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What Time is 8PM in Military Time? – Time Converter Included

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what time is 8pm in military time

Interested in knowing what time is 8PM in military time? The military time system uses a 24-hour clock, meaning 8 PM is written as “2000” hours.

Understanding military time can be crucial in various scenarios, from coordinating military operations to ensuring precise communication. This article will help you convert regular time to its military counterpart with a table and converter tool.

Converting 8 PM to Military Time


In standard civilian timekeeping, the day is divided into two distinct 12-hour periods, designated as AM (morning) and PM (afternoon/evening). However, a military time chart employs a 24-hour format instead.

To read military time, note that the hour is indicated by the first two digits, while the latter two represent the minutes. There’s no need to add AM or PM as the 24-hour format already clears up the ambiguity.

Here’s the process to convert civilian time to military one:

  • Identify whether the time you want to convert is in the morning or afternoon/evening.
    • If in the morning (12:00 AM and 11:59 AM), keep the hour value as is and add a leading zero if it is a single-digit number.
    • If in the afternoon/evening (12:00 PM and 11:59 PM), add 12 hours to the hour value. So, 8PM army time would become 2000.
  • In any case, the value for the minute remains the same.

To name a few other examples, 2:30 PM in standard time becomes 1430 in the military time clock, and 9:12 PM becomes 2112. The day ends at 11:59 PM., which is represented as 2359 in 24 hour clock, and so forth.

Quick and Easy Method to Convert Military Time


Understanding military time conversion can be made easier with the help of converter tools or by referring to a comprehensive military time conversion chart.

Military Time Chart

12-Hour Clock 24-Hour Military Time
12 a.m/ midnight 00:00
1 a.m. 01:00
2 a.m. 02:00
3 a.m. 03:00
4 a.m. 04:00
5 a.m. 05:00
6 a.m. 06:00
7 a.m. 07:00
8 a.m. 08:00
9 a.m. 09:00
10 a.m. 10:00
11 a.m. 11:00
12 a.m/ noon 12:00
1 p.m. 13:00
2 p.m. 14:00
3 p.m. 15:00
4 p.m. 16:00
5 p.m. 17:00
6 p.m. 18:00
7 p.m. 19:00
8 p.m. 20:00
9 p.m. 21:00
10 p.m. 22:00
11 p.m. 23:00

Use a Military Time Converter Tool

You can also use a military time converter tool to effortlessly convert hours and minutes between standard and military time formats. By using a converter for hours and minutes, you can easily switch from military time to regular time or vice versa.

Common Mistakes in Converting Time Formats


While converting military time to regular time, there might be possible mistakes such as:

  • Confusing AM and PM, as military time lacks these designations.
  • Not understanding the concept of a 24-hour clock system. Keep in mind that military time commences at midnight, represented as 0000. The hours then start from 0100 to 2400 at the end of the day.
  • Omitting leading zeros for hours before 10:00 AM when representing the time in military time.
  • Failing to use the correct time zone, which affects accuracy.


To conclude, the answer to “What time is 8PM in military time?” is 2000. Embracing the 24-hour clock system with military time eradicates ambiguity between morning and afternoon hours. With this understanding, you can navigate military time confidently, ensuring precise timekeeping in all your endeavors.

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