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What is 2045 Military Time – A Conversion Guide

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what is 2045 military time

The military time is comparable to the 24-hour system; the only distinctive difference is its written representation. v

This time convention provides a convenient and standardized system that facilitates seamless coordination, particularly for soldiers and their operations.

Explore timekeeping across different formats: 12-hour, 24-hour, and military time.

Discover what is 2045 military time, and learn that it corresponds to 8:45 PM in the 12-hour format and 20:45 in the 24-hour time format.

Read on to deepen your understanding of various time conversions.

Conversion of 2045 to Military Time


Time holds unpredictable twists, rendering it an invaluable and irreplaceable asset that swiftly turns within the blink of an eye and ceaselessly ticks away with every passing moment and this is almost entirely true when soldiers are in their operations.

Time permits us to program, organize, and reflect on our actions, ensuring we make the most of every moment and strive for the best.

We should have a better understanding of how to convert the military format time back to regular time.

Step-By-Step Conversion Guide and Examples

In this guide, we will teach you the complete explanation of converting time.

1. Step 1: Converting 2045 in Regular Time


A. To convert 20:45 into 12-hour time, subtract 12 hours from the given 24-hour or military time. Then, add the “PM” time identifier to indicate it is in the afternoon.


20:45 – 12:00 = 8:45 ➡️ 8:45 PM

B. If the minutes in the specified time confused you throughout your computation, here’s a step-by-step instruction to help you through it.

  • Start by subtracting 12 hours from the 24-hour time, ensuring that only the hours remain, resulting in 20:00.
  • Once you have the hour value, add the minutes, which in this instance is 45, and finally include the “PM” time identifier. See what it should look like.


➡️ 20:00 – 12:00 = 8:00➡️ 8:00 +00:45 = 8:45➡️ 8:45 PM

If you would like to convert another time, feel free to use this handy mini chart. Select the desired time from the drop-down menu and follow the provided format for accurate conversion.

Military Time 24-Hour Time Format Subtract 12 Hours (to convert to a 24-hour or military time format) 12-Hour Time Format Add the Minutes Hours & Minutes Time Identifier (for PM only)  
2000 20:00 12:00 8:00 0:45 8:45 PM  

2. Step 2: Converting Regular Time Back to Military or 24-hour Time Format


To verify the accuracy of your initial computation, you can convert the converted regular time back to military time or the 24-hour format. It will help you confirm the accuracy of the conversion.

A. To convert 8:45 back into 24-hour time, add 12 hours from the given 12-hour time. Then remove the colon to turn it into the military time format.


8:45 + 12:00 = 20:45 ➡️ 2045

B. If, like in step 1, you find the minutes in the provided time perplexing to calculate, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you through the process.

  • Start by adding 12 hours from the 12-hour time, verifying that only the hours remain, resulting in 8:00. Remember that it is in the “PM” time identifier to indicate it is in the afternoon.
  • Once you have the converted hour value, add the minutes, which in this instance is 45, and finally check the sum and remove the colon to convert it in the military time format. Look at what it should look like.


➡️ 8:00 + 12:00 = 20:00➡️ 20:00 +00:45 = 20:45➡️2045

For additional time conversions, utilize the convenient mini chart. Choose the desired time from the drop-down menu and follow the format provided for precise conversion.

Time Identifier (for PM only) 12-Hour Format (By the hours only) Add 12 Hours (to convert to a 24-hour or military time format) 24-Hour Time Add the Minutes 24-Hour Time Military Time  
PM 8:00 12:00 20:00 0:45 20:45 2045  

Tips for Remembering Military Time Conversions


This chart displays the equivalent 24-hour time, 12-hour time, and military time format for each specific time.

00:00 12:00 AM 0000 12:00 12:00 PM 1200
01:00 1:00 AM 0100 13:00 1:00 PM 1300
02:00 2:00 AM 0200 14:00 2:00 PM 1400
03:00 3:00 AM 0300 15:00 3:00 PM 1500
04:00 4:00 AM 0400 16:00 4:00 PM 1600
05:00 5:00 AM 0500 17:00 5:00 PM 1700
06:00 6:00 AM 0600 18:00 6:00 PM 1800
07:00 7:00 AM 0700 19:00 7:00 PM 1900
08:00 8:00 AM 0800 20:00 8:00 PM 2000
09:00 9:00 AM 0900 21:00 9:00 PM 2100
10:00 10:00 AM 1000 22:00 10:00 PM 2200
11:00 11:00 AM 1100 23:00 11:00 PM 2300

This comprehensive time conversion chart provides a more detailed approach by including the minutes in intervals of 5.

When looking for the equivalent of 2045 in various formats, you can refer to this chart, which covers the time frame from 20:00 or 8:00 PM to 20:55 or 8:55 PM.

20:00 8:00 PM 2000
20:05 8:05 PM 2005
20:10 8:10 PM 2010
20:15 8:15 PM 2015
20:20 8:20 PM 2020
20:25 8:25 PM 2025
20:30 8:30 PM 2030
20:35 8:35 PM 2035
20:40 8:40 PM 2040
20:45 8:45 PM 2045
20:50 8:50 PM 2050
20:55 8:55 PM 2055

Use the military time converter for swift and accurate time conversions. Enter the military time to get the equivalent in 12-hour format, and vice versa for regular time to the 24-hour format. Check it right away to get quick results.

Reading and Pronouncing Guide


When discussing military time, it is significant to remember that it is written without a colon, distinguishing it from the standard time format.

Let’s explore a few examples demonstrating how to pronounce military time:

  • You can say 2045 as Twenty Fourty-Five Hours.
  • 1400 ➡️ Fourteen Hundred
  • 1735➡️ Seventeen Thirty-Five
  • 2351➡️ Twenty-Three Fifty-One

Or it can also be:

  • 2351➡️ Two Three Five One Hours

Also, in military time, “Oh” is informally used to pronounce 0, whereas the more appropriate pronunciation is “zero.”

For instance:

0001 or 12:01AM➡️ zero zero zero one

0005 ➡️ zero zero zero five

0059➡️ zero zero fifty-nine hours

When pronouncing time in the military time format, it is vital to convey the numerical value for the hour followed by the word “hours” or “hundred”.


We have learned how to interpret what is 2045 military time, which corresponds to 8:45 PM in regular time. Moreover, we have discovered that in the 24-hour time format, we utilize a colon when writing the time, similar to the regular time format, so 2045 is also equivalent to 20:45.

This article explores the various steps and methods involved in converting time. Also, we discussed how soldiers read and pronounce military time.

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