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Whose Dog Tags is Maria Bartiromo Wearing? (Answered)

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

whose dog tags is maria bartiromo wearing

Maria Bartiromo is a famous face on TV. Hence, besides the information that she shares, viewers pay attention to her appearance and what she wears. One of the many things that people have noticed is her chain. The Maria Bartiromo necklace, however, is actually a set of dog tags.

Soldiers in the military wear dog tags for identification purposes. So, why is Maria Bartiromo, a news anchor, TV figure, author, and journalist, wearing military dog tags? And whose dog tags is Maria Bartiromo wearing? She is wearing her family members’ dog tags as a way to remember and honor them.

For more specific details, though, read this short blog post until the end.

Whose Dog Tag is Maria Bartiromo Wearing?


Bartiromo never publicly disclosed whose dog tag she is wearing, so there is no official confirmation. However, we have a few theories to answer, “Why is Maria Bartiromo wearing dog tags?” and whose tags she’s wearing.

For starters, the news anchor (TV figure, author, and journalist) actually has several military connections. Her father, uncle, and grandfather have all served in the military.

This is confirmed in a tribute post on Instagram for Memorial Day. She also expressed gratitude to her uncle Pasquale S. with the hashtag #FallenHeroes. On Veterans Day in 2021, she also thanked her father for his service on her Instagram page.

Bartiromo’s grandfather is also connected to the military. To be specific, after immigrating to the US in 1993, her grandfather—Carmine Bartiromo—joined the U.S. armed force.

So, in conclusion, Maria Bartiromo dog tags can belong to her uncle, who served in World War II, or to her grandparent, who was also a veteran. Since dog tags are still issued today, it is also feasible that one of the dog tags is her father’s.

Nonetheless, there is a chance that she might be wearing custom military dog tags. These are tags that can be ordered online and do not actually belong to veterans. A possible reason for this is to simply show how vocal she is about veterans and their role in the country.

Why Does She Wear Dog Tags?

Bartiromo never disclosed why she wears dog tags. But a possible reason is to show how vocal she is about veterans and their role in the country. The dog tags can help her express her support for veterans in a “show, don’t tell” way. It is particularly effective because she often appears on TV.

Who is Maria Bartiromo?


Maria Bartiromo, born in 1967, is a 55-year-old American news anchor, TV figure, journalist, and author. She worked for five years at CNN, then moved to CNBC in 1993. In 2013, she transferred to the Fox Corporation.

She became “Internet-famous” during Trump’s presidency. Maria was an advocate and expressed this clearly in her interviews. She was also the first to interview Trump after he lost his reelection bid in late November 2020. In this interview, she even backed up his claims about election fraud.

At present, she hosts “Mornings with Maria,” “Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street” (on Fox Business Network), and “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo” (on Fox News Channel). Maria Bartiromo is also on New York University’s Board of Trustees. NYU is her alma mater.

She is married to Jonathan Steinberg, who is the CEO of Wisdom Tree Investments. Maria is the youngest of three. She is a Brooklyn, born and raised, along with her sister and brother.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do other celebrities wear dog tags?

Maria Bartiromo is not the only celebrity who wears dog tags. Jamie Farr is another famous figure who has been seen wearing one. In “M*A*S*H” as the character Maxwell Klinger, Jamie Farr actually has his dog tag from the Army on! Many other Hollywood stars wear dog tags too.

Is it okay for civilians to wear dog tags?

Civilians can wear dog tags to remember and pay respect to family members who have been in the military. That being said, civilians should wear dog tags that belong to the family members rather than purchasable custom military dog tags.


Now that you have finished reading this blog post, you should have a better idea of why the news anchor wears a dog tag necklace and whose dog tags is Maria Bartiromo wearing.

Based on how vocal she is about veterans and their tremendous contribution to the country, it makes sense that she would wear dog tags as a token of thanks. Her father, uncles, and grandparents have all served in the military, so the dog tags likely belong to them.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you the answer you are looking for. Should you still have unanswered questions, let us know in the comment sections. We would love to hear from you.

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