, so I think they’re built to last.

 Heads-up:  However, I dislike the sizing because it runs a little small for me. The gloves feel a bit snug for my large hands, but they still fit.

  • Keep hands warm from the cold
  • Has mesh and vents for sweat-free palms
  • Provides excellent grip, thanks to its textured palm
  • Middle fingertips can work with touchscreen smoothly
  • Protect knuckles without being too aggressive
  • Offers lifetime warranty and double-stitched for durability
  • Runs a little small
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Glove Station Rubber Knuckle Gloves offer high performance for grip and touchscreen capability. The rubber knuckles can be good for protection and hand combat for self-defense.

2. TAC9ER Kevlar Lined Tactical Gloves

TAC9ER offers a pair of tactical gloves with a hook and loop closure for an easy fit. They’re made of high-quality materials, like microfiber, Kevlar, and polyester, to make this pair resilient for heavy-duty use.

The most significant feature of TAC9ER gloves is the Kevlar lining which provides a reasonable degree of hand protection. I like that this woven textile material is lightweight, so it doesn’t burden my hands when doing something. It’s super tough that it can resist cuts and temperature changes.

As someone who always uses a smartphone, it’s a relief that the gloves are touchscreen sensitive on the thumb, index, and middle finger areas. Moreso, the reinforced palms grip things securely while showing great durability. My favorite is the neoprene wrist strap because it fits comfortably and keeps the wind off my hands during a cold day.

The gloves do have some flex, making them extremely comfortable. Storage isn’t a problem because they come with a hanging loop. With the 30-day money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty, I was confident with this purchase.

 Heads-up:  However, the touchscreen capability isn’t the best with this one. The sensitivity tends to fade over time.

  • Lined with Kevlar for protection from cuts and temperature changes
  • Lightweight, flexible, and comfortable to use
  • Reinforced palms feel durable and grasp objects securely
  • Neoprene wrist strap keeps the wind and fits just right
  • Easy to store with the hanging loops
  • Offers generous warranty: 30-day refund and 5-year warranty
  • Touchscreen sensitivity may fade with time
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the TAC9ER Gloves are excellent in protecting our hands from cuts and temperature changes. This pair is lined with Kevlar, which makes it ideal for motorcycle riding, construction, and other heavy-duty operations.

3. FREETOO Knuckle Protection Tactical Gloves

The FREETOO Tactical Gloves is a fusion of leather, PVC, and leather materials to provide tougher protection on our hands. I got them as a replacement for my old Damascus sap gloves, and I was relieved that I did.

I feel like these weighted sap gloves are resilient for outdoor activities because they provide full hand protection. These gloves provide adequate knuckle protection, while the microfiber leather palms seem resistant to daily wear.

Not only are the microfiber leather palms durable, but they also improve friction for better grip when I’m shooting and climbing.

The design is also outstanding with this one. The breathable vents on the fingers, plus the mesh material keep my hand dry and clean. With the double stitch construction around the seams, I think these leather gloves will last longer and won’t break down easily.

I always appreciate a product with a good warranty, and FREETOO is one of them. The gloves come with a 180-day refund warranty. Best of all, the sizing is pretty accurate, perhaps due to the fingertips’ elastic mesh fabric and adjustable wrist velcro.

 Heads-up:  If there’s one thing to nitpick, that would be the comfort level. I hoped there was a fabric covering inside the plastic knuckles and fingers.

  • Protect knuckles from moderate impact
  • Microfiber leather palms provide exceptional grip and wear resistance
  • Double-stitched on the seams for added durability
  • Breathable vents and mesh material improve airflow
  • Provides adjustable wrist velcro and accurate sizing
  • Comes with a generous 180-day refund warranty
  • Not the most comfortable one due to the lack of fabric covering inside
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the FREETOO Tactical Gloves seem adequate for outdoor activities, like paintball, climbing, and shooting. They’re one of the few brands that provide accurate sizing and a comfortable fit.

4. Glove Station The Combat Fingerless Tactical Gloves

Some full-finger gloves can interfere and impede my control when pulling the trigger, so I got these fingerless sap gloves from Glove Station for a change. This pair offers protection against scuffs and cuts without hampering finger dexterity.

I love the knuckle part as it provides full protection at the shooting range. One time I felt a sudden ricochet striking my finger when I tried loading up a magazine. I thought the shard had stabbed my finger, but it didn’t because it hit the rubber portion of the gloves.

These weighted knuckle gloves fit cozily, and they have a loop for easy wear and take-off. Additionally, they appear to be high-quality, especially the durable double-stitch seams and breathable padded mesh fabric. It’s difficult to get sweaty hands because the rubber aero vents dissipate heat faster.

As for the grip, I say that the half-finger design and leather palms enhance the grip even more. The joints are made of neoprene fabric, so there’s enough flexibility to do all work without limitations. For the price and lifetime warranty, this pair is pretty satisfactory.

 Heads-up:  However, the only problem I see is the hook and loop design. I feel that it’s a little flimsy because it’s not double-stitched for military use.

  • Half-finger design protects hands without limiting finger dexterity
  • Hook and loop makes it easy to wear and take off
  • Double-stitched on the seams for extra durability
  • Aero vents keep palms from sweating
  • Grip securely with the leather palms and fingerless design
  • Provides a lifetime warranty at a reasonable price
  • Hook and loop aren’t double-stitched
 Bottom Line:  Overall, Glove Station Fingerless Tactical Gloves is the best choice for finger dexterity. This pair of sap gloves also impresses with its hard knuckle design that can protect fingers even from ricochets.

5. WTACTFUL Army Military Tactical Full Finger Gloves

WTACTFUL is a full-finger hard knuckle glove with its super thick thermal rubber that offers magnificent impact resistance. The knuckles are well-padded, so I think these gloves are decent for punching or any sort of self-defense.

These full finger gloves come true to size. They feel flexible, thanks to the neoprene joints, so my movements aren’t hindered at all. Some parts on the back are made of breathable stretch nylon material to keep my hands from sweating too much during operation.

What I like most are the hard knuckles. These things are lightweight and don’t obstruct my range of motion. I appreciate that the knuckles are made of rubber with a little flex and not some type of hard plastic.

Also, the reinforced palm seems very durable because they’re effective in protecting our hands from cuts and abrasion. The total leather design makes it a large step for my outdoor activities – the gloves are thin enough for easy movement but thick enough to provide adequate protection in case I slide in a crash.

 Heads-up:  My only gripe is the touch screen compatibility design. The sensitivity only works on the very ends of the thumb and index fingers. It’s manageable, but it becomes an issue if we utilize the flat fingerprint portion of our fingers for our gadget.

  • Hard knuckles protect hands from any impact with a little flex
  • Well-padded and breathable for comfort
  • Sizing is quite accurate for a great fit
  • Flexible neoprene joints increase freedom of movement
  • Leather palms are resistant to abrasion and cuts
  • Touch screen sensitivity is only found at the very tips of fingers
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the WTACTFUL Full Finger Gloves can protect our hands in any outdoor activities with their hard knuckles. These full-finger hard knuckle gloves look durable but pretty lightweight to wear every day.

6. HIKEMAN Tactical Army Military Gloves

This pair of sap gloves from HIKEMAN is perfect for sports and any activities that need both dexterity and protection. These tactical military gloves are breathable, rugged, and touchscreen compatible for the easy use of smartphones.

For the price, this pair is unbeatable. The quality is very rugged, especially the anti-skid synthetic leather palm that can grip the pistol very well during shooting or hunting. It’s double-stitched, so I think the gloves won’t fall apart easily.

The HIKEMAN gloves are comfortable to wear in hot weather because they’re constructed with a breathable fabric and vents to reduce hand sweat. The carbon hard shell knuckles are extremely strong, and they do what they’re supposed to do. I tried smacking them with a hard object, and I didn’t hurt my fingers.

The fit is also spot on with these gloves. The size is accurate, and the Velcro wrist strap goes almost all around the wrist to give a secure fit. I have large hands, and these gloves fit just perfectly. Most brands don’t provide an XXL size, so HIKEMAN stands out on this one.

 Heads-up:  However, the hard shell on the knuckles isn’t made for sensitive skin. It can scrape the skin when used for an extended period of time, but only for the first few days of use.

  • Comes at an unbeatable price
  • Touchscreen compatible for the use of gadgets with ease
  • Breathable fabric and vents keep hands from sweating
  • Carbon hard shell knuckles protect hands from abrasion
  • Size is spot on and even provides a rare XXL
  • Velcro wrist strap allows easy adjustment for a secure fit
  • Hard shell knuckle construction can scrape the skin for the first few days
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the HIKEMAN Tactical Gloves provide ample hand protection at a reasonable price. The fit is comfortable, plus the carbon hard shell knuckles can endure any impact.

7. Seibertron T.T.F.I.G. 2.0 Tactical Military Gloves

The Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 looks super cool with its unique S-Flexible Rubber design, which can minimize impact energy. This pair is only fingerless in the thumb, index, and middle fingers, creating more convenience in using smart devices.

Besides touch screen convenience, I like that I can feel with my first two fingers and thumb. These gloves feel pretty solid with the S-flexible rubber material. I like that there are some extra slots on fingers to improve dexterity and protect the hands from impact.

The palm area is carefully designed for excellent grip power and reduces hand fatigue. The scale textured palm comes with a silicone print, so everything I hold doesn’t slip. Moreover, the top part of the palm is made of some kind of abrasion-resistant material with anti-vibration padding to absorb shock and buffer energy.

What makes it even better is the ID naming part on the wrist area because I like to put mine on to prevent losing. Best of all, they fit snug, especially around the wrist area- thanks to the TPR wrist closure. The seams seem to hold up very well, so I think these gloves can do heavy work for an extended period of time.

 Heads-up:  However, the padding on top of the palm makes it a little hard to hold a firearm.

  • S-flexible rubber design looks unique and attractive
  • Fingerless only on the thumb, index, and middle fingers for better dexterity
  • Palm padding absorbs shock and impact to reduce hand fatigue
  • Extra slots on fingers protect hands from impact
  • Allows putting names for identification
  • Fits snug and holds up well for extended use
  • A bit awkward to hold a firearm due to the extra padding
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 makes a nice solution for reducing hand fatigue in heavy fieldwork. The flexible rubber padding absorbs impact and shock all throughout the hands.

8. Fuyuanda Tactical Gloves

Fuyuanda is another good brand for sap gloves, thanks to its PVC knuckle guards and PU palm reinforcement. I think the gloves are perfect for shooting as they protect the hands without limiting dexterity.

For the price, I’m impressed that the gloves are constructed with great quality. The anti-slip PU material in the palm is double stitched for durability. The knuckles are also thickened with a PC mat to safeguard the hands from impact during outdoor activities, like riding and hunting.

The fit is comfortable and allows me to do more detailed jobs that I wouldn’t normally be able to accomplish with other gloves. I can hold the rifle well and even operate my phone while wearing them. I especially love the pleated design on each finger as it helps them move without restriction.

Wearing these gloves during a hot climate is still comfortable because there are vents to release the heat. I didn’t experience my palms getting sweaty, which I like very much. There’s a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, so I’m quite confident with this purchase.

 Heads-up:  However, the gloves need a little time to break-in. The knuckle guards might feel a bit stiff at first.

  • Double-stitched to increase durability
  • Thick knuckle guards protect hands from injuries
  • Inexpensive and comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Offers a comfortable fit and grip
  • Allows the use of touchscreen phones and gadgets with ease
  • Breathable fabric and vents make them cool to wear even in a hot climate
  • Needs time to break in to soften the knuckle guards
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Fuyuanda Tactical Gloves boast comfort and durability at an affordable price. I like that almost all the parts are double-stitched to endure heavy use.

9. TitanOPS Fingerless Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

This pair of sap gloves fingerless version from TitanOPS lets us move our fingers with more nimbleness. It features hard knuckles to shield our hands from all elements and provide a powerful punch in hand combat.

I love the fit on this one. The Velcro wrist strap is adjustable to give a tight fit, and the spandex material just above the wrist stretches to fit my hand easily. I’m glad that the hard knuckles are double stitched securely, so I don’t have to worry about them falling apart during operation.

The palm is also reinforced to provide a secure grip and safety from harmful elements. I can attest to TitanOPS resilience because my hands didn’t get any cuts or scrapes when I crawled on the ground with rocks. Critters can’t even break through the material.

The best part is I can grab small items more securely, thanks to its fingerless design. I can also touch the screen of my smartphone more conveniently since there’s no fabric to get in the way.

 Heads-up:  However, the Velcro strap is poorly fixed to the glove, so I’m afraid that it might fall off accidentally. If we want to secure the strap, we can sew it down on the gloves.

  • Fingerless design gives more liberty of movement
  • Allows the operation of touch screen gadgets more easily
  • Fits comfortably with the spandex material and Velcro strap
  • Can hold things more securely with the reinforced palm design
  • Double-stitched hard knuckles safeguard hands from elements
  • Velcro strap not securely attached to the glove
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the TitanOPS Fingerless Tactical Gloves can provide a powerful punch, so they can be suitable for combat purposes. They also provide our hands with enough shield from elements.

10. Hatch SGK100 Street Guard Tactical Glove

Hatch SGK100 is a pair of kevlar sap gloves that fit for almost any job, whether police duty or motorcycle riding. These gloves are slim and lightweight, so they don’t add bulk to our hands.

I’m most impressed by the palm area because it’s lined with a strong Kevlar material to resist cuts. The embossed palms grip nicely to any items, like a rifle and any weapons, without the feeling of awkwardness. Additionally, the fingertips provide dexterity and even allow the use of smartphones.

The back of the gloves is flexible and breathable, so our palms stay dry and clean on a hot day. Actually, I like to wear them in any weather because the neoprene material feeds off body temperature. Since the back part feels soft, I like using it to wipe my face when sweating.

This pair fits true to size – the small size fits just right on my sister’s tiny hands. I like that I can still feel and manipulate little objects, like keys and zippers. These gloves are also safe to put in the washer because they don’t shrink after washing.

 Heads-up:  However, these gloves don’t have hard knuckle guards to protect hands from impact.

  • Palms are lined with Kevlar to add durability
  • Slim, lightweight, and easy to use with smartphones
  • Breathable and flexible back provides comfort
  • Ideal for cold or hot weather since neoprene material feeds off body temperature
  • Comes true to size and provide a good feel of items
  • Machine-washable without problems of shrinkage
  • No knuckle guards for impact protection
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Hatch SGK100 is perfect for any purpose. These gloves don’t have knuckle guards, but they keep our hands safe from any temperature and cuts.

11. Viperade Men’s Tactical Gloves

The Viperade Tactical Gloves offer full hand protection with their finger shields and knuckle armor. This pair also got a palm impact guard to keep our hands safe from scratches and abrasion during sports and other outdoor operations.

I love the Velcro wrist strap on these gloves: it wraps tightly around the wrist and features the Viperade logo nicely. There’s even a hook loop, so storage isn’t a problem. Best of all, the touchscreen function works pretty well on all my smartphones and tablets.

In the addition of elastic spandex material, the gloves become flexible to use for increased dexterity. I can grasp the handle of my bicycle and motorcycle with so much ease. I have to say that the microfiber leather on the palms adds more friction for superb grip during rock climbing.

Lightweight and breathable, these gloves from Viperade are also comfortable to use even in hot weather. The breathable materials and vents dissipate the heat more quickly. More importantly, the hard knuckles are strong enough to bang doors and not hurt my fingers in self-defense.

 Heads-up:  However, synthetic leather is prone to rip. To prolong its life, avoid exposing the gloves to water.

  • Protect hands from abrasion and scratches with touchscreen function
  • Velcro wrist straps secure the fit nicely with a beautiful logo
  • Has a hanging loop for easy storage and vents for airflow
  • Knuckle armor is hard enough for self-defense
  • Feels flexible with the spandex material
  • Leather palms hold things securely without slipping
  • Synthetic leather shouldn’t get in contact with water
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the Viperade Tactical Gloves are perfect for any outdoor sports and self-defense. The hard knuckle armor can take someone out with one blow.

12. Hatch SP100 Defender II Riot Control Gloves

I’m a fan of Takedown Sap Gloves steel shot knuckles, but I was looking for something more durable. I have read about Hatch SP100 in Reddit, so I gave it a try.

The SP100 Defender II Riot features 4oz of steel shot constructed into every knuckle area for super defense from hard impacts. The finger and knuckle areas are well-padded with foam to provide additional impact protection. I’d say these leather gloves protect hands pretty well and can give a powerful punch, perfect for hand combat.

One of its best features is the double-layered goatskin palm, which I admire for its incredible tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Naturally, the goatskin contains oil; that’s why it feels soft and flexible to use. I like that it doesn’t add bulk but instead gives excellent tear resistance from sharp objects.

Impressively, the thumb area is ergonomically designed to increase dexterity and liberty of movement. I can even use the touchscreen on my gadget and ignite a lighter with these leather gloves. The back portion of the gloves is made of breathable fabric, making them cool to wear for mild to warm weather.

 Heads-up:  However, the steel shots tend to be a little loud inside the gloves. They rattle and shake in every heavy movement.

  • Sewn with steel shots in the knuckle areas for hard protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear with all the interior padding
  • Gloves are made of breathable fabric to keep hands cool
  • Double layer goatskin leather palms keep hands resistant to cuts
  • Ergonomic thumb area improves dexterity and movement
  • Steel shots may create unnecessary noise with all the rattling sound
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the SP100 Defender II Riot is as good as any 8oz sap gloves in the law enforcement or security fields. The steel shot knuckles and double-layered goatskin palms make this pair very durable and heavy-duty.

What to Look for When Buying Sap Gloves


It’s easy to get lost with the many sap gloves available on the market today. You should be keen on choosing the best pair for your needs, so you don’t end up with a disaster. Here are important features to consider when shopping for a new pair of sap gloves.

Tough Material And Construction

You’ll want a tough material that can resist impact to protect your hands during operation. Leather, especially goatskin, provides the strongest protection from abrasion. This material is also naturally beautiful and comfortable to use.

Kevlar is also a strong material for sap gloves. This type can be stronger than steel wire while staying lightweight. It can endure extreme temperature changes and can shield your hands from cuts.

To ensure durability, look at the stitches and make sure that they’re doubled for reinforcement. All the parts should be attached to the glove securely, especially the wrist strap.

Knuckle Protection

Sap gloves often have thick knuckle guards to knock someone out and protect the knuckles from impact at the same time. For the most powerful punch, look for knuckle guards with steel shots. However, they can be a little loud due to the shaking and rattling.

Hard plastic knuckles can also be lethal, but they can be a little uncomfortable to wear due to the high protrusion. Rubber knuckles are my favorite because they give some power with a little flex.

Comfort And Fit

Not all sap gloves are comfortable, so you’re lucky if you can find one. The most comfortable sap gloves have a soft interior to cushion the hands from the hard materials. If you’re prone to sweaty palms, look for vents or any breathable fabric incorporated into the gloves.

The fit also determines the comfort level of knuckle gloves. Ensure that the gloves fit your hands perfectly. Refer to the sizing chart for proper guidance.

Are Sap Gloves Illegal


Sap gloves are generally legal in most places, unlike brass knuckles. In Canada, it’s illegal to use brass knuckles or any similar products because they’re considered prohibited weapons.

Do Sap Gloves Hurt

Sap gloves spread the force over a wider area, meaning that your hands won’t get hurt when you punch someone. The knuckle guards also protect your knuckles from impact while being lethal to your enemy.

Sap Gloves vs Brass Knuckles: What’s the Difference

Sap gloves are generally designed for self-defense and other missions, while brass knuckles are only for combat. The latter is illegal in some countries because it can hurt people seriously.


The best sap gloves don’t only serve as good self-defense weapons but also protection from elements and injuries. It’s important that you choose the right sap gloves for your needs so you can enjoy maximum results. Sap gloves can also protect hands from being cut when using a knife.

Our top pick is the Glove Station Rubber Knuckle Gloves because they’re built with hard knuckle guards without being too aggressive, plus a breathable material for preventing sweat. If you love Kevlar, the TAC9ER Tactical Gloves are a good alternative with their soft interior and hard knuckle safeguards.

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