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What is 3:30 in Military Time? – Time Converter

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what is 3:30 in military time

The equivalent of 3:30 pm in military time is 1530 hours. Since military time is based on a 24-hour clock, there is no need to put AM or PM.

You can find a military time to regular time converter, either online or as a mobile app, to help you convert from civilian to military time. Today, we will also learn how to correctly read and write military time and its advantages.

What is 3:30 in Military Time


In military time, the 12-hour clock is replaced with a 24-hour clock. Thus, the military time for 3:30  would be “1530.” This system is used to avoid confusion and ensure clear communication in military operations.

Since military time uses a 24-hour clock format, the day is divided into 24 hours. The clock starts at midnight (00:00) and ends at 23:59. The 24-hour clock system uses a two-digit number to represent each hour of the day, from 00 to 23.

Did you know that converting time from the 12-hour clock format to military time is quite easy? Please refer to the detailed steps below to know more about converting 3:30 regular time to 1530 military time.

Converting 3:30 to Military Time

1. Manual


Do you want to know how to convert a 12-hour clock to military time? Here are some easy steps for making the 3:30 PM conversion to military time.

  1. Check if it’s the morning or the evening: No need to add 12 to 3:30 if it’s already morning. When converting PM, simply add 12.
  2. Take note of the hour: For 3:30 AM, it’s 3. For 3:30 PM (÷12), it’s 15.
  3. Take note of the minutes: For both AM and PM, it’s 30. 
  4. Write down the time by combining the hour and minute. If it’s morning, that would be 330, and if it’s afternoon, 1530.
  5. In military time, hours are represented by two digits. If there is only one number for the hour, a leading zero should be added. So, we change 330 to 0330.
  6. Therefore, 3:30 am military time would be written as 030 while 3:30 PM is 1530 in military time.

2. Use military time converter


Using a standard time-to-military time converter chart, changing 3:30 to military time is a breeze. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Look for a chart or table that translates between civilian and military time. Such graphs can be found in many books or websites. They make it easy to switch between military time and standard time.
  2. Locate on the chart the military time that corresponds to 3:30 AM or PM.
  3. Find the military time equivalent of 3:30 in the table below. The military time for 3:30 AM is 0330 hours while for 3:30 PM it’s 1530 hours.
  4. Repeat these steps for any other regular time values you wish to convert to military time.

A regular time-to-military time converter chart or military time conversion chart is a useful resource for converting between the 24-hour military time standard and the 12-hour AM/PM civilian time format. This table/chart shows how to translate between the two systems graphically.

In a standard converter chart, the 12-hour civilian time is listed in one column and the 24-hour military time is listed in the other.

Military Time Conversion Chart

Regular Time  |  Military Time


12:00 AM        0000

1:00 AM          0100

2:00 AM          0200

3:00 AM          0300

4:00 AM          0400

5:00 AM          0500

6:00 AM          0600

7:00 AM          0700

8:00 AM           0800

9:00 AM           0900

10:00 AM         1000

11:00 AM         1100

12:00 PM         1200

1:00 PM           1300

2:00 PM           1400

3:00 PM           1500

4:00 PM           1600

5:00 PM           1700

6:00 PM           1800

7:00 PM           1900

8:00 PM           2000

9:00 PM           2100

10:00 PM         2200

11:00 PM         2300


Use A Military Time Calculator


You can easily convert 3:30 to military time using a standard time to military time clock calculator by following these easy steps:

  1. Use a trusted online calculator that features a time-zone and military time converter. Sites like Veteran.con have a good, easy-to-use calculator.
  2. To convert the time “3:30” to another format, type “3:30” into the “Time” field.
  3. Check the calculator’s result or output area; that’s where you’ll find the converted military time. Thus, the military equivalent of 3:30 PM is 1530, while 3:30 AM is 0339.

Advantages of Using Military Time


Using military time has many advantages in different contexts, such as:

  1. Military time avoids confusion caused by “AM” and “PM” in the 12-hour clock system. Military time is clear and precise, eliminating the need for AM or PM.
  2. Military time is a global standard for representing time across different countries and time zones. It ensures easier global communication, coordination, and scheduling in fields like military operations, aviation, and business.
  3. Military time is commonly used in emergency services, transportation, and healthcare SOPs. It streamlines coordination, minimizes confusion, and guarantees accurate communication, especially in time-sensitive scenarios.
  4. Military time is widely used for efficient record keeping in medical records, logbooks, and shift schedules. Its consistent format boosts accuracy, reduces errors, and maintains consistency in recording time-sensitive information.

A Guide to Reading and Writing Military Time 


It takes some practice to be good at reading and writing during military time. But once you understand the basics, it’s easy peasy. To help you in reading and writing military time, check out the following quick guide and tips:

  • Learn the 24-hour clock: In military time, it’s a continuous counting of hours from 00:00 to 23:59, starting at midnight. Each hour has a two-digit number.
  • Military time divides the day into morning hours from midnight to 11:59. Time is written from 01:00 to 11:59 AM. Afternoon hours are from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM.
  • Remember that in Military Time, Midnight is 00:00 or 0000 hours. Noon is 12:00 or 1200 hours.
  • Military time doesn’t use “AM” or “PM” to differentiate between morning and afternoon. The 24-hour format removes the need for indicators as time is clear.
  • Always include leading zeros for single-digit hours to ensure consistency. For example 0800 for 8:00 AM and 2000 for 8:00 PM.
  • Converting to Military Time: Note that when converting from the 12-hour clock, always keep your number from 1:00 AM to 11:59 AM. Then, add 12 to the hour for the afternoon and evening. For example, 3:30 PM in military time is 1530.
  • Use military time for precision and clear communication in coordinating operations.


When it comes to determining what is 3:30 in military time, the conversion results in 1530. By using a military time converter, this process becomes even simpler and more efficient.

Thus, understanding military time and its conversion from the standard 12-hour clock can be useful in various situations. Military time provides clarity, precision, and international standardization. 

Familiarizing oneself with military time and using military time converter tools can enhance communication, coordination, and scheduling across different situations.

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