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Why Do Military Guys Get Married So Fast? – Reasons & Benefits

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

why do military guys get married so fast

“Why do military guys get married so fast?” It’s a question that has sparked curiosity and speculation among many. In reality, the distinct challenges and requirements of military life often foster an atmosphere where rapid and profound connections are established, resulting in expedited relationships and marriages.

Various factors, including frequent deployments, the longing for emotional companionship, and the financial advantages associated with marriage, all contribute to the emergence of this phenomenon.

We will explore the reasons behind military men’s fast track to marriage, shedding light on the complex dynamics that drive their commitment to love and partnership.

Reasons Behind Military Guys Getting Married Quickly

Research indicates that male military personnel often marry at a younger age compared to the civilian population, with over 50% of them entering matrimony by the time they reach 25 years old.  

A study conducted by Jennifer Lundquist revealed that the average age of marriage in the military was 22 years old. The majority of individuals included in the study were enlisted soldiers holding positions within the low-to-middle ranking range.

So what are the reasons why military guys fall in love so fast and get married early?  

Benefits of Marriage in the Military

The benefits of marrying a military man can vary, but there are three notable benefits that are commonly known:

1. Housing Benefit


The military provides housing benefits for married service members and their spouses. Many young soldiers seek to move out of barracks-style accommodations, which are usually considered inconvenient and restrictive.  

Through Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), the military offers financial support for rent and food. Upon marriage, couples can either move into base housing or receive an allowance (ranging from $223.84 to $905.12, depending on your rank) to live off base.  

The military also covers relocation costs for each family member during Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves, but this assistance is only available to married couples.

2. Emotional Support


Marriage provides a sense of stability and belonging. As military members can be deployed for a long time, along with how dangerous their job is, they tend to seek emotional support, usually from their spouse.

Furthermore, family members of servicemen and women who are enlisted play a vital role. Emotional support aside, family members can help them in the transition back into civilian life and provide care for injured veterans as well.  

3. Financial Support: 


Military marriage benefits also include financial perks, such as direct pay increases for housing and cost of living allowances (COLA). Such is the case for members stationed in high-cost areas, where COLA is essential to offset the higher living expense.

What is more, when service members gain dependents, their COLA will be adjusted to provide additional financial assistance for their family members as well.  

Factors Influencing Quick Marriages

According to the study by Jennifer Lundquist and Zhun Xu, it was revealed that three key aspects of military life serve as catalysts for marriage: war zones, frequent relocations, and the robust institutional support and socioeconomic stability provided by the military.

1. War Zone


Military marriages often stem from the need for security and emotional connection from marriage during imminent wartime separations, knowing they have someone to come home to. The emotional benefits of being married early could fulfill this need.  

2. Frequent Relocations/ Deployments


Military service often involves frequent moves and lengthy deployments, with service members facing relocations every 2-3 years. The desire to establish a stable home life before extended periods away drives many to move fast in relationships and marry early.

Marital decisions are often driven by the need for stability amidst uncertainty, with the military covering relocation costs for spouses and family members. This policy leads to earlier marriages among military people.  

3. Financial and Socioeconomic Stability


The military offers a stable income, comprehensive benefits, and job training and covers full relocation costs for service members’ families. This makes sure employees have a support system they can take with them wherever they go. It also offers important services like healthcare for the whole family, housing, and daycare.  

Pros and Cons of Quick Military Marriages

  • Early military marriages offer financial stability through a secure income.
  • Couples gain access to valuable benefits like health insurance and housing allowances, enhancing their overall security when getting married young in the military.
  • Moreover, these marriages foster a sense of belonging and create a support network within the military community, helping service members feel connected and supported.
  • Some individuals, particularly those fresh out of high school entering the military, may lack life experience and hastily date army guys and marry them primarily for the benefits.
  • Early military marriages often face higher divorce rates, likely due to the immaturity of the partners or the challenges posed by deployments and the differences in military life, or worse, cheating spouses.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control suggests that couples who marry before the age of 18 have a 48% divorce rate within 10 years, which is the average length of engagement or marriage for early couples.


It becomes evident why do military guys get married so fast. Marriage offers them priceless benefits like emotional support, personal care, and stability amid the ever-changing military life. These advantages are irreplaceable and unique.  

Moreover, the military’s material benefits and support system play a vital role in facilitating such fast marriages. By providing essential resources and a network of assistance, the military paves the way for individuals to pursue marriage at an accelerated pace.  

This harmonious blend of personal and institutional factors sheds light on the reasons behind the rapidity of military marriages.

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