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What is 1645 in Military Time? (Time Converter Included)

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what is 1645 in military time

Most of us learn one type of timekeeping system and stick with it for the rest of our lives. There’s no reason to become familiar with another type, right? WRONG!

There can be many situations where knowing other timekeeping systems helps. If you were in an airport or a hospital, for instance. It might also come in handy while watching a military film!

One of the systems you can get to know is military time. You can join us in exploring it now with a simple question, what is 1645 in military time?

The short answer? 1645 in military hours is 4:45 P.M.

Read on for the details.

What Time is 1645?


1. Convert Military Time to Standard Time

If you don’t have a military time converter, you can convert military time to regular time yourself. Here are the steps you must take:

  1. Identify the hours and minutes of the given time. To be clear, the two first numbers refer to hours, whereas the latter two are minutes.
  2. Benchmark the time against 1200. If it is greater than that, deduct 12 from the hours.
  3. Keep the minutes the same.
  4. Add a colon in between the hours and minutes of the given time.
  5. Add an “A.M.” if the time in the 2nd step was less than 1200 and a “P.M.” if vice versa.

Why don’t we put it into practice now?

  1. In 1645, the hour is 16 and the minutes is 45.
  2. 1645 is not less than 1200. We subtract 12 from the hours. 16 minus 2 is 4 hours.
  3. The minutes stay the same. So, that is 45 minutes.
  4. Adding a colon, we now have 4:45.
  5. Given that 1645 is greater than 1200, we add a “P.M.” at the end.

→ The final result is 4:45 P.M.

2. Convert Standard Time to Military Time

To make sure we are completely comfortable, let’s try the reverse: converting from standard to military time.

  1. Check if the given time has an “A.M.” or “P.M.” to determine if its military conversion is greater than 1200.
  2. Keep the minutes the same.
  3. Remove the colon in between the hours and minutes, as well as the “A.M” or “P.M.”

Our 4:45 timer conversion would go like this:

  1. 4:45 PM is greater than 1200. We need to add 12 to the hours. 4 + 12, we get 16.
  2. The minutes stay the same. Thus, it is still 45 minutes.
  3. Military time does not use a colon or a “P.M.,” so we take those out.

 → The time we are left with is 1645.

3. Military Conversion Time Table

Instead of converting military time to regular time, you can have a look at the table below to find quickly find the information you need.

Military Time Standard Time (12 hr) Standard Time (24 hr)
0000 12:00 AM (Midnight) 00:00
0100 1:00 A.M 01:00
0200 2:00 A.M 02:00
0300 3:00 A.M 03:00
0400 4:00 A.M 04:00
0500 5:00 A.M 05:00
0600 6:00 A.M 06:00
0700 7:00 A.M 07:00
0800 8:00 AM 8:00
0900 9:00 A.M 09:00
1000 10:00 A.M 10:00
1100 11:00 A.M 11:00
1200 12:00 P.M (Noon) 12:00
1300 1:00 P.M 13:00
1400 2:00 P.M 14:00
1500 3:00 P.M 15:00
1600 4:00 P.M 16:00
1700 5:00 P.M 17:00
1800 6:00 P.M 18:00
1900 7:00 P.M 19:00
2000 8:00 P.M 20:00
2100 9:00 P.M 21:00
2200 10:00 P.M 22:00
2300 11:00 P.M 23:00
2400 12:00 P.M 24:00

Tips to Say and Write 1645 in Military Time

1. Saying 1645 in military time

To correctly read military time for 4 P.M., there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Say “hour” at the end
  • Add a “zero” or an “oh” before the given hour if it is less than 10. However, note that you can only use “on” instead of “zero” in situations that are not too diplomatic or formal.
  • Say “hundred” if there is only the given hour and no minutes.

Hence, 1645 would be read as “sixteen forty-five hours.”

2. Writing 1645 in military time

  • Unlike civilian time, the four digits used in military time are not separated by colons
  • Military time does not use “A.M.” or “P.M.” like civilian time

→ So, omit the colon and “A.M.” or “P.M.” when you write 4 P.M. in military time. You will get 1645.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is 1645 in 12-hour time?

1645 in military time is 4:45 P.M. in 12-hour standard time. Earlier, we looked at how to do this conversion.

What is 1645 in 24-hour time?

To get the answer to this, we would need to convert military time to 12-hour standard time, and then 12-hour standard time to 24-hour standard time.

We did the first part earlier. 1645 in military time is 4:45 P.M. in 12-hour standard time. We just need to convert this to 24-hour standard time now.

Here are the two rules you must know:

  • If your given time is between 1:00 P.M. and 11:59 P.M., you add 12 hours.
  • If your given time is between 12:00 A.M. to 12:59 A.M., you take away 12 hours.

Our 4:45 P.M. falls under the first rule, so we add 12 hours. The result is 16:45 regular time.

Remember that the 24-hour format also omits “A.M.” and “P.M.”


Now that you have completed reading this blog post, you should have a solid idea of “What is 1645 in military time?” In addition, you should now be able to convert to and from military time.

Hopefully, this has been both informative and interesting. While military time can be a difficult topic to approach at first, it is far from rocket science!

Just leave any other questions you have below, and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

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