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What is 2000 Military Time

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what is 2000 military time

What is 2000 Military Time? For your information, the military time 2000 corresponds to 8:00 p.m. in regular time.

When converting military time to standard time, simply subtract 12 hours from the total number of hours if it is after noon (1300 onwards).

Today, we will look at a detailed military time conversion guide as well as some examples for converting other times to military time. We will also discuss the benefits and applications of military time.

Additionally, there will be quick tips on how to correctly read and pronounce military time.

2000 Military Time


The military, emergency services, and many countries throughout the world all use the 24-hour clock, known as military time. This army time system eliminates the need to distinguish between morning and afternoon times by providing a straightforward alternative. Military time is based on a 24-hour day, which begins at 00:00 and ends at 23:59.

Knowing how to use the conversion chart to go from civilian to military time and vice versa is essential.

Military Time Conversion Guide


  1. Put a zero before the hour if it’s before 10 AM. In military time, 9:00 AM is written as 09:00.
  2. There’s no need to do the math if the time is between 10 and 11:59 AM. For instance, military time does not change the meaning of the time 10:30 AM.
  3. The value of the hour is increased by 12 if it is afternoon. One o’clock in the afternoon is considered thirteen o’clock in military time; two thirty is fourteen thirty, and so on.
  4. Minutes don’t need to be converted when converting between time systems.

On the other hand, military time can be converted to standard time by subtracting 12 hours from the given military time.

As an example, let’s look at 2000 military times. In the standard 12-hour time format, it is equivalent to 8:00 PM. You get it by subtracting 12 from the hour value because 2000 is past noon. By taking 12 away from 20, we get 8.

Therefore, 2000 represents 8:00 AM in standard time.

Other Examples:

To further illustrate military time conversions, here are some additional examples:

  • 09:45 in military time is 9:45 AM standard time
  • 12:30 in military time is 12:30 PM. standard time
  • 17:15 in military time becomes 5:15 PM standard time
  • 23:55 in military time becomes 11:55 PM standard time

Here’s a Military Time to Standard Time chart for your reference:

Military Time to Standard Time
Military Standard AM Military Standard PM
0000 12:00 1200 12:00
0100 1:00 1300 1:00
0200 2:00 1400 2:00
0300 3:00 1500 3:00
0400 4:00 1600 4:00
0500 5:00 1700 5:00
0600 6:00 1800 6:00
0700 7:00 1900 7:00
0800 8:00 2000 8:00
0900 9:00 2100 9:00
100 10:00 2200 10:00
1100 11:00 2300 11:00

Benefits of Military Time

Using military time (the 24-hour clock type) has several advantages. Some benefits include:

  • Clarity: Compared to the conventional 12-hour clock, the military time format is clear and unambiguous. You also don’t use the “a.m.” and “p.m.”.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Precision: Using military time allows for more exact planning, documentation, and coordination.
  • International Standardization: The use of a universal time format streamlines coordination and communication across
  • time zones.
  • Simplified Calculation of Time Intervals: Using military time can help simplify time interval calculations.

Usage of Military Time


Military time has many applications in many different professions and businesses. Some common contexts in which military time is used are:

  • Aviation
  • Emergency Services like police, fire departments, and medical
  • Global Coordination – for international coordination and standardization.
  • Information Technology – computer systems, software applications, and databases
  • Healthcare – hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms
  • Military and Defense
  • Transportation and Logistics – military time is used in timetables, schedules, and operations

Saying and Reading Guide

To say military time, remember that hours are represented by two digits, valued between 00 and 23. Say the hours by pronouncing the two numerals as they appear. For example:

The time 00 can be pronounced either as “zero hundred” or “midnight.” then:

  • “1300” is pronounced like “thirteen” or “thirteen hundred.”
  • 20 is either “twenty” or “twenty hundred.”

To read the minutes, you can either say “hundred” or pronounce each digit individually. Case in point:

  • With 5 Minutes, say it like “zero five” or “five minutes.”
  • With 15, say it either as “fifteen” or “fifteen minutes.”
  • 30 is pronounced as “thirty” or “thirty minutes.”

Meanwhile, reading military time is just as easy. Simply put together the hour and minute pronunciations to read the whole military time. For example:

  • The time is 08:45, so you read it either as “zero eight forty-five” or “eight forty-five.”


Beyond knowing what is 2000 military time, the 24-hour time system ensures clear and unambiguous communication across different countries and professions.

The military time format greatly helps in various professions and industries. Its precise format eliminates confusion between AM and PM, thus minimizing errors in scheduling and operations.

Understanding military time not only enhances communication but also facilitates effective collaboration. This ultimately contributes to increased productivity and improved safety across diverse sectors.

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