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What is 1615 in Military Time? – Time Converter Included

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

What is 1615 in Military Time

What is 1615 in military time? The military time format eliminates the confusion caused by AM and PM designations because it expresses time in a 24-hour cycle.

Therefore, “1615” in military time is equivalent to 4:15 PM in the 12-hour clock system.

Knowing military time can help you better understand international time standards. In this article, we’ll learn more about military timekeeping, and how it can be both fascinating and useful.

1615 in Military Time: What’s It?


On a 24-hour clock, the time shown as 16:15 PM corresponds to 4:15 PM on a standard 12-hour AM/PM clock.

Outside of the military, the 24-hour clock system has found widespread use around the world. It’s a handy replacement for the standard AM/PM format used in English-speaking countries, which divides the day into 12 halves.

There are different ways available to know what is 16:15 in a 12-hour time format. To convert from the 24-hour clock to the AM/PM system, you can either reference a military time converter, use an automated converter for quick and accurate results, or learn the manual procedure.

Conversion of 1615 to Military Time


There is a simple method for converting 16:15 to military time. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, you must determine the hourly rate. Since the given time is 16:15 military time, the hour value in the normal time or the 12-hour system is 4. Note that the value for minutes does not change, thus, it is still 15.
  2. Figure out if It’s Evening Or Morning. In the time given, 16:15 or 4:15 is PM (afternoon).
  3. To convert 4:15 to military time, simply add 12. Note that you only add 12 to the normal time value if they are PM hours, or afternoon until midnight.
  4. Therefore, in our example where we have 4 PM, we add 4 and 12. The result is 16.
  5. Again, the value for minutes does not change so 4:15 PM is 1615 in military time.
  6. The military time equivalent of 16:15 in the 12-hour AM/PM system is 16:15.

Tips for Remembering Military Time Conversions


  • Just put a 0 in front of the hour for any time before 10 a.m. You would say “zero nine hundred” or “0900” to indicate that it is currently 9:00 AM, for instance.
  • Simply add 12 hours to the time if it is afternoon. The number 1500, or “fifteen hundred,” is the result of adding twelve to three, as in 3:00 in the afternoon.
  • Always have a military conversion chart handy. You can save something like the one below on your phone.
Military Time to Regular Time
Morning AM Afternoon/Evening PM
0000 12:00 1200 12:00
0100 1:00 1300 1:00
0200 2:00 1400 2:00
0300 3:00 1500 3:00
0400 4:00 1600 4:00
0500 5:00 1700 5:00
0600 6:00 1800 6:00
0700 7:00 1900 7:00
0800 8:00 2000 8:00
0900 9:00 2100 9:00
1000 10:00 2200 10:00
1100 11:00 2300 11:00

Reading and Saying Military Time


Here are a few things to remember when reading or saying military time:

  1. Four-digit military time is read and spoken. For the first 10 hours (0 to 9) of the day, everyone reads and talks with a leading 0.
  2. Every digit is stated for maximum clarity. Times can be interpreted as either three- or four-digit numerals depending on the context, such as while reading or talking casually.
  3. When the time is in a 24-hour system, midnight is the beginning of a new day, which is designated as “Zero Hundred Hours.”
  4. Zero five-twenty, or better, zero five-two-zero, indicates 5:20 a.m.
  5. To indicate that it is 10:25 a.m., their time is written or said as “ten hundred twenty-five” or “ten hundred two-five.”
  6. To correctly pronounce the time according to military standards, you must first say the numerical word for the hour, followed by the word “hundred.”
  7. You may have the choice to refer to the time as “hours.” For instance, the number 1600 can be pronounced either as “sixteen hundred” or “eighteen hundred hours.”


Learning how to tell regular hours in 24 hours or military hours is quite useful. For example, what is 1615 in military time? Using the steps given in this guide, we easily know that the answer is 4:15 PM.

By acquainting yourself with these conversion techniques, you’ll be equipped to effortlessly navigate between different time formats and enhance your timekeeping proficiency.

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