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The Best Tactical Boots for Flat Feet (Military Use and Hiking)

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

best tactical boots for flat feet

According to statistics, around 60 million people in the United States suffer from being flat-footed. It may seem less of an issue to some, but this condition may cause severe risks over time. This is precisely the reason why shoemakers try to develop footwears that specifically cater to people with flat feet — and these include military or tactical boots.

Over the years, military or combat boots are no longer exclusive to the men in the armed forces and law enforcement — making the term ‘tactical boots’ more fitting. In addition, people now use them as work boots because of their durability that survives any weather. If you are one of those looking for the best tactical boots for flat feet in the market, here are the three main factors you should consider:

  • Arch Support: A good arch support is required with any shoes worn by someone with flat feet. Especially with tactical boots that they will likely use in rugged terrains or strenuous activities, flat-footed people need boots that have insoles with supportive arch to reduce the pain as well as improve the shape of their feet.
  • Overall Comfort: Aside from support, the entire feet should also feel comfortable — from the calves and ankles to the heels and toes. It will lessen the likelihood of experiencing any pain or discomfort for flat-footed people.
  • Purpose: Knowing when and where you’ll use it will help you narrow down your choices and eventually find the most suitable military boots. Please think of how often you’ll wear it. If you need to wear it daily and on rough grounds, consider investing in one that is proven durable and will last for several years.

To further help you, we looked into several tactical boots in the market and created a list of those that stood out. And, read on to find a comprehensive “buying guide” on the right tactical boots for flat feet in 2023:


Top 1
Bates Men’s Tactical Boot

  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable leather material

Top 2
Maelstrom Men TAC FORCE Boot

  • Convenient side zipper
  • Comfort and less fatigue
  • Features flat-footed cushion

Top 3
Under Armour Men’s Tactical Boots

  • The fabric is waterproof
  • Very suitable for flat feet
  • Has odor-free technology

Top 14 Tactical Boots for Flat Feet Reviews

1. Bates Men’s 8″ Tactical Sport Boot

Our first tactical boot is from one of the most popular and oldest footwear companies in the United States: Bates Footwear. This fact alone says so much about their products. This one, in particular, is a tactical boot that has an upper made out of 70% leather and 30% nylon and has a YKK side zipper for easy wear.

Right off the bat, I noticed how comfortable they are. The rubber outsoles make them slip-resistant even in the winter. It is amazing how even when used on rocky roads, I cannot feel the gravel underneath.

It also has an EVA midsole that serves as a flexible cushion for the feet — making it an excellent combat boots for flat feet. These midsoles also provide extra stability that can prevent the arch of the foot from collapsing.

These tactical boots are a suitable choice for those who work all year round and in any season. In detail, it has a moisture-wicking fabric that prevents our feet from quickly getting wet. They are also lightweight, which means they help the feet and prevent them from hurting during walks.

Plus, it does not need breaking in as they already fit the first time comfortably. For a mid-range price, I think I got a steal on these high-quality boots.

 Heads-up:  The only downside with this one is nailing down the correct shoe size may be more challenging than the usual shoe shopping.

  • They are incredibly comfortable to wear and very lightweight
  • Has EVA midsoles that help with cushion and stability
  • Can withstand any wear and tear in any weather
  • Water-resistant or moisture-wicking.
  • Made out of durable leather material
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Sizing can be a bit tricky
 Bottom Line:  This pair of Bates Tactical Boots are a good option for anyone looking for sturdy work boots. It is guaranteed to last more than a couple of years, even when used on a daily basis.

2. Maelstrom Men TAC FORCE 8’’ Boot

These Maelstrom boots are the best army boots for flat feet for both military use and hiking — although they are also a good contender as all-around boots. It has a waterproof layer from the iH2O-Tex technology, plus a durable synthetic sole made to survive any terrain.

The best thing about these tactical boots, especially for flat feet, is what they call the “Dynamic 3-sole System.” It has a removable cushion insole, EVA midsole, and a rubber outsole. These three together provide comfort and support to the wearer, which guarantees shock absorption and avoids foot fatigue.

And let me say that they give excellent arch support for the flat-footed and great cushion for your ankle. The side zipper and velcro are also very convenient to take off and on quickly.

Not only are these TAC Force highly affordable compared to the other commercial tactical boots in the market, but they are also currently helping out for a campaign with a non-profit organization that supports the veterans. I love how you get to have value-for-money combat boots while supporting a good cause.

 Heads-up:  If I have to point out a negative thing about these boots, It is the fact that I can find more durable options in the market, but of course, I have to up my budget. With this pair, you are getting what you paid for.

  • Among the most affordable tactical boots
  • Water-resistant with iH2O-Tex technology to keep feet dry
  • 3 soles (insole, midsole, outsole) are carefully crafted for comfort and less fatigue
  • Features flat-footed cushion for the ankle
  • Comes with a convenient side zipper and velcro
  • Currently supporting a non-profit campaign
  • There are more durable options in the market
 Bottom Line:  The Dynamic 3-sole System makes it a great choice of combat boots for people suffering from flat feet. Not to mention it is an affordable option.

3. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots

These UA Stellar Tactical Boots are a good option for a high-end alternative to our usual hiking boots. Under Armour is among the major outdoor brands globally, and they never fail to impress me, including this particular pair of combat boots. For a higher price point, I recommend this one.

Its upper has DWR treated Leather & 900D nylon textile, an effective waterproofing technology on footwear. And as expected, it is one of those durable boots that can last you longer than its mid-range competitors.

Like the first two, it also has an EVA midsole, which is excellent for military boots for flat feet as it provides sufficient support and long-lasting comfort even during long hikes. I love how I can quickly notice that it keeps my feet feeling good and pain-free.

But what makes the UA Stellar different from most combat boots in the market is its anti-odor technology that helps prevent stinky feet under any circumstances. Such a great feature makes the boots popular among those who love a good adventure in the mountains and stay outdoors for days. You can guarantee that your feet remain well-protected, dry, and odor-free.

 Heads-up:  Unfortunately, I could not enjoy the boots right out of the box because they need to be broken into first.

  • DWR treated Leather & 900D nylon construction for long-lasting use
  • The fabric is waterproof — great wear even in muddy and wet areas.
  • Has odor-free technology
  • Very suitable for flat feet with comfortable cushioning and arch support
  • Ideal for outdoor activities and adventures
  • Requires some breaking in before it can fit your feet perfectly
  • On the expensive side
 Bottom Line:  These Stellar Tactical Boots from Under Armour are among the best ones for customers with a hefty budget and fond of brand names. It is made to last for a long time.

4. Timberland Men’s Waterproof Ankle Boot

These waterproof boots have been deemed the number one hiking boots in the market right now, and I am not surprised. Timberland is one of the brands known for its high-quality footwear, and for years, they have released countless high-end boots that are both durable and stylish. And these Waterproof Boots are no exception.

These boots are made for trail hiking; that is why they are geared with 100% premium waterproof leather upper with seam-sealed construction to keep your feet dry at any terrain. Also, the rustproof lace, along with its convenient hook, ensures that the pair stays put on our feet.

They also have EVA midsoles, which is, at this point, we know how helpful it is to ensure that our feet remain comfortable even in rigorous terrains, especially for those who have flat feet.

But what I think made this one stand out from the rest of the combat boots I have tried is the exact 4.75” shaft from the arch, giving a flat foot an excellent arch shape and support. It also ideally provides support to the ankle and comfort to the heel.

 Heads-up:  Of course, superb quality comes with a great price, which is already given since these are Timberland boots. They also have a bit of weight to them since they are made of 100% leather, but not to the point they are restraining.

  • 100% waterproof full leather upper with seam-sealed construction
  • Comes with secure hooks and rustproof laces
  • Utilizes EVA midsoles for comfort, perfect for flat feet
  • A 4.75” shaft from the arch to provide shape and support
  • Comfortable for the ankle and heels
  • A bit more pricey than others
  • Not entirely lightweight
 Bottom Line:  These Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Boots are perfect for hiking and use in the snow during the winter. They keep the feet dry and comfortable throughout the time.

5. Bates Men’s Ultralite Tactical Sport Military Boot

Bates would not be the number one go-to footwear choice of law enforcement and uniformed personnel for nothing. Their new line of lightweight tactical boots is another proof of that. These 5” Ultralite Tactical Sport Boots are made as ideal shoes for men in the workforce.

First off, they are fully waterproof due to the construction of the signature Bates DRYguard membrane. It not only keeps your feet dry but is also breathable for added comfort. I love how they kept this in mind since you often do not get to see breathable tactical boots.

Also, such a design is a plus for people suffering from flat feet not to add more restraint to the feet. And of course, the selling point of these boots is the Ultralite feature that makes them super lightweight as you’re walking on clouds.

This high-quality boot is a combination of 70% leather and 30% nylon, which provides enough athletic flexibility and a stylish look, perfect to wear even on casual occasions.

It also has a side zipper for easy wear. I also like how it has an oil and slip-resistant outsole that makes it suitable to walk on any surface.

But my favorite thing about this has to be the price. They are durable combat boots that are an excellent value for money and are guaranteed to last for many years.

 Heads-up:  However, there is nothing new or unique with these boots. They are pretty standard, and you are definitely getting what you pay for.

  • Lightweight on the feet, which makes it extra comfortable
  • Has Bates DRYguard membrane for waterproofing and breathability
  • Side zippers for easy wear
  • The outsole is oil and slip-resistant, perfect for slip-prone surfaces
  • Among the stylish tactical boots in the market
  • These are standard combat boots, nothing new about them.
 Bottom Line:  Utility meets style with the Bates Ultralite Tactical Sport Boots. It has everything we’re looking for in combat boots: waterproof, slip-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable.

6. Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Military Coyote Boots

With its hefty price tag, these Garmont Bifida Tactical Boots are for those who have an unlimited amount of budget. However, I can guarantee that these are among the best and most durable pairs of boots we will ever find in the market. I consider it a huge and worthy investment as I know it can last me for years.

These boots are from the highest quality nylon webbing and suede leather. This material makes quick-drying boots usable in wet environments. In addition, it is field-tested and proven to survive muddy trails and sandy terrains. So, we know the pair can stand up to any extreme environment.

Aside from being durable footwear, I was impressed with the PU Footbed and the EVA insole, which provide enough support and breathability. Hence, the pair is a great choice even for flat-footed members of the troops. Its outsole also has effective grips that can stop us from ever slipping.

 Heads-up:  The only downside with this one is the issues with its tongue design. It may not be for everyone as it can cause uncomfortable pressure points around the ankle.

  • High-quality quality nylon webbing and suede leather to last for several years
  • Quick-drying boots for use in wet and dry environments
  • Field-tested and proven to survive muddy trails and sandy terrains
  • PU Footbed and the EVA insole for support and breathability
  • Features outsoles with good grips
  • Inconvenient tongue design that may not suit everyone
  • A high-end option with high price tag
 Bottom Line:  Overall, these are excellent high-performance working boots suitable to anyone, but especially for uniformed personnel. Its quality and build make it a good purchase even with the expensive price tag.

7. Reebok Work Duty RB RB8874 8″ Tactical Boot

I know I have talked about these boots’ shorter cousin earlier, but this Reebok Work Duty Rapid Response Tactical Boot deserves its spotlight.

The pair has the same functional safety features as the former, with the electrical hazard protection, safety standards compliance, and the airport-friendly element, plus the convenient side zipper.

It also has the removable Footbed and the shock eliminator heel cushion. These two features are what separates Reebok Tactical Boots from the others. They give all wearers the necessary support and comfort, especially for the ones with flat feet.

What I like the most about this particular design: the XTR Extra Wide and Composite Toe Cap, providing a wide toe box like the Ariat boots for flat feet. These bring in additional protection and comfort to the feet without increasing the weight.

As they are surprisingly lightweight, our movements on different terrains are more stable while doing strenuous activities. It is also proven to be slip-resistant on exceptionally smooth surfaces like metal and oil floors.

Another pro of these tactical boots is the perfect fit. They are true to size, do not require any breaking in, and instantly feel comfortable.

 Heads-up:  What slightly disappointed me, however, is that it is not a waterproof tactical boot. And just like any tactical boots in the Rapid Response line, its price range is not cheap.

  • Electrical hazard protection, safety standards & airport-friendliness
  • XTR Extra Wide and Composite Toe Cap for better comfort and protection
  • The F2A Footbed and shock-removal cushion provide support to flat feet
  • Lightweight and slip-resistant, ideal for various terrains
  • True to size and do not require long breaking in
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Available at a high price
 Bottom Line:  These tactical boots from Reebok’s Work Duty Rapid Response line are for those who prefer the added XTR Extra Wide composite toe caps.

8. Fila Men’s Stormer Military and Tactical Boot

Fila, one of the oldest sportswear companies in the world, has also manufactured tactical work boots.

Their Fila Stormer Tactical Boot is the best choice for those looking for simple but durable work boots for jobs in less rigorous environments. Workers in the foodservice industry would find this footwear appealing.

For a start, these tactical boots are made out of 100% leather and premium textile. These are durable materials that can withstand any stress, especially for everyday use and hours on end.

Along with these, I like how it is embedded with an EVA sole specially designed by Fila. It provides good arch support and comfort to the wearer, even those who have flat feet.

Another thing about these Fila boots that made me like them for industrial environments is the slip-resistant rubber sole. It has been tested and proven to be suitable on slippery and oily floors. Plus, these are inexpensive and a good steal when we look at the price.

 Heads-up:  One drawback about this pair of boots is that you will be able to find more durable ones in the market. Meaning, these are not the boots for those who want to use them for extreme activities.

  • Available at an affordable price point
  • EVA sole specially designed by Fila for good arch support and comfort
  • Very slip-resistant, especially on wet surfaces
  • A pair from 100% leather and quality textile for long hour work
  • Not the most durable — you get what you pay for
 Bottom Line:  I believe Fila’s Stormer Tactical Boots are a good option for everyday work boots, especially for those on a tight budget. They are made of good quality and comfortable materials.

9. Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

For those looking for mid-range priced waterproof hiking work boots, this pair from Wantdo is an excellent option. It is made out of Nubuck leather which is proven to be durable and breathable at the same time.

The main selling point of these tactical boots, which caught my attention, is the Hydroguard waterproofing technology. It is a membrane layer that blocks any moisture or water from soaking the insides of the footwear. I also like how these extra layers help keep my foot warm, which is already a plus.

Aside from the waterproofing technology, it also has a Vibram outsole, making it suitable for any terrain type as it has better traction. In addition, the deep angular traction plate made of rubber is incorporated for an impressive grip on surfaces.

In addition, it has the classic EVA midsole, which is a good option for flat-footed workers in search of excellent arch support. I also love how they thought of making the footbeds removable so they won’t cause a smelly odor in the long term.

 Heads-up:  However, the lace-up design is a con for me as I prefer side zippers. But I know this is not a big deal to some.

  • Waterproof hiking boot suitable for highly wet terrains
  • Extra layers keep the feet warm in winter
  • Has EVA midsole for comfort and shock absorption
  • Features Vibram outsole that has excellent traction
  • Deep angular traction plate made of rubber supports better grip on surfaces
  • Has a lace closure, which can be slightly inconvenient for ones preferring zippers
 Bottom Line:  Overall, these Wantdo hiking boots are excellent to use anywhere, especially during the winter, since they can wick away moisture even if we stay in the snow for too long.

10. Reebok Work Duty RB RB8695 Tactical Boot

Right off the bat, this Reebok Rapid Response Tactical Boot has impressed me. Every feature is well thought out, and the structure is fantastic.

These tactical shoes are most suitable for rapid responders as well as uniformed personnel. However, even those working in rigorous environments like firefighters and construction workers will find this particular style a great choice for footwear.

Aside from the standard EVA midsole, it also has the shock-removal heel cushion and F2A footbed. Together, they provide complete comfort and support perfect for flat feet. In addition, the Foot Force insoles help protect the entire feet from any major impacts while providing enough cushioning for support.

What amazed me the most about these boots are their unique features. It has passed safety footwear standards and is guaranteed to be airport-friendly. Also, I love how they have electrical hazard protection that protects the wearer from potential impacts when contacted with live wires and electrical circuits.

It is an added plus that they didn’t need any breaking in, and the zippers are great to put the boots on and off quickly. It is also durable enough to last us for several years, even with daily use. Also, another plus is that they look good on your feet.

 Heads-up:  Just like with any high-end branded footwear, these Reebok Tactical Boots are expensive. I also recommend sizing up with these when purchasing.

  • Tactical boot suitable for field workers like first responders
  • Foot Force insoles with shock absorption feature for flat feet
  • Airport-friendly work boots that do not activate metal detectors
  • Electrical hazard protection feature from shock from live wirings
  • Convenient zippers and comfortable right off the bat
  • On the expensive side
  • May not be true to size
 Bottom Line:  These Reebok Work Duty Rapid Response Tactical boots are the perfect worker boots, especially for first responders. The support of the soles it can provide to workers with flat feet is a great advantage.

11. Smith & Wesson Footwear Breach 2.0 Tactical Boots

Smith & Wesson is a famous firearm manufacturer in the United States. But what people do not usually know is they also have released their line of tactical footwear.

Since they are a firearm company, naturally, they design and develop footwear that will suit those in the gun community and those in the uniformed workforce. And so far, I think Breach 2.0 is a great and affordable option for tactical boots.

With the construction of leather and nylon, it is similar to many other standard work boots. It also has a lace-up closure design that allows you to loosen and tighten the shoes based on your preference, plus a side zip for convenience.

With the durable and waterproof construction, added with the high traction from the rubber outsole, it becomes excellent footwear for trail hikes.

When it comes to comfort, the midsole of these boots is also EVA foam. It gives good support to the feet and helps reduce the stress during a long day of walking in terrains. With all of these in mind, I think these Smith & Wesson boots are an excellent option for hunting boots for flat feet, as it gives enough comfortability and arch support.

 Heads-up:  One downside of this pair is that their sizes seem to run larger than the standard sizing. So, anyone who shops online should know about this.

  • Side zipper closure for easy wear
  • Comfortable for flat feet because of the EVA midsole
  • Waterproof tactical boots that can survive wet environments
  • Gives enough comfortability and arch support
  • An affordable option
  • The sizes run large, so sizing can be a bit hard to figure out.
 Bottom Line:  This Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 is an affordable option for those who have a tighter budget. They are a good value for money as they are already durable and comfortable.

12. Reebok Work Safety Toe Tactical Boot

Reebok tactical boots are so good that I decided to add another model to this list. This pair has a specialized MemoryTech Massage footbed that can help shape your foot, making it the ultimate combat boots for flat feet.

Wearing these boots guarantees no discomfort as it provides the necessary cushion to support our feet all day long. Along with its lightweight construction, the pair can reduce stress and fatigue, even for strenuous work.

Furthermore, it has the Sublite EVA midsole for additional protection and support for our feet every time we take a step. On the other hand, the outsole is fully rubberized and gives enough traction suitable for rugged terrain.

I also love how the upper is made out of durable cattle leather and nylon. It also has an added moisture-wicking mesh that makes the boots waterproof. This pair features a YKK side zipper for convenient wearing, plus a composite toecap to top these all off.

 Heads-up:  We know the drill already. These Reebok boots’ downside is that they are on the high-end side of the spectrum, which means they can be a bit expensive compared to other tactical boots out there.

  • Great shoes for flat feet because of the MemoryTech Massage footbed
  • Features necessary cushion for support and lightweight wear
  • Has moisture-wicking lining for waterproofing
  • Fully rubberized and gives enough traction suitable for rugged terrain
  • Has a YKK side zipper for convenient wearing, plus a composite toecap
  • A high-priced product
 Bottom Line:  For anyone willing to invest more to own a good pair of tactical boots for comfortable wear, this one is an excellent option. Also, its well-thought-out design will benefit workers with flat feet.


Tactical Research is a brand that specializes in manufacturing tactical boots for the military and the police force. They are known to create comfortable and practical boots that have a premium durable quality, which suits the workforce’s needs. Their MAXX6Z Maximalist is one that caught my attention.

It has a 6-inch above the ankle height with an upper made out of 100% cattle hide leather. Such a high ankle helps protect us from mud and dirt while handling work.

In addition, it has the specialized FAT MAXX midsole that guarantees ultra cushioning and serves as a shock absorber when in action. Flat-footed workers can benefit from this feature as it provides shape and arch support.

Right off the box, I think they are one of the most comfortable tactical boots out there. Even when wearing it the entire day, they do not strain the feet at all. It may have a mid-range price, but I think it is already a pretty good deal since you are getting high-quality boots.

 Heads-up:  The only thing to look out for this pair because they need some breaking in before we can feel entirely the comfort it provides.

  • From a manufacturer of tactical boots for the military and the police force
  • Cattle hide leather upper and 6-inch ankle height for good protection
  • FAT MAXX midsole guarantees ultra cushioning and shock absorbing
  • Comfortable enough for all-day everyday wear
  • Mid-range price boots with high quality
  • It requires some breaking in
 Bottom Line:  I believe this is one of those tactical boots that are a staple to your shoe closet, especially if we wear them often. These are a good upgrade from our standard boots and a worthy purchase once we experience their comfortability.

14. Danner StrikerBolt Military and Tactical Boot

The last but not the least item on our list is from Danner’s Striker Bolt Line. It has an upper made out of polishable leather and nylon, which made the entire shoe lightweight. This feature alone makes this pair a great option for people with flat feet.

To make it better, it has Danner’s Bi Fit Board for its footboard and midsoles and the TERRA FORCE NEXT Platform that helps contour the shape of the feet, giving better arch support and cushioning with no pain at all.

This pair also has the GORE-TEX lining for waterproofing and breathability at the same time. I love how these companies ensure that wearers can have the necessary utility and enough foot support and ventilation.

Notably, these boots also have the Vibram Striker Bolt Outsole that makes them slip-resistant on any surface. I love how I can use them for wet and slippery grounds without any issues. Even in extreme terrains, my feet remain comfortable, and my movement is not restrained. I can say that this is among the shoes that tick all of the boxes for me.

 Heads-up:  However, since these pairs are high-quality, they also require a higher budget. As a result, they are a bit more expensive, but I think they can be a good investment depending on how much you make use of them.

  • Provides great arch support and cushion for flat feet
  • Has the GORE-TEX waterproof lining to help in keeping your feet dry
  • Tactical boot option for rugged trails
  • Lightweight for all-day wear
  • Has the Vibram outsole that guarantees slip resistance
  • Can be a bit pricey
 Bottom Line:  I think we ended this list with a bang. This Danner Striker Bolt Tactical Boot is the perfect boot for people suffering from flat feet.

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Boots for Flat Feet


Let’s face it, purchasing tactical boots, or all shoes in general is extra hard when you have flat feet. Especially with combat boots that are likely used in extreme activities and environments, workers with flat feet have to find the best one to provide them enough comfort to last them the entire day. To help, here are the crucial features to look for when choosing your pair of tactical boots:

Good arch support: It will help reduce or even avoid the pain you may feel during the entire day of work. Flat-footed people are more prone to aches and pains that can spread throughout their joints if left ignored.

Overall comfortability: It is essential to maximize comfort as much as possible — starting from your calves and ankles to your heels and toes. This also includes the breathability of your feet. Especially with tactical boots that tend to be suffocating and restricting to your feet, finding one that has a breathable material is critical for flat feet.

Waterproof: Having wet feet is unpleasant. What you want is to avoid anything that may cause your feet to feel uncomfortable. For flat-footed workers who are based in wet environments, consider purchasing a 100% waterproof boot.

Cushioned soles: Extra cushioning helps absorb impacts from walking on rugged terrains to avoid sharp pains while on the road.

Slip-resistant outsoles: You also need to prevent any potential injuries by wearing boots with high traction to prevent slipping. It all depends on the type of surfaces you work on most of the time. There are specialized tactical boots for muddy grounds, while there are also ones made to resist oily floors.

Low drop heels: Avoid tactical boots that have added heels as they may cause pain afterward. This applies when you choose any work boots, not just the pairs for flat feet.

Durability: Having durable boots that can withstand any stress while you are on the field also helps avoid injuries. You also want to make the most of what you spent on your boots, so it will be better if you invest in ones that can last you for so long.

Cost-efficiency: Find a tactical boot that fits right into your budget. Although we always say that excellent quality comes with a price, there are still several options out there that are as good and effective as high-end boots for flat feet.

What is the Most Comfortable Tactical Boot for Flat Feet

Danner’s Strike Bolt 6” Tactical Boots would be the best choice when looking for the best tactical boots for flat feet. Its specialized Bi Fit Board and TERRA FORCE NEXT PLATFORM provide every support any flat-footed workers need.

In addition, it gives arch support, which we all know helps manage the pain, and offers necessary cushioning that can improve the shape of your foot and absorb the impact while walking. It is also waterproof and slip-resistant, which are also essential features for flat feet.

Read more: List of top 7 tactical boots for plantar fasciitis.

Are Wedge Sole Boots Good for Flat Feet

Yes, they are. They help ease the discomfort in working and walking on hard floors and rugged surfaces. It reduces pressure points while you are moving your feet while letting your sole completely touch the ground. It also serves as a shock absorber that prevents your feet from extreme impacts.

How Do I Know If I Need Flat Feet Tactical Boots


Some flat-footed people do not experience any symptoms such as pain, so they think that having shoes specially made for flat feet is not essential. What’s alarming is that the condition may worsen over time if left untreated and affect other parts of your joints and back.

You can tell if the person has flat feet if their feet have no arches and are entirely pressing on the ground. However, since symptoms may vary from one person to another, the best way to find out if you need special tactical boots for flat feet is by consulting a specialist.

What Will Happen If You Wear Normal Tactical Boots While Having Flat Feet

Wearing tactical boots with no arch support and cushion whatsoever can worsen your condition. First of all, your movement will be more restrained since you feel discomfort and pain. Especially with extreme environments and terrains, it will be easy to trigger the pain of flat feet.

Secondly, continuous use of regular boots can result in long-term injuries. For example, it can cause severe ankle pains, joint problems, and issues with your spinal alignment.


It is essential to be careful when choosing your tactical boots, or you might end up hurting your feet and make their condition worse. The best way to avoid this is to find the best tactical boots for flat feet in the market.

Do not settle for less, and consider investing in high-quality boots with enough support and cushion for your feet. Considering all the things we have shared in this article can guide you in choosing the proper boots for you.

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