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What is 10 PM in Military Time? It’s Basic Math

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what is 10 pm in military time

The civilian time is easy to read with its AM/PM indication, but it’s a different story for military time. You need to read numbers greater than 1200. So, what is 10 PM in military time?

The 10 PM army time is 2200 hours.

Learn the basic math and tips in reading the 10 PM military time below.

Converting 10 PM to Military Time


When the clock strikes 12 PM, the succeeding hours become more complicated to read in 24-hour time. The 1 PM becomes 1300, 2 PM becomes 14oo, and so on. Contrary to popular belief, 12 AM midnight isn’t 2400 but 0000 which also reads as zero hundred hours.

How about the military time conversion for 10 PM specifically?

Since PM indicates that the time is greater than 1200, simply add 12 to the civilian hours and keep the number of minutes as is. Let’s take the computation of the military time for 10 pm for example.

10:00 + 12 = 2200 or twenty-two hundred hours.

As you can see, the minutes are the same as the civilian time, which is 00 minutes. To guide you for the rest of the minutes in a 10 PM hour, check the conversion time chart below.

Normal Time Military Time Normal Time Military Time
10:00 PM 2200 10:30 PM 2230
10:05 PM 2205 10:35 PM 2235
10:10 PM 2210 10:40 PM 2240
10:15 PM 2215 10:45 PM 2245
10:20 PM 2220 10:50 PM 2250
10:25 PM 2225 10:55 PM 2255

Tips to Read 10 PM (2200) in Military Time


  1. The conversion of 10 pm to military time is 2200 with the first two numbers referring to hours and the last two digits indicating the minutes. Take note that there’s no colon separating the hours and minutes. It’s expressed this way to avoid confusion with the standard time.
  2. To say the whole hour, say the time in hundreds and not in thousands. For example, 2200 is spoken as twenty-two hundred hours.
  3. Say the minutes as they are. Instead of saying quarter after 10, say twenty-two fifteen hours in military time. If the current military time is 2202, it’s pronounced as twenty-two zero two hours in the army.

Common Uses Of 10 PM In Military Operations

The 10 PM time is important for the army because it’s the onset of curfew on most military bases. Unless deployed in a mission, the residents should be in their quarters at 10 PM or 2200 hours. 

The basic military training also ends at 10 PM. Starting from 5 AM, the trainees perform many physical activities to improve endurance. Before bedtime, they have to clean their room and personal items.


At this point, I’m sure that you know the answer to the question, “What is 10 PM in military time?” All it takes is basic math. You should know how to convert civilian time to military time if you don’t want to get confused in your military training or vacation in a European country.

Share with us what you know about military time in the comment section below. If you know someone that needs this information, don’t hesitate to share the link.

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