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Peltor Rangeguard vs Tactical 100: Which is Better?

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell


Just like you would use vision protection when hunting or shooting, you’ll need to wear a hearing protector to prevent hearing loss. Today, 3M develops the most advanced hearing protectors on the market.

There’s even an ongoing debate of Peltor Rangeguard vs Tactical 100 as both models are known for their outstanding performance.

Both the Rangeguard and Tactical 100 have the same 3.5mm audio input jack and recessed microphones. They do vary in terms of electronics type, noise filtering, and gunshot suppression. Let’s dig into the differences more deeply below.

Peltor Rangeguard and Tactical 100: Comparison Table

Features Peltor Rangeguard Peltor Tactical 100
Noise Reduction Rating 21 dB 22 dB
Type Of Electronics Analog Digital
Cup Form Low profile with cutouts made for shotgun and rifle use Low profile
Noise Filtering Fixed Adaptive Frequency Response
Gunshot Suppression Fixed Variable
Auto Shut-Off 4 hours 2 hours
Foldable Yes Yes
Battery 2 AAA 2 AAA

Peltor Rangeguard Review


Rangeguard is an active hearing protector that features low-profile cups with special cuts for rifles and shotguns. This entry-level hearing protector can suppress gunshot noise to prevent hearing loss while increasing the sound of voices for clear communication and situational awareness.

Thankfully, the microphones are recessed, so they can minimize wind noise and prevent damage. With a 21 NRR value, the Rangeguard provides solid hearing protection. I think its outdoor protection is satisfactory.

This pair of headphones is easy to store because it’s foldable. On top of that, the headband adjusts to find your most comfortable fit. The ear cushions are soft, so your ears won’t get painful after long hours of use.

However, your hearing may be compromised if you use these headphones for indoor shooting with an extremely high-caliber gun. The noise-canceling feature also seems to react slowly.


  • Designed with special cuts for shotguns and rifles
  • Amplifies the sound of people for clear communication and situational awareness
  • Recessed microphone design prevents damage and minimizes wind noise
  • Provides solid hearing protection, especially outdoors
  • Easy to store with its foldable design
  • Provides a comfortable fit with the adjustable headband and soft ear cushions


  • May not offer great hearing protection indoors
  • Noise-canceling feature doesn’t react fast

Altogether, the Peltor Rangeguard serves as an excellent entry-level active hearing protector for small adults and women. The special cuts in the low-profile cups make these headphones ideal to use with shotguns and rifles.

Peltor Tactical 100 Review


The Peltor Tactical 100 provides more advanced features than the Rangeguard, like a Variable Suppression Time to minimize the echoes indoors. This model uses Adaptive Frequency Response technology to filter the background noise for a clearer hearing of instructions and conversations.

Like the Rangeguard model, the Tactical 100 is designed with sturdy recessed microphones and a low-profile cup.

While the Rangeguard is analog, the Tactical 100 is digital, making it more reliable. The NRR is 22, making it slightly higher than the Rangeguard, hence better performance in protecting your hearing from gunshot sounds. More significantly, the adjustable headband comes with extra padding to give a more comfortable fit.

The Tactical 100 doesn’t feel heavy at all, so you don’t need to be concerned about neck pains. It doesn’t squeeze the head, so no ear pain or headache as well. More importantly, the response time seems to be quicker, which makes this model excellent at the range.

However, the Tactical 100 costs slightly more than the Rangeguard.


  • Has a faster response time
  • Minimize echoes indoors, thanks to the Variable Suppression Time
  • Filters background noise for a clearer discussion and hearing
  • Built with sturdy recessed microphones and low-profile cups
  • Reliable digital electronics and better hearing protection
  • Designed with extra padding for better comfort; no pain while wearing


  • A bit more expensive

Overall, the Tactical 100 makes an excellent active hearing protector with low-profile cups and digital electronics. This model features more advanced features, like Variable Suppression Time and Adaptive Frequency Response for indoor/outdoor shooters.

How Does Peltor Rangeguard Compare With Tactical 100?

Now that you know each model very well, let’s compare them according to comfort and other key features.

1. Comfort

One of the distinct features of Peltor hearing protectors is their high comfort level. For both the Rangeguard and Tactical 100, the ear cushions feel soft. Their headbands are adjustable, so both provide a comfortable fit.

While both are really comfortable, the Tactical 100 is slightly better because it comes with extra padding for a comfortable fit. The padding doesn’t squeeze the head, hence no headaches for long hours of use.

In terms of weight, the Rangeguard is slightly less than Tactical 100. Rangeguard weighs about 11 ounces, while Tactical 100 is around 15 ounces. Both of the weights don’t strain the neck when used for an extended period of time.

In conclusion, Tactical 100 has a slight advantage over Rangeguard in terms of comfort due to extra padding.

2. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

The only way to measure the effectiveness of a hearing protector is to know the NRR. This rating will tell you how effective the device is in reducing noise levels. The higher the NRR value, the greater the ability to reduce noise and protect your hearing.

Noise reduction headphones are appraised in decibels (dB). Earmuffs can go as much as 31, which is recommended for indoor shooting.

In this comparison, Tactical 100 has an NRR of 22 while Rangeguard is only 21. Based on the figures, it’s clear to assume that Tactical 100 offers slightly better hearing protection than Rangeguard.

Now, the question is whether 22 NRR is good enough for shooting? Basically, it depends on your firearm. How frequently you visit the range to shoot and the firearms used by other shooters are also important factors to consider.

If you use a gun similar to Glock and S&W, a 22 NRR rating is still good. However, you need to use an earplug together with the earmuff to increase the noise protection. This double protection strategy is only effective for outdoor shooting because you need to hear your instructor in an indoor shooting range.

All in all, Tactical 100 gets a slight upper hand against Rangeguard because it has a greater NRR value.

3. Noise Filtering And Gunshot Suppression

The Peltor Tactical 100 seems to be more dynamic than the Rangeguard as it offers an adaptive frequency response to minimize background noise for more audible conversation and hearing of instructions. This type of noise-filtering technology adjusts the filters around the voice band to eliminate low- and high-frequency noise.

The said model is also effective in minimizing echoes indoors, thanks to its Variable Suppression Time. This feature allows you to moderate the suppression time from long to short along with the volume.

On the other hand, the Peltor Rangeguard features fixed noise filtering technology and gunshot suppression.

As a result, I can say that the Tactical 100 provides better performance in filtering the noise and suppressing the gunshot sound.


So, in the Peltor Rangeguard vs Tactical 100 comparison, the latter gets the upper hand because of its better features. The Tactical 100 features digital electronics and a slightly higher NRR value. It offers a Variable Suppression Time feature to minimize echoes, making it an excellent choice for outdoor/indoor shooters.

On the other hand, the Peltor Rangeguard is a nice active hearing protector to use for shotguns and rifles. The headset fits better for petite adults and women.

In your opinion, which is a better active hearing protector between Peltor Rangeguard and Tactical 100? Or do you want more comparisons like Peltor tactical 300 vs 100 or Peltor tactical 100 vs tactical sport? Please share with us your thoughts below. If you like this article, kindly share it with your friends.

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