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What Time is 14:00 Military Time? (Time Converter Included)

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what time is 14_00 military time

Have you ever heard the term “military time” and are curious about what it means? So, What time is 14:00 military time? It’s very simple, 14:00 is equivalent to 2:00 PM in civilian time.

The 24-hour clock is the standard timekeeping method used by the military and many other institutions worldwide. It would be wise to familiarize oneself with this timekeeping mode due to its usefulness and efficiency.

In this guide, the advantages and practical uses of military time will be discussed in detail. A comparison of military time to regular time will also be explored.

What Time is 14:00 in Military


In the military, 14:00 corresponds to 2:00 PM on a standard 12-hour American clock. Since military time follows the 24-hour clock, the terms “ante meridiem” and “post meridiem” (AM and PM) are redundant.

Different sectors that depend on accurate timekeeping use military time, including the armed forces, emergency services, and the aviation industry.

The military’s 24-hour clock begins at midnight (00:00) and runs until 23:59:59. A two-digit number between 00 and 23 indicates each hour. Many European countries use a 24-hour clock; thus that’s the basis for the format.

If you want to convert military time to standard time, the time values will look like the following:

00:00 = 12:00 AM (midnight)

01:00 = 1:00 AM

02:00 = 2:00 AM

11:00 = 11:00 AM

12:00 = 12:00 PM (noon)

13:00 = 1:00 PM

14:00 = 2:00 PM

23:00 = 11:00 PM

The primary benefit of army time is that it is not complex or ambiguous. Confusion over AM and PM times is avoided by using the 24-hour format instead, which is especially useful for time-critical tasks like military maneuvers, airline schedules, and emergency response systems.

Military time is globally known. Thus it’s easier to coordinate efforts across time zones while using it.

Converting 14:00 to Military Time

If you use the standard 12-hour clock, 14:00 represents 2:00 PM.

The hours between 1:00 PM and 11:59 PM are easily converted to military time by adding 12 to the corresponding civilian hours. Therefore, the military converts 2:00 p.m. to 14:00 h.

If you want to convert military time to standard time or even military time to EST, there are two ways to do it. You can use a military time conversion chart or you can use a converter app or tool.

Method 1: Use a converter chart


Here are the steps you need to do to convert 14:00 to military time using a military time conversion chart:

Regular Time  |  Military Time

12:00 AM         0000

1:00 AM          0100

2:00 AM          0200

3:00 AM          0300

4:00 AM          0400

5:00 AM          0500

6:00 AM          0600

7:00 AM          0700

8:00 AM           0800

9:00 AM           0900

10:00 AM         1000

11:00 AM         1100

12:00 PM         1200

1:00 PM           1300

2:00 PM           1400

3:00 PM           1500

4:00 PM           1600

5:00 PM           1700

6:00 PM           1800

7:00 PM           1900

8:00 PM           2000

9:00 PM           2100

10:00 PM         2200

11:00 PM         2300

  1. Determine the “hours” portion of the 12-hour clock. In this case, we’re using 2:00 PM.
  2. Find the corresponding time in the table of conversions.
  3. Find the value for the conversion next to the named hours. For 2:00 PM standard time, 14 is the corresponding value.
  4. Time in the military has been adjusted to 14:00.

The 24-hour clock converter table makes it simple to get the relevant military time from the 12-hour clock system at any given hour.

Method 2: Use a tool

Follow these steps to convert 14:00 to military time using a calculator or an online military time converter:

Put 14:00 into the converter or calculator if it has one.

To switch from standard time to military time, click the appropriate button.

To acquire the result, select either the “Convert” or “Calculate” button.

The result should appear instantly. This is also the converter for hours and minutes.

More examples of using online converters to convert from civilian to military time are as follows:

  • Example 1:

If the time to convert is 09:30 PM regular time, then you must input 09:30 PM into the converter.

Select the option for converting from the 12-hour clock to military time.

Click the “Convert” or “Calculate” button.

The result is 21:30.

  • Example 2:

If you want to convert 06:45 AM, simply input 06:45 AM into the converter.

Select the l option for converting from the 12-hour clock to military time.

Click the “Convert” or “Calculate” button.

The result is 06:45.

Military Time vs. Standard Time


What are the differences between military time and standard time apart from the format? The following are some broad distinctions between the two time systems.

  • Time Format: Time in the military is measured on a 24-hour scale, beginning at midnight and ending at 11:59 p.m. Meanwhile, standard Time: follows a 12-hour pattern, from midnight to noon, then noon to midnight.
  • AM/PM Designation: Due to its 24-hour scope, military time does not distinguish between morning and afternoon.

A standard time zone will use AM (Ante Meridiem) for the morning and PM (Post Meridiem) for the evening.

  • Conversion: Converting from military time to standard time is as simple as subtracting 12 from any hour greater than 12 and appending the appropriate AM or PM designation.

Adding 12 hours to any PM hour (excluding noon) and dropping the AM/PM indicator is how you convert standard time to military time.

Benefits of Using Military Time

There are several advantages to using military time (the 24-hour clock) in a variety of settings. The 24-hour clock system is useful in various industries for the following reasons:


  • Clarity and Precision

By omitting the AM and PM labels, military time ensures that all time references are very clear. This precision and accuracy are especially important in military operations, aviation, healthcare, and transportation.

  • International Standardization

The worldwide adoption of military time has helped eliminate the potential for miscommunication induced by time zone differences and regional norms. This makes it easier to schedule meetings, arrange travel, and coordinate activities between persons and organizations located in different time zones.

  • Efficiency in Documentation and Record-Keeping

In professions that demand precise and sequential time records, like healthcare and legal proceedings, the 24-hour format of military time facilitates paperwork, record-keeping, and log entries.

It enables straightforward event organization, decreases the likelihood of mistakes, and does away with the need for further notation or explanations. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What industries use military time?

Military time, also known as the 24-hour clock, is widely used in various industries such as aviation, transportation, healthcare, emergency services, logistics, and the military. By adopting this time format, these industries can ensure clear and concise communication, avoid confusion, and maintain accuracy in their operations.

Are there any countries that don’t use military time?

Although military time is used in some sectors or contexts in many countries, the 12-hour clock format (standard time) is still more commonly used in everyday life in certain countries, such as in the United States for non-military purposes. This means that most people in the country follow the same time zone, making coordinating schedules and planning events easier.

How to read military time?

All you have to do is pronounce the numbers as they are. No need to worry about AM or PM; just say the hour and minute clearly and concisely. For example, 4 pm in military time is 1600 or “sixteen hundred” or “sixteen hundred hours.”

How to write military time?

To write time in military format, you can, for example, represent 9:45 AM as “0945” and 3:20 PM as “1520.” To ensure consistency in time formatting, it’s common practice to use leading zeros for hours and minutes that are single-digit. This helps to avoid confusion and makes it easier to read and understand the time.


Military time is a 24-hour timekeeping standard adopted by many different sectors and nations. When asked “What time is 14:00 military time,” the response is always 2:00 PM in regular time.

One’s grasp of time is enhanced by learning military time because of its clarity, precision, and international standards. Understanding military time is crucial for accurate record-keeping, timely reporting, and cooperative work across international borders.

Adopting this standardized time format reduces misunderstandings and boosts efficiency in a globalized, multicultural society.

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