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What Time is 11:00 in Military Time? (Time Converter Included)

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what time is 11:00 in military time

Converting military time to regular time is easy but tricky at times. Let’s start by learning what time is 11:00 in military time.

11:00 could be 1100 or 2300 in military time. As time is valuable as it supports us in managing everyday tasks, we must know how to convert time like those who work around the clock, such as nurses, soldiers, and pilots. It will eliminate confusion between mornings and evenings and give us an efficient system.

Converting 11:00 to Military Time


Most people are familiar with the regular time format, especially those in areas that do not practice Daylight Saving Time.

  • The standard time consists of two sets of 12 hours, representing the morning and evening periods.

In the 12-hour time format, “AM” stands for ante meridiem, denoting before midday, while “PM” stands for post meridiem, indicating after the high noon. Both of these are Latin abbreviations.

  • Meanwhile, people use the 24-hour system to make sure everything is clear about the start and end of the day.

This time format has high importance to individuals working and communicating across multiple time zones. In addition, military time proves to be user-friendly for time calculations, as it simply requires subtracting the higher number from the lesser one.

Let’s explore converting time into two distinct formats to deepen our understanding of military time. Let us try learning the military time for 11:00.

As our discussion progresses, we will discover that 11:00 can represent 1100, which indicates 11:00 am, or 2300, which states 11:00 pm in military time.

Step-by-step Guide Examples

Here is a comprehensive walkthrough of the time conversion steps, enabling a deeper comprehension of the two time formats. 

Step 1: Determining whether the time is in the AM or PM period


Before converting 11:00 to military time, it is essential to identify whether the mentioned time falls within the AM or PM period.

Step2: Convert regular time to military time (AM)


Once you identified the time as 11:00 am, remove the colon symbol and the “AM” identifier. The resulting military time representation would be 1100, read as “eleven hundred hours.”

Step 3: Convert regular time to military time (PM)


When converting from regular time to military time, it’s important to note that for PM hours (1 in the afternoon to midnight), you need to add 12 to the regular time representation.

For example, if the time is 11:00 pm, you add 12 to 11, resulting in 2300 in military time.

Time Identifier (for pm only) Regular Time


  Add 12 hours to convert to a 24-hour format.   Military Time


PM 11:00 + 12 = 2300

Convert military time to regular time 

When the time format is in the morning (AM), it’s important to note that the time remains the same, and you solely need to remove the colon (:) symbol.

When converting military time to regular time, for PM hours, subtract 12 from the military time and add the PM time identifier.

For instance, if the time is 2300 in military time, subtracting 12 from 2300 gives you 1100. Then, add the colon and time identifier, resulting at 11:00 pm.

Time Identifier (for pm only) Military Time


  Subtract 12 hours to convert to a 24-hour format.   Converted Time

(for 12 hours format)

Regular Time


PM 2300 12 = 1100 11:00 pm

Other Ways to Convert

1. Use chart:

Now that you have learned the steps of converting time, and if you still find it challenging, refer to the military time chart below. It will assist you in quickly finding the military time equivalent you need.




0000 12:00 AM 1200 12:00 PM
0100 1:00 AM 1300 1:00 PM
0200 2:00 AM 1400 2:00 PM
0300 3:00 AM 1500 3:00 PM
0400 4:00 AM 1600 4:00 PM
0500 5:00 AM 1700 5:00 PM
0600 6:00 AM 1800 6:00 PM
0700 7:00 AM 1900 7:00 PM
0800 8:00 AM 2000 8:00 PM
0900 9:00 AM 2100 9:00 PM
1000 10:00 AM 2200 10:00 PM
1100 11:00 AM 2300 11:00 PM

2. Use tool

You can also utilize the military time converter tool to simplify the process. To convert regular time to military time format, input the hours and minutes, select AM or PM, and press the convert button. It’s as simple as that!

On the other hand, if you have military time and need to convert it to regular time, enter the time and press convert to spot the corresponding time.


In summary, this article has provided valuable insights into military time. We started learning what time is 11:00 in military time and studied converting time from regular to the military. Understanding these conversions is particularly important for soldiers who rely on precise timekeeping.

We examined the steps involved, discussed the utility of conversion charts, and highlighted the convenience of converter tools. As a result, we now comprehend that 11:00 can be expressed as either 1100 or 2300 in military time, ensuring effective communication and coordination among everyone.

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