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What is 1445 in Military Time? (Time Converter)

Written by Everett Bledsoe / Fact checked by Brain Bartell

what is 1445 in military time

Have you ever wondered, “What is 1445 in military time?” Using any of the three conversion methods, 1445 in military time is 2:45 in standard time.

The armed services, along with many other organizations worldwide, use military time, also known as the 24-hour clock. Today, we’ll discover the meaning of 1445 in military time and how to make the transition to the more common 12-hour clock system.

Converting 1445 to Standard Time


Army time, also known as military time, is important for accuracy and effective communication. Knowing how to convert it to standard time is useful for scheduling and avoiding confusion. Learning military time is also important because it is commonly used in professional settings.

Converting military time to standard time can be challenging. Thus, we put together the ways for you to know what 1445 military time is in 12-hour time, also known as standard time.

The following guide will show how to convert 1445 in military time using a mental calculation or standard formula, instantly converting using a tool, or consulting a conversion chart to easily understand military times like 1445.

1. Use a Formula

To convert 1445 to standard time in 12-hour notation, follow these steps:

  • Look at the first two digits. If they are smaller than 12, they stay unchanged.

If they’re bigger than 12, subtract 12 from the number. In this case, 14 becomes 2.

Meanwhile, the last two digits show the minutes, so it remains 45.

  • Determine whether the time is AM or PM
    • Military time between 0000 and 1159 is considered AM.
    • Military time between 1200 and 2359 is considered PM.

In this instance, 1445 in army time has a designation of PM.

  • Add a colon between the hour value and the minutes.

2. Use a Military Time Converter Tool

Online military time converters can help you convert time easily. When using this tool, you simply have to enter the number 1445, and it will give you the corresponding standard time, which is 2:45 PM.  

3. Use a Military Time Conversion Chart

You can use a military time conversion chart to convert 1445 to standard time. These charts show military times and their corresponding standard times. See the chart below and find the number 1445 on the list to see that it represents 2:45 PM in 12-hour time.

24-Hour Time Military Time Standard/12-Hour Time
14:00 1400 2:00
14:05 1405 2:05
14:10 1410 2:10
14:15 1415 2:15
14:20 1420 2:20
14:25 1425 2:25
14:30 1430 2:30
14:35 1435 2:35
14:40 1440 2:40
14:45 1445 2:45
14:50 1450 2:50
14:55 1455 2:55


At first, military time may seem hard to understand, but with some practice, it can be useful for keeping accurate time. One way to practice is to learn what is 1445 in military time and how to change it to standard time.

Learning military time can be helpful whether you work in the military, travel, or are just interested in different ways to write time. It lets you make exact plans and communicate without any ambiguity or misunderstanding.

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